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At some point, economists must study the Business Family Wedding Gift Economy. It is an extraordinary, closed bubble. What happens is this: a woman marries into a conservative Indian business family. She may well be energetic and bright, but there’s no place for her at work, nor can she work elsewhere. So, instead, she’s urged to ‘take up something’. Scented candles, usually. Sometimes kurta design. Or necklaces, or faux-Rajasthani coffee tables. She then becomes a ‘success’, because every other woman in the family buys her candles as wedding presents, at hideously inflated prices. In return, she buys their kurtas as wedding presents. Eventually, everyone is buying everyone else’s hideous creations at hideously high prices, and nobody can ever tell anyone else their stuff sucks, and that nobody really likes the smell of lavender anyway. The most amazing thing is, this is not a very different economy from the one their husbands are in.
Mihir S. Sharma (Restart: The Last Chance for the Indian Economy)
Joe, please,” Toyoda said. Then he stepped over, took Joe’s hand in his own and guided it to the andon cord, and together they pulled. A flashing light began spinning. When the chassis reached the end of Joe’s station without the taillight correctly in place, the line stopped moving. Joe was shaking so much, he had to hold his crowbar with both hands. He finally got the taillight positioned and, with a terrified glance at his bosses, reached up and pulled the andon cord, restarting the line. Toyoda faced Joe and bowed. He began speaking in Japanese. “Joe, please forgive me,” a lieutenant translated. “I have done a poor job of instructing your managers of the importance of helping you pull the cord when there is a problem. You are the most important part of this plant. Only you can make every car great. I promise I will do everything in my power to never fail you again.
Charles Duhigg (Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business)
most effective protests create an environment whereby changing the racist policy becomes in power’s self-interest, like desegregating businesses because the sit-ins are driving away customers, like increasing wages to restart production, like giving teachers raises to resume schooling, like passing a law to attract a well-organized force of donors or voters.
Ibram X. Kendi (How to Be an Antiracist)
Vaisberg obviously derived a lot of pleasure from his online friendships, so it wasn’t clear to me why experts frowned on online interactions. Hilarie Cash, a clinical psychologist and cofounder of reSTART, explained that “there’s nothing wrong with making friends online, as long as you also make friends in the real world. If we’re good friends, and we’re sitting together, that interaction, that energetic exchange releases a whole bouquet of neurochemicals that keeps us each regulated emotionally and physiologically. And it’s our birthright as social animals to have lots of this sort of safe and caring interaction that keeps us regulated.
Adam Alter (Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked)
For Henri Jayer of Vosne-Romanée in Burgundy, it meant trading his wine for food so his family would have enough to eat. For Prince Philippe Poniatowski of Vouvray, it meant burying his best wines in his yard so that he would have something to restart business with after the war.
Don Kladstrup (Wine and War: The French, the Nazis, and the Battle for France's Greatest Treasure)
Can I ask you something?” I say quietly. I try not to get into his personal business, but I can’t help it. “You can ask. I can’t promise I’ll answer.” “What’s going on with you and Friday?” He groans. “Nothing. Why? What did she tell you?” I try to play it off. “She didn’t tell me anything. There’s just, like, this undercurrent when you’re in a room together. What did you do to her?” “I kissed her,” he blurts out. I choke. “You kissed Friday?” I thump my fist against my chest, trying to restart my heart. “Well, we kind of kissed each other.” I grin. “How was it?” “Amazing,” he breathes. But then he realizes what he said, and he sobers. “I mean, it was okay.” He’s such a bad liar. “You should ask her out,” I say. He shakes his head. “I did. She told me no. She’s been telling me no for years.” “You know she’s not a lesbian, right?” I ask. He raises one brow. “No thanks to you, yes.” I chuckle. “Sorry about that.” “No you’re not.” But he’s grinning. “She’s got some issues,” he finally says. “I would love to know what they are.” “What kind of issues?” I ask. “I don’t know. The I-don’t-have-any-family kind. The girl is completely alone. You know she doesn’t even go home in the summer?” “Well, she didn’t get picked out of a cabbage patch.” I stay quiet for a minute because it looks like he’s thinking. “What happened when you kissed her?” “Sparks,” he says. “Fucking sparks.” He blows out a breath. “What about Kelly?” His gaze jerks up. “What about her?” “I’m guessing that Friday wouldn’t like kissing you when you’re still sleeping with Kelly. Was that the problem?” Getting information out of Paul is like pulling teeth. “I haven’t slept with Kelly since you and I talked about it that morning. Haven’t slept with anybody since I kissed Friday. I can’t get her off my fucking mind.” “So go for it.” He shakes his head. “She said no way. Her exact words were no fucking way, Paul, you stupid son of a bitch. Then she told me to go fuck myself.” That’s Friday for you. You have to love her.
Tammy Falkner (Maybe Matt's Miracle (The Reed Brothers, #4))
Tough times brought on by the Gulf War were testing such assumptions, forcing us to consider our response. We needed to come up with new ideas, do more with less, make short-term gains through greater efficiency, and prepare for long-term gains. That meant cutting every dollar possible in overhead and procedures while maintaining or boosting spending in three vital competitive areas. Number one was product quality. World leadership demanded that we maintain world-class quality, and recession is generally a period when material and labor prices are lowest and room occupancies are down. So we renovated and refurbished at such normally busy properties as the Inn on the Park in London and The Pierre in New York at a time when revenue would be little affected and customers least inconvenienced. That meant we were spending when others were retrenching. We had followed that strategy in 1981-82, and the rebound from that recession had given us nine years of steady growth. I thought the odds were in our favor to score the same way again. The second area was marketing. It’s tempting during recession to cut back on consumer advertising. At the start of each of the last three recessions, the growth of spending on such advertising had slowed by an average of 27 percent. But consumer studies of those recessions had showed that companies that didn’t cut their ads had, in the recovery, captured the most market share. So we didn’t cut our ad budget. In fact, we raised it modestly to gain brand recognition, which continued advertising sustains. As studies show, it’s much easier to sustain momentum than restart it. Third, we eased the workload and reduced costs by simplifying reporting methods. We set up a new system that allowed each hotel to recalculate its forecast, with minimal input, to year’s end, then send it in electronically along with a brief monthly commentary.
Isadore Sharp (Four Seasons)
In the Macintosh, OS/2 and DOS operating systems, the failure of an application often halted, or crashed, the entire system, wiping out data and forcing a user to restart the machine. If many applications were running at once—a feature planned for NT—the failure of one halted the others. Cutler hoped to put an end to unwanted crashes by making an operating system that was “bullet proof” This would give PCs more value by making them reliable enough to run what businesses call “mission-critical” services, such as maintaining airline reservations or bank automatic teller machines.
G. Pascal Zachary (Showstopper!: The Breakneck Race to Create Windows NT and the Next Generation at Microsoft)
I know you are doing psychological testing. But sill I want to answer it: 1. Everyone propels at different stages of their life. Just keep calm, work on it and wait on your right moment Answer: Why don’t you get that? I mind is not ready to leave you? Why can’t you get it? Why can’t you get it? I can’t see you, I can’t speak to you? & now if you have ended up, then what I’ll do? You tell me. I can’t bear this. I don’t know why? When you are around me then only I can work, otherwise I can’t. Why can’t you understand it? Your single word is enough for me to start anything. Why can’t you get it? You want to end up it smoothly? Calmly? Right? Without hurting me? If you are thinking so then I wouldn’t handle myself. Because to leave you from my mind is just impossible & impossible. Do whatever you want. I’m double stubborn. 2. My future as been heavily on my mind lately. But the question is: What will I be remembered by? Just a human who believe in humanity What will I contribution to society be? confidential What legacy will I leave with the people I love?” We have a right to live our life by ourselves. 3. Be a girl with a mind, beauty and talents – I’m & I’ll be. 4. Before you start, create an idea of how you want it to end so that if it doesn’t end exactly how you wanted it to atleast it will be close to what you desired – I don’t want to close this relationship. I’m very clear & frank. Even if you don’t talk, call, communicate & not maintain my pages. Do whatever you want. If your goodbye can kill me & break me from inside, then you can understand the importance of your support. But it’s absolutely your choice. You can reset & restart it from next second. I don’t mind. It’s your decision. 5. “Real success that you will appreciate definitely comes with some hard work and tears, don’t give up or lose hope, the best is yet to arrive.” 6. A positive mind will take the good out of every bad situation – I know. 7. “Don’t limit yourself, sometimes your limitation is your own mind.” – Limit was there, you know very well what kind of & it was absolutely protects the character of any person. It can’t be reveal to everyone. I had set that limit only; rest all is limitless for me. Even I’m living here for limitless vision & purpose. 8. Being busy is one thing however productivity is the real gem – I didn’t think about the productivity but certainly work on innovative projects. 9. You are in control of your destiny. Start making plans, set goals and work as best towards them – I’m in control of my decision not of destiny. I have plan, already set my goal. 10. Invest wisely, make sure your investment surpasses what meets the eyes. – Ok. Taken as advise. 11. “Never give up on things you've always dreamed of. Your dreams will become reality by your dedication and hard work.” – I’m doing the same thing. 12. Triumph is sweeter when you’ve tasted failure. – I have tasted it lot of time sir! 13. In every circumstances there is good, train your mind to see it – That’s why I’m here & left your comfort zone. I’m considering everything in a positive way only. Fieldwork & machine work in the acidic & high temperature atmosphere is not easy sir! I’m doing it strongly & successfully. I’m proud of that to be a part of maintenance plus R&D profiles. 14. “When faced with challenges, if you can not CHANGE the situation, NEVER WORRY, replace worry with FAITH. If you can change the situation, makes steps in order to overcome. Always remember worrying does not solve your challenge, it only adds to it!” – OK. Accepted. 15. You will realize your life is most peaceful when you actually stop caring or worrying about things and situations you can not change – OK. Accepted.
The most effective protests create an environment whereby changing the racist policy becomes in power’s self-interest, like desegregating businesses because the sit-ins are driving away customers, like increasing wages to restart production, like giving teachers raises to resume schooling, like passing a law to attract a well-organized force of donors or voters.
Ibram X. Kendi (How to Be an Antiracist)