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Idiots, don’t get ready to die, get ready to kill (Shuri, Basara, Vol. 9)
Yumi Tamura
No need to send a king when a princess will do.
Nic Stone (Shuri (Shuri: A Black Panther Novel, #1))
Are you surprised? It's a big mistake to think you're the only one that can turn into a car. I'm a car now too!
Ikuhara Kunihiko
Earlier in the morning Company A, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines had attacked eastward into the ruins of Shuri Castle and had raised the Confederate flag. When we learned that the flag of the Confederacy had been hoisted over the very heart and soul of Japanese resistance, all of us Southerners cheered loudly. The Yankees among us grumbled, and the Westerners didn’t know what to do. Later we learned that the Stars and Stripes that had flown over Guadalcanal were raised over Shuri Castle, a fitting tribute to the men of the 1st Marine Division who had the honor of being first into the Japanese citadel.
Eugene B. Sledge (With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa)
Strangulation would be too harsh a punishment,” he said. “Ordering him to slit his belly open like a true samurai would be another matter, however.” Shuri looked at Usaemon with mocking eyes. Then he gave two or three hard shakes of his head. “No, that animal doesn’t deserve seppuku. Strangle him! Strangle him!
Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (Rashomon and Seventeen Other Stories)
Wakanda forever.
Nic Stone (Symbiosis (Shuri: A Black Panther Novel #3) (Shuri, 3))
If I build your hopes I would never shatter your dreams for always we will be a team!!
Marcia Shury
There’s not a lot of humans out there like you. You lead with kindness and caring. You look at me with kindness and caring. I don’t get that a lot from humans. Not purebreds, anyway.” “What about the townspeople back in the desert? During our Shu’ri, I never experienced such hospitality.” Raemus looked sideways at her. “Not purebreds. Not like you,” he said.
Rowan Bishop (Rebellion (A Titan Romance, #1))
Her country crumbling to dust, and with broken men all around, Queen Shuri went off to her doom. I could have gone with her. But someone had to fight and someone had to live. And after we parted, I wondered- still wonder- how a man walks away and leaves his only sister to die.
Ta-Nehisi Coates (Black Panther (2016-2018) #8)
And I remember that I have come to bring you back, in the full ambition that it is you who will bring all of us back. What have you discovered here, Shuri?
Ta-Nehisi Coates (Black Panther (2016-2018) #8)
Nic Stone (The Vanished (Shuri: A Black Panther Novel #2))
El maestro que había escogido para iniciarse en la práctica se llamaba Itosu Ankoh. Había escuchado hablar de él y de muchas de sus hazañas que eran conocidas en toda la isla. Además sabía que este maestro era por entonces el ichiban-deshi (alumno principal) del gran Bushi Matsumura Sokon.
RAUL AHUMADA (EL ÚLTIMO GUERRERO DE SHURI: La vida de Chibana Choshin (Spanish Edition))
That was the reason your brother requested a Msingi when he and I were around your age.” At the sound of that magic word, Shuri’s ears perk up. And seeing who’s in front of her reignites her excitement. Cautiously. “Is this your way of telling me that you are going to be my Msingi, Nakia?” Shuri’s favorite Dora bows. “At your service, Your Majesty,” she says. “Now, when do we depart?
Nic Stone (Symbiosis (Shuri: A Black Panther Novel #3))