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something kicked in and whatever it was that had shut him down released him. He collected his thoughts. ‘Bury them,’ said Mitchell. ‘Bury them? Bury them?’ Maillé snorted. ‘We don’t have time for that! And with what? Our bare hands?’ ‘Down the track,’ said Mitchell. ‘We take them down to the sheds.’ ‘We can’t carry all these men, Pascal,’ said Bucard reasonably. ‘I know. Down at the shed, there’s a …’ he struggled to find the word he wanted, ‘A… handcar,’ he said in English, then remembered. ‘Voiture de chemin de fer.’ ‘And then?’ said Laforge. ‘Just do as I say,’ said Mitchell. * Hours later Waffen SS-Sturmbannführer Ahren Brünner pulled the goggles off his dirt-streaked face and stepped down from his open-top vehicle. He examined the area around the torn rail track – there was no other sign of damage. Behind him his motorized company stayed alert; some scanned the hills and trees in case of ambush. Men and vehicles were spread out tactically as his men searched the area. He took a good look around but the damage seemed minimal. ‘Major?’ one of his men called. He turned towards the soldier, who pointed to a group of his men halfway down the embankment in the trees where they had pulled aside the cut branches that had camouflaged the overturned
David Gilman (Night Flight to Paris)