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He thought that if there were a God, His essence was in the virtuous innocence of the children.
Pete Conrad (The Arbiters)
It is vital to comprehend that humans exist in a state of perpetual transformation. Life ends when stasis sets in.
Pete Conrad (The Arbiters)
My position as a follower of God is not to show you how close I am to God—my job is to show you how close you are to God […]. (Simon)
Pete Conrad (The Arbiters)
Walk down any sidewalk in any city and eventually you’ll find a flower growing out of a crack in the concrete, tenaciously grasping for life, barely enough earth for it to clench hold of. This little flower has seeded, sprouted, and blossomed, despite thousands of feet walking over and around it every day. This flower is a survivor, thriving better than if it were in my Aunt Tilda’s fucking backyard garden with her fussing over it day and night and giving it all the goddamned care she thought it needed. Yeah, eventually, some careless asshole’s gonna trample and kill that flower, but another one’s gonna replace it. [...] I’ll always believe in you, Raeburn. You just have to find another crack in the sidewalk and blossom. Don’t be another Kurt Cobain. Don’t give up. People need you.
Pete Conrad (The Suicide Flowers)
You know, Pete Conrad died on a motorcycle.” “Who’s Pete Conrad?” “The third man to walk on the moon.
Craig Johnson (An Obvious Fact (Walt Longmire #12))
Some of the wives had already put their names on the waiting list for Pan Am’s first commercial flight to the Moon, but now that wasn’t going to happen. There would be no “orbital newspapers, updated every hour” per Arthur C. Clarke’s dream; no Lunar Hilton, which Barron Hilton had proposed; no Lunar Disney; and no chain of A&W Root Beer stands that Pete Conrad and Jim Lovell had planned, half jokingly, to open on the Moon after we colonized.
Lily Koppel (The Astronaut Wives Club)
I guess my point is that sometimes we ignore the signs that God gives us. We never know what He has in store for us, but we must always be prepared to hear His words. Who knows what fate he would have had in store for me had I kept on that path. (Max)
Pete Conrad (The Arbiters)
It is unfair to use that gun against a fellow human and then blame God because you chose to take another man’s life. (Simon)
Pete Conrad (The Arbiters)