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Please tell me that this place has air conditioning that works.” “Yeah, well,” he began. “It does, but there are only two settings: suffocating or polar vortex. We alternate. You’ll
Wendy Potocki (Trillingham)
Is this how I will forever live my life, owing explanations and apologies? When did this manner of making my way through the world start?
Shani Mootoo (Polar Vortex)
Don’t start blaming yourself, it’s a way of giving up, of giving in.
Matthew Mather (Polar Vortex: A Novel)
I picked one up in demonstration and bit into it, tasted oozy salted egg beyond the soft dough. My daughter crinkled her nose. A fussy eater. Like her mother. It was a constant battle to get her to eat, as opposed to me, where the battle went the opposite way.
Matthew Mather (Polar Vortex: A Novel)
we roar along the rust belts——the great red spot—— the polar vortex——the caress of solar flares—— ruffle the molten methane and ammonia oceans of me—— the storm-riven non-surface of me and mine—— that which you call skin—— a threadbare term to describe where I stop and others begin——
Yann Rousselot (Dawn of the Algorithm)
Atmospheric scientists call these flow patterns “Rossby waves,” and they were the cause of the dreaded “polar vortex” that brought record-cold air to inhabitants on the East Coast in the winter of 2014.59
Adam Frank (Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth)
All of humankind was one big family, come to think of it. At war with each other one minute, then happy together the next.
Matthew Mather (Polar Vortex: A Novel)