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Where did you meet?” he pressed on. I shrugged and considered a little rephrasing. “I was out for a run.” “From who?” I leaned back to take a long, very long, slow sip of that beer. Knox leaned forward. “I think we’re both bullsh*tting here, you ever play that card game?” “With my grandma, every Sunday after church.
Dannika Dark (Sterling (Mageri, #1; Mageriverse #1))
Women were gravitating towards him from all directions like a planetary orbit. (Zoe on meeting Justus)
Dannika Dark (Sterling (Mageri, #1; Mageriverse #1))
There's no use in denying it: this has been a bad week. I've started drinking my own urine. I laugh spontaneously at nothing. Sometimes I sleep under my futon. I'm flossing my teeth constantly until my gums are aching and my mouth tastes like blood. Before dinner last night at 1500 with Reed Goodrich and Jason Rust I was almost caught at a Federal Express in Times Square trying to send the mother of one of the girls I killed last week what might be a dried-up, brown heart. And to Evelyn I successfully Federal Expressed, through the office, a small box of flies along with a note, typed by Jean, saying that I never, ever wanted to see her face again and, though she doesn't really need one, to go on a fucking diet. But there are also things that the average person would think are nice that I've done to celebrate the holiday, items I've bought Jean and had delivered to her apartment this morning: Castellini cotton napkins from Bendel's, a wicker chair from Jenny B. Goode, a taffeta table throw from Barney's, a vintage chain-mail-vent purse and a vintage sterling silver dresser set from Macy's, a white pine whatnot from Conran's, an Edwardian nine-carat-gold "gate" bracelet from Bergdorfs and hundreds upon hundreds of pink and white roses.
Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho)
That’s my cousin, dickwad,” Agent Jaxon Tremain said from Hector’s left. Had Whacky Jacky been next to Dallas, he would have drilled his knuckles into the guy’s bicep. “Watch your mouth.” “By watch my mouth do you mean I should invite your cuz back to my place for a game of Hide the Magic Wand, or my new personal fave, Puff on the Magic Dragon?” Dallas asked conversationally. “And I know what you’re thinking. I’m really into wizardry these days. Well, you’re right.” Hector gave a rusty bark of laughter. He hadn’t observed Dallas in this good a mood in a long time. A low growl escaped Jaxon. “I meant I’d scoop out your liver with a spoon, you idiot!” “Sterling silver or plastic?” Hector asked. In their line of work, details were important. Besides, he liked being part of their banter.
Gena Showalter (Dark Taste of Rapture (Alien Huntress, #6))
When Sterling’s eyesight did finally fail him completely, we were up in years, content to sit in our garden and reflect on what a wondrous and exciting life we’d led. He did not see my hair fade into silver. For him it was always a vibrant red. I watched him age gracefully and with dignity. He leaned on me much more than he did his walking stick, which was how it should be, because when I needed him most, he was always there for me. Each day I thought I could love him no more than I already did—and the following morning I was always proven wrong, for I awoke loving him just a little bit more.
Lorraine Heath (Surrender to the Devil (Scoundrels of St. James, #3))
When you run, run to me
Catherine Anderson
Old people often have unknown treasures in their homes, and I had often wondered what valuables the old man might have sitting around: original Hummel figurines perhaps, or some pieces of sterling silver. Something to show people later, proof that I had made a connection, that I was the kind of person to whom other people gave things. Something I could sell if I needed to.
Todd Robinson (THUGLIT Issue Thirteen)
Ultimately, the roast turkey must be regarded as a monument to Boomer's love. Look at it now, plump and glossy, floating across Idaho as if it were a mammoth, mutated seed pod. Hear how it backfires as it passes the silver mines, perhaps in tribute to the origin of the knives and forks of splendid sterling that a roast turkey and a roast turkey alone possesses the charisma to draw forth into festivity from dark cupboards. See how it glides through the potato fields, familiarly at home among potatoes but with an air of expectation, as if waiting for the flood of gravy. The roast turkey carries with it, in its chubby hold, a sizable portion of our primitive and pagan luggage. Primitive and pagan? Us? We of the laser, we of the microchip, we of the Union Theological Seminary and Time magazine? Of course. At least twice a year, do not millions upon millions of us cybernetic Christians and fax machine Jews participate in a ritual, a highly stylized ceremony that takes place around a large dead bird? And is not this animal sacrificed, as in days of yore, to catch the attention of a divine spirit, to show gratitude for blessings bestowed, and to petition for blessings coveted? The turkey, slain, slowly cooked over our gas or electric fires, is the central figure at our holy feast. It is the totem animal that brings our tribe together. And because it is an awkward, intractable creature, the serving of it establishes and reinforces the tribal hierarchy. There are but two legs, two wings, a certain amount of white meat, a given quantity of dark. Who gets which piece; who, in fact, slices the bird and distributes its limbs and organs, underscores quite emphatically the rank of each member in the gathering. Consider that the legs of this bird are called 'drumsticks,' after the ritual objects employed to extract the music from the most aboriginal and sacred of instruments. Our ancestors, kept their drums in public, but the sticks, being more actively magical, usually were stored in places known only to the shaman, the medicine man, the high priest, of the Wise Old Woman. The wing of the fowl gives symbolic flight to the soul, but with the drumstick is evoked the best of the pulse of the heart of the universe. Few of us nowadays participate in the actual hunting and killing of the turkey, but almost all of us watch, frequently with deep emotion, the reenactment of those events. We watch it on TV sets immediately before the communal meal. For what are footballs if not metaphorical turkeys, flying up and down a meadow? And what is a touchdown if not a kill, achieved by one or the other of two opposing tribes? To our applause, great young hungers from Alabama or Notre Dame slay the bird. Then, the Wise Old Woman, in the guise of Grandma, calls us to the table, where we, pretending to be no longer primitive, systematically rip the bird asunder. Was Boomer Petaway aware of the totemic implications when, to impress his beloved, he fabricated an outsize Thanksgiving centerpiece? No, not consciously. If and when the last veil dropped, he might comprehend what he had wrought. For the present, however, he was as ignorant as Can o' Beans, Spoon, and Dirty Sock were, before Painted Stick and Conch Shell drew their attention to similar affairs. Nevertheless, it was Boomer who piloted the gobble-stilled butterball across Idaho, who negotiated it through the natural carving knives of the Sawtooth Mountains, who once or twice parked it in wilderness rest stops, causing adjacent flora to assume the appearance of parsley.
Tom Robbins (Skinny Legs and All)
Oh, this smells fantastic.” She slid up onto one of the stools. “Italian. And you said you could only make one thing.” “Yeah, I really slaved over this.” He turned toward the oven with a flourish and removed a flat pan with… Ehlena burst out laughing. “French-bread pizza.” “Only the best for you.” “DiGiorno?” “Of course. And I splurged on the supreme kind. I figured you could pick off what you don’t like.” He used a pair of sterling-silver tongs to transfer the pizzas onto the plates and then put the baking sheet back on the top of the stove. “I have red wine, too.” As he came over with the bottle, all she could do was stare up at him and smile. “You know,” he said as he poured some into her glass, “I like the way you’re looking at me.” She put her hands over her face. “I can’t help it.” “Don’t try. It makes me feel taller.” “And you’re not small to begin with.” -Ehlena & Rehv
J.R. Ward (Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #7))
Julius explained that the palace rooms where they stood were called Wunderkammers, or wonder rooms. Souvenirs of nature, of travels across continents and seas; jewels and skulls. A show of wealth, intellect, power. The first room had rose-colored glass walls, with rubies and garnets and bloodred drapes of damask. Bowls of blush quartz; semiprecious stone roses running the spectrum of red down to pink, a hard, glittering garden. The vaulted ceiling, a feature of all the ten rooms Julius and Cymbeline visited, was a trompe l'oeil of a rosy sky at down, golden light edging the morning clouds. The next room was of sapphire and sea and sky; lapis lazuli, turquoise and gold and silver. A silver mermaid lounged on the edge of a lapis lazuli bowl fashioned in the shape of an ocean. Venus stood aloft on the waves draped in pearls. There were gold fish and diamond fish and faceted sterling silver starfish. Silvered mirrors edged in silvered mirror. There were opals and aquamarines and tanzanite and amethyst. Seaweed bloomed in shades of blue-green marble. The ceiling was a dome of endless, pale blue. A jungle room of mica and marble followed, with its rain forest of cats made from tiger's-eye, yellow topaz birds, tortoiseshell giraffes with stubby horns of spun gold. Carved clouds of smoky quartz hovered over a herd of obsidian and ivory zebras. Javelinas of spotted pony hide charged tiny, life-sized dik-diks with velvet hides, and dazzling diamond antlers mingled with miniature stuffed sable minks. Agate columns painted a medley of dark greens were strung with faceted ropes of green gold. A room of ivory: bone, teeth, skulls, and velvet. A room crowded with columns all sheathed in mirrors, reflecting world maps and globes and atlases inlaid with silver, platinum, and white gold; the rubies and diamonds that were sometimes set to mark the location of a city or a town of conquest resembled blood and tears. A room dominated by a fireplace large enough to hold several people, upholstered in velvets and silks the colors of flame. Snakes of gold with orange sapphire and yellow topaz eyes coiled around the room's columns. Statues of smiling black men in turbans offering trays of every gem imaginable-emerald, sapphire, ruby, topaz, diamond-stood at the entrance to a room upholstered in pistachio velvet, accented with malachite, called the Green Vault. Peridot wood nymphs attended to a Diana carved from a single pure crystal of quartz studded with tiny tourmalines. Jade tables, and jade lanterns. The royal jewels, blinding in their sparkling excess: crowns, tiaras, coronets, diadems, heavy ceremonial necklaces, rings, and bracelets that could span a forearm, surrounding the world's largest and most perfect green diamond. Above it all was a night sky of painted stars, with inlaid cut crystal set in a serious of constellations.
Whitney Otto (Eight Girls Taking Pictures)
One of the most effective ways to quicken your story’s pace is to move from a static description of an object, place or person to an active scene. The classic method for accomplishing this is to have your character interact with the subject that’s been described. For instance, let’s say you’ve just written three paragraphs describing a wedding dress in a shop window. You’ve detailed the Belgian lace veil, the beaded bodice, the twelve-foot train, even the row of satin buttons down the sleeves. Instinctively you feel it’s time to move into an action scene, but how do you do it without making your transition obvious? A simple, almost seamless way is to initiate an action between your character (let’s call her Miranda) and the dress you’ve just described. Perhaps Miranda could be passing by on the sidewalk when the dress in the window catches her attention. Or she could walk into the shop and ask the shopkeeper how much the dress costs. This method works well to link almost any static description with a scene of action. Describe an elegant table, for instance, complete with crystal goblets, damask tablecloth, monogrammed napkins and sterling silver tableware; then let the maid pull a cloth from her apron and begin to polish one of the forks. Or describe a Superman kite lying beside a tree, then watch as a little girl grabs the string and begins to run. You will still be describing, but the nature of your description will have changed from static to active, thus quickening the story’s pace. Throughout
Rebecca McClanahan (Word Painting: A Guide to Writing More Descriptively)
Raphael pulled out a paperback and handed it to me. The cover, done back in the time when computer-aided imagine manipulation had risen to the level of art, featured an impossibly handsome man, leaning forward, one foot in a huge black boot resting on the carcass of some monstrous sea creature. His hair flowed down to his shoulders in a mane of white gold, in stark contrast to his tanned skin and the rakish black patch hiding his left eye. His white, translucent shirt hung open, revealing abs of steel and a massive, perfectly carved chest graced by erect nipples. His muscled thighs strained the fabric of his pants, which were unbuttoned and sat loosely on his narrow hips, a touch of a strategically positioned shadow hinting at the world’s biggest boner. The cover proclaimed in loud golden letters: The Privateer’s Virgin Mistress, by Lorna Sterling. “Novel number four for Andrea’s collection?” I guessed. Raphael nodded and took the book from my hands. “I’ve got the other one Andrea wanted, too. Can you explain something to me?” Oh boy. “I can try.” He tapped the book on his leather-covered knee. “The pirate actually holds this chick’s brother for ransom, so she’ll sleep with him. These men, they aren’t real men. They’re pseudo-bad guys just waiting for the love of a ‘good’ woman.” “You actually read the books?” He gave me a chiding glance. “Of course I read the books. It’s all pirates and the women they steal, apparently so they can enjoy lots of sex and have somebody to run their lives.” Wow. He must’ve had to hide under his blanket with a flashlight so nobody would question his manliness. Either he really was in love with Andrea or he had a terminal case of lust. “These guys, they’re all bad and aggressive as shit, and everybody wets themselves when they walk by, and then they meet some girl and suddenly they’re not uber-alphas; they are just misunderstood little boys who want to talk about their feelings.” “Is there a point to this dissertation?” He faced me. “I can’t be that. If that’s what she wants, then I shouldn’t even bother.” I sighed. “Do you have a costume kink? French maid, nurse . . .” “Catholic school girl.” Bingo. “You wouldn’t mind Andrea wearing a Catholic school uniform, would you?” “No, I wouldn’t.” His eyes glazed over and he slipped off to some faraway place. I snapped my fingers. “Raphael! Focus.” He blinked at me. “I’m guessing—and this is just a wild stab in the dark—that Andrea might not mind if once in a while you dressed up as a pirate. But I wouldn’t advise holding her relatives for ransom nookie. She might shoot you in the head. Several times. With silver bullets.
Ilona Andrews (Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, #3))
These fifty Sterling Silver Roses symbolize my love for you knows no bounds. I will never let you go. We belong together. I intend to make you face the truth and punish you soundly for your transgressions. Your love forever, Baz
Charmaine Louise Shelton (Heighten My Desires; Sebastian & Lola Part II (Steele International, Inc. #2))
It is almost impossible to come across a woman who is not a passion for jewelry. In fact, it is the right to say that you will find it difficult to come across a person who does not love Silver Jewelry. These Days, men wearing jewelry has nothing to do with them show there is Effeminate side. Men look as good in jewelry as women do. With the prominence of jewelry Mens and Womens, it has been seen that 925 sterling silver jewelry has benefited the most. Both men's and women love their silver. The best piece of .925 sterling silver jewelry is sterling silver rings with genuine gemstone. Silver and natural gemstone really well to create rings that are always in prevalence. The popular thing about the silver rings with gemstone is that they manifest their beauty with a lot of preciosity. They are elegant and understated and if your ring silver has Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby, Garnet, Rainbow Moonstone, Blue Topaz and etc, you can wear it with almost all kinds of outfits. Silver Rings with Gemstone is will give you value for money. You can wear it daily to your office and if your take good care of the rings, it for years without having anything to worry about. Almost every woman wants to have silver rings with gemstone in their jewelry basket Here are some exclusive handmade silver rings with gemstone is that you can choose from. There is the gemstone ring with sterling mounting. This ring is sleek with two small gemstones on it. You have many options in terms of colors. There is Red, Green, Blue, Rose, Aqua, Yellow etc. It is very tempting and will cost around $10.75 depending on where you purchase the product. You can also buy similar silver rings instead which are cheaper. These kind of rings are really simple and come with genuine gemstone making them very elegant. The gemstone come in the colors of green, black, white, yellow, red and aqua and are very beautiful. Silver rings designs with the gemstone in the colors of green and red will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. These are the cheaper found on the market. Emerald Gemstone 925 sterling silver rings is also a very popular choice. If you are looking for the great ring for the women in your life, you can go for the gemstone silver heart shaped ruby rings. This ring has a heart shape with ruby gemstone. This will cost not much it will bring your girlfriend a smiling face which is priceless.
In addition to a stack of small white plates, a basket of rolled cloth napkins, and a pile of polished silver forks, there is baked Brie in puff pastry, caviar with blinis (caviar!), a shallow bowl of beautiful purple grapes with a sterling silver pair of scissors placed beside it, poached shrimp with cocktail sauce, and a pale pink mold in the shape of a fish with crackers surrounding it, thin lemon slices and capers on top. "That's not the salmon mousse from the Silver Palate, is it?" I ask. The salmon mousse from the Silver Palate is perhaps my favorite thing to eat in the world. "Oh shoot," she says, and I can all but imagine her stomping her little foot. "You found me out. Is it just so tacky I brought in food from the city? I did press the mousse into the fish mold myself, and I also fixed the Brie. That is, I put some apricot jam on it and wrapped it in Pepperidge Farm puff pastry dough.
Susan Rebecca White (A Place at the Table)
KS 925 Jewelry first started in Bangkok, Thailand in 1989. What started as a modest silver jewelry manufacturer has significantly grown over the last two decades. We take pride in the fact that we produce the finest wholesale sterling silver jewelry quality designs. Today, we are one of the leading silver jewelry manufacturers in the industry. Not just with our top quality 925 sterling silver jewelry, but also with bringing you the latest trends and greatest in design in the jewelry industry.
KS 925 Jewelry
First in line was the Hanukkah table, all a-glitter with blue and silver tinsel and featuring a huge antique Art Deco menorah in sterling silver. There were platters of smoked salmon, trays of rugelach, babkas, and sufganiyot, and on small nearby steam tables, dishes of brisket and of latkes. The main table also held a large collection of side dishes or trimmings - cream cheese, applesauce, onions, pickles, horseradish, tomatoes, capers, and such - and was strewn with Hanukkah gelt and chocolate-marshmallow dreidels on pretzel sticks.
Donna Andrews (Owl Be Home for Christmas (Meg Lanslow, #26))
Impa and Genison stood back, as Link looked at himself in the mirror. Wearing a white waistcoat tuxedo with gleaming silver trim and polished black riding boots, Link looked like one of those bold, valiant knights in the Disney movies. A Sheikah crest of dark blue enamel on sterling silver had been pinned to his chest, and his hair had been trimmed and styled so as not to appear as scruffy as it normally did. "You clean up nice, man," Genison laughed, and next to him Impa chuckled. Genison himself stood in a similar white tux, but without any extra decoration. "Hey, Hans from Frozen called, he wants his suit back." Link smirked at his best man. "Is all of this really necessary?" Link asked, not truly recognizing himself in the mirror.
J. Row (The Legend of Zelda: A Sword in the Time of Guns: Vol. 6)
Corazon Latino offers a range of handmade silver jewellery. Over 300 unique designs from chunky silver bangles to silver pendants, silver bracelets and silver necklaces. Selection of sterling silver pieces and an exclusive range of limited edition cufflinks. Delivery is free within the UK and guaranteed within 3 business days. All of Corazon Latino's jewellery is backed by their no quibble money back guarantee and first class customer service.
Corazon Latino
Like sterling silver, love will tarnish unless it is polished with daily applications of interest, involvement, and expressions of love.
Zig Ziglar (See You at the Top)
February 14: Marilyn and Miller send Steffi Sidney (Sidney Skolsky’s daughter) a wedding present: a sterling silver cigarette box with the inscription “For this wonderful day—affectionately, Marilyn and Arthur.” Epoca (Italy) shows Marilyn in a white halter-top in a photo taken during a party for Let’s Make Love.
Carl Rollyson (Marilyn Monroe Day by Day: A Timeline of People, Places, and Events)
Marooned by all but one of his new disciples, the busker complete his act unfazed. The perfumed air seems to be replaced by a faint electrical smell like ozone after a lightning strike. When the man becomes a sterling tableau in the setting sun, Leah stares into his unblinking moonstone eye.
Laura Treacy Bentley (The Silver Tattoo)
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Niloimpex Jewelry
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This is the backward hemisphere. Underdeveloped. The realm of the second-class (save for an upper crust, with their silvered spoons). This is the kingdom of poverty, of disease and the starving peasant...the hemisphere of silence...of patient resignation...up to a point.
Sterling Hayden (Wanderer)