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Life is like a camera. We need a good angle to get a perfect shot. If the first photo is blurry, we can reset. Just like in life, if things aren't right, we can always shift into another direction. Reset, Re-adjust, re-focus, and re-start. We always have a chance to take another shot again and again. We always have a choice either which picture to be kept. The bad, the good, the better or the perfect one.
James Hilton
Initially, the most important thing for me was dropping out of my head and into my body – into a sense of feeling myself. My head is where I tend to spend most of my day, either beating myself up or worrying about things that might be coming up. I think I went for years hardly being in the present at all. Formal practices like the body scan, actually focusing on my body, are enough to press a reset button. Being in the body gives me a sense of ‘terra firma’, a ‘being here right now’. That sense of feeling the air on my skin, my feet on the floor, allows me to settle into myself, to refocus and respond in a different way, rather than just react habitually. That’s a great skill because it gives you the opportunity to do something different.
Ed Halliwell (Mindfulness Made Easy: Learn How to Be Present and Kind - to Yourself and Others (Made Easy series))