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Do they put the piece of paper with the fortune on it inside the cookie before they bake it or after?” Paris scoffed as if it was a ridiculous question, but then paused. “You know, I have no idea. You’d think the fortunes would burn if they went in the oven, right?” “But if you wait until after, how do you slide it in without breaking the cookie?” Paris did a quick search on his phone. “It’s in the middle of the process.” “What do you mean?” asked Rio. “They bake the cookies as flat circles,” Paris answered as he read about it. “Then they put the fortune in and fold the cookie while it’s still warm. When it cools, it holds its shape and the fortune is inside.
James Ponti (Golden Gate (City Spies, #2))
And so his royal Duffleleupagus is seized with the megalomaniacal conceit that he is the contemporary Jesus, the man wandering through the lives of these forlorn people, beaten and broken down by the unbearable thirst of relative deprivation--unless it was all of capitalism, or terrorism, or loneliness, or time. Of course, to compare oneself to Jesus is at least ridiculous, and yet not uninspired extreme narcissism, and although he cannot remember reading it symptomatic of a particularly overt form of latent homosexuality, he could not say for sure he had not read that either. On a cereal box top or as fortune cookie filler? Svevo or Zizek? Soft-core porn spam or in freshman composition?
Alex Kudera (Fight for Your Long Day)