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Quiet as a shadow Light as a feather Quick as a snake Calm as still water Smooth as summer silk Swift as a deer Slippery as an eel Strong as a bear Fierce as a wolverine Still as stone
George R.R. Martin
Besides,” Hatta said, tossing the shredded paper back at her. It wisped and fluttered and clung to the fabric of her gown. “I have a personal rule about not entering into business with spineless creatures. No snakes. No slippery eels. And worst of all, no fickle women.
Marissa Meyer (Heartless)
You’re about to pay so hard for that, acushla. You think because I let you crawl all over me like a slippery eel that I’ll take you talking about another man that way with hunger in your voice?
V. Theia (Naughty Irish Liar (Naughty Irish Series))
Metaphor is a slippery eel, if it wasn't for its shock I'd stick to the easy catch of prose.
David Joseph Cribbin (Father Crow and Other Poems)
Nor was Israel’s historic claim to the land impressive; to Cullinane it was irrelevant. Once a man started opening the historical-rights barrel of eels, no one could predict where the slippery evidence might run.
James A. Michener (The Source)
Sion calls Anne an eel, he calls her a slippery dipper from the slime, and he remembers what the cardinal had called her: my serpentine enemy. Sion says, she goes to it with her brother; he says, what, her brother George? ‘Any brother she's got. Those kind keep it in the family. They do filthy French tricks, like –’ ‘Can you keep your voice down?’ He looks around, as if spies might be swimming by the boat. ‘– and that's how she trusts herself she don't give in to Henry, because if she lets him do it and she gets a boy he's, thanks very much, now clear off, girl – so she's oh, Your Highness, I never could allow – because she knows that very night her brother's inside her, licking her up to the lungs, and then he's, excuse me, sister, what shall I do with this big package – she says, oh,don't distress yourself, my lord brother, shove it up the back entry, it'll come to no harm there.
Hilary Mantel (Wolf Hall (Thomas Cromwell, #1))
Life's got a habit of slipping through your fingers, slippery as an eel, and leaving you with nothing. Maybe if we're offered a chance at something good, we should grab it while we can
Zoe Archer (Sweet Revenge (Nemesis, Unlimited, #1))
I have a personal rule about not entering into business with spineless creatures. No snakes. No slippery eels. And worst of all, no fickle women. - Hatta
Marissa Meyer (Heartless)
made Peter Rachman look like Peter Pan. But Darke was as slippery as an eel in butter. And Figgis was right: Brighton's police had never been able to pin any criminal charges on him.
Peter Bartram (Murder from the Newsdesk: Seven Crampton of the Chronicle mystery stories)
Low dark clouds raced over a steel sea toward Barkley Cove. The wind hit first, rattling windows and hurling waves over the wharf. Boats, tied to the dock, bobbed up and down like toys, as men in yellow slickers tied this line or that, securing. Then sideways rain slammed the village, obscuring everything except the odd yellow form moving about in the grayness. The wind whistled through the sheriff’s window, and he raised his voice. “So, Joe, you had something to tell me?” “Sure do. I found out where Miss Clark will claim she was the night Chase died.” “What? Did you finally catch up to her?” “Ya kiddin’? She’s slipperier’n a damn eel. Gets gone ever’ time I get near. So I drove over to Jumpin’s marina this morning to see if he knew when she’d be coming next. Like everybody else she hasta go there for gas, so I figured I’d catch her up sooner or later. You won’t believe what I found out.” “Let’s have it.” “I got two reliable sources say she was outta town that night.
Delia Owens (Where the Crawdads Sing)
Don wan’ no job, Missa Digger. Thanks but I awright.’ ‘You don want no job!’ ‘I kin still come with you, though.’ He made it sound like he was doing me a favour. ‘Okay, Saturday I come pick you up.’ I watched him walk away, upright, fast-footed, the white shoes flashing in the late-evening gloom. Jana Ray – manboy, slippery as a river eel. Miss Stanislaus was right. I should have arrested him. Perhaps.
Jacob Ross (Black Rain Falling)
Dennis and I followed the slippery eel of I-5 and listened to the trees: the moan of a madrone, the counsel of a Douglas fir, the shimmer of a cherry tree, the whine of a whitebark pine, paper birches, dogwoods, and oaks and maples and sweet gums and cedars and elms. Some shared memories of things that had occurred many, many years before on the land around their trunks, slow stories of fights between lovers, the massacre during the lumber industry boom, the Great Seattle Fire, and the Klondike gold rush. Trees are super nostalgic. Others recited soothing poems in sotto voce—oral balms learned as seedlings. Some spoke of when the bison and the wolf roamed this land; they talked of change and whispered about a predestined event, repeating the word “renaissance” in harmony. I had no clue what all this had to do with Michelangelo, but you don’t argue with a tree.
Kira Jane Buxton (Hollow Kingdom)
So gosh-darned crooked, he could stand in the shadow of a corkscrew and nevuh see the sun. So slippery, gittin’ ahold of him is like grabbing an eel in an oil slick. So low a critter, Ah had to drain the swamp just to find him.
Paul Levine (The Deep Blue Alibi)