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RULE #1 Market your business to the customer YOU WANT. Most beauty businesses try to be everything to everyone. It's exhausting and expensive promoting yourself to everyone. Most people simply give up. Focus on the customers you really want. What is your passion, what do you excel in? Who is your ideal customer? What would you ideally like to do every day in your business? Focus on what you want to do and the clients you want, and market directly to them and only them.
Jana Elston (RETAIL LEGENDS: How to have more CUSTOMERS coming through your door FAST, Beauty Salon Tips)
Located upstairs in the Clarin’s boutique at 1061 Madison Ave, the spa is a peaceful and private space that feels miles away from all the bustling of the city. The spa offers face and body treatments for both men and women. All of Clarins’ spa treatments use specially formulated professional strength products.However, each salon-only product has a retail counterpart, so if you love the feeling after a treatment, you can maintain
Mx Spa in Colorado Springs offers professional massage and spa packages including body scrubs and other salon services. Visit us today!
MX Spa
Dyes, fragrances, foaming agents, heavy metals as stabilizers and texturizers, tanners, inks, alcohols, and hundreds of other potential poisons are frequently included in cosmetic formulas. Nail products, hair products, deodorants—all the ordinary products in your bathroom cabinet and makeup kit as well as the ones in your neighborhood beauty salon and nail spa have chemical
Alejandro Junger (Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself)
Well, maybe our activity today should be relaxing. Since it sounds like you could use a break.” I heard the laugh in her voice. “Oh, maybe they have a spa here.” She practically sighed the word. “I don’t think they have spas here. And if they did, I’m not sure you’d want to use one. Booth is more of a strip mall nail salon kind of place.” She heaved a dramatic sigh. “I suppose you’re right. Well, short of us oiling each other up and trading massages, I’m all out of ideas.
Sophia Travers (My Office Rival)