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It's (Politics) rough and sometimes it's dirty and it's always hard work and tedious details. But it's the only sport for grownups.
Robert A. Heinlein
Don't ever get involved in politics, Theo. It's a dirty game.
John Grisham (The Activist (Theodore Boone, #4))
politics was a necessarily dirty game of treachery and deceit.
Dave Robinson (Introducing Philosophy: A Graphic Guide (Introducing...))
The fury which destroys an opponent’s character, would stop at nothing, if barriers were thrown down. That which is true of the leaders in politics, is true of subordinates. Political dishonesty in voters runs into general dishonesty, as the rotten speck taints the whole apple. A community whose politics are conducted by a perpetual breach of honesty on both sides, will be tainted by immorality throughout. Men will play the same game in their private affairs, which they have learned to play in public matters. The guile, the crafty vigilance, the dishonest advantage, the cunning sharpness;—the tricks and traps and sly evasions; the equivocal promises, and unequivocal neglect of them, which characterize political action, will equally characterize private action. The mind has no kitchen to do its dirty work in, while the parlor remains clean. Dishonesty is an atmosphere; if it comes into one apartment, it penetrates into every one. Whoever will lie in politics, will lie in traffic. Whoever will slander in politics, will slander in personal squabbles. A professor of religion who is a dishonest politician, is a dishonest Christian. His creed is a perpetual index of his hypocrisy.
Henry Ward Beecher (Twelve Causes of Dishonesty)
Some people say politics is a dirty game but I say politics can be clean and good game if played with honesty and sincerity!!!--------------
Align your interests with your company’s vision, mission and interests.
Henry Lee (Office Politics: How to Survive and Thrive in the Dirty Game of Office Politics (Office Politics, Self Help, Management))
The dynamics of power play in the office must be clear to you. Always ask: Who has the power over whom?
Henry Lee (Office Politics: How to Survive and Thrive in the Dirty Game of Office Politics (Office Politics, Self Help, Management))
Just as divine-right monarchies required forbearance, so do democracies. Think of democracy as a game that we want to keep playing indefinitely. To ensure future rounds of the game, players must refrain from either incapacitating the other team or antagonizing them to such a degree, that they refuse to play again tomorrow. If one's rivals quit, there can be no future games. This means that although individuals play to win, they must do so with a degree of restraint. In a pickup basketball game, we play aggressively, but we know not to foul excessively - and to call a foul only when it is egregious. After all, you show up at the park to play a basketball game, not to fight. In politics, this often means eschewing dirty tricks or hardball tactics in the name of civility and fair play.
Steven Levitsky (How Democracies Die: What History Reveals About Our Future)
Criminy! Do you mean to tell me that the top man in the Empire would fold up and quit, just like that? Because somebody behind the scenes ordered him to?” “I’m afraid that is just what I do think.”  I shook my head. “Politics is a dirty game!”  “No,” Clifton answered insistently. “There is no such thing as a dirty game. But you sometimes run into dirty players.”  “I don’t see the difference.”  “There is a world of difference.
Robert A. Heinlein (Double Star)
We must revolt against the malicious and political game of ‘revolution’ as we know it today. According to this game, revolution is nothing but the transfer of pain from one group of people to other less fortunate and wretched groups. According to this political game, ‘revolution’ is merely imposing injustice on new groups of people. According to dirty politicians, ‘revolutions’ are just moving privilege from one elite to another.
Louis Yako (أنا زهرة برية [I am a Wildflower])