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...los PCB eran fluidos que nunca dejaban de lubricar; los PBDE, aislantes que nunca dejaban de evitar que el plástico se derritiera, y el DDT, un pesticida que nunca dejaba de matar. Como tales, ahora resultan difíciles de destruir; algunos, como los PCB, apenas muestran signo alguno de biodegradarse.
Alan Weisman (The World Without Us)
What is better… A Mini Metal Stencil or an Adhesive-Backed Plastic Stencil? We were wondering what was a better performer for PCB rework……a miniature metal stencil or the newer plastic film stencils with and adhesive backing. To know more visit soldertools.net
Bob Wettermann
After all, it wasn’t science that had transformed the world, but the marriage of technology and capitalism. The ignorant might blame science for the ills and evils of the modern era, but that was a case of mistaken identity—no research scientist had ever polluted a water table with a PCB, or performed a third-trimester abortion, or denied someone insurance based on a genetic screening, or turned the Internet into a covert way of peering into private lives. Real scientists were invisible outside their own circle of peers. Even Nobel Prize recipients barely registered on the public consciousness, as Brohier well knew. A Heisman Trophy or an Oscar counted for far more—there was no market for Heroes of Science trading cards. Status was still measured in arcane units: bylines, citations, appointments, grants.
Arthur C. Clarke (The Trigger)
W styczniu 1999 roku przyszedł czas na Belgię, gdzie okazało się, że do produkcji paszy dla kurczaków wykorzystano między innymi trzydzieści litrów zbytego płynu do chłodzenia transformatorów (taniej wyszło dolać go nielegalnie do wielkiej kadzi z tłuszczem, w nadziei że nikt nie zauważy, niż poddać kosztownej utylizacji w specjalnej spalarni). Sprawa nie wyszłaby na jaw, gdyby nie fakt, że płyn ten wytwarzany jest z substancji chemicznych zawierających między innymi niezwykle toksyczne dioksyny polichlorobifenole (PCB).
The kind of knowledge captured in a model such as the PCB example goes beyond “find the nouns.
Eric Evans (Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software)
have seven times the levels of PCB’s as wild salmon have 30 times the number of sea lice are fed chemicals to give them color are fed pellets of chicken feces, corn meal, soy, genetically modified canola oil and other fish containing concentrations of toxins are administered antibiotics at higher levels than any other livestock have less omega 3’s due to lack of wild diet are kept in small areas inhibiting movement,
Jesse Morgan (Get Wild: Crock Pot Recipes & Diet Guide)
BEST can provide IPC training materials including kits for the IPC-7711, IPC-7721 and JSTD-001 programs. Make us your “one stop shop” far all things training as we are very familiar with the standards. Our own training kits can be used to screen potential soldering technician applicants, provide for “real” boards (none of these 2 layer “dummy boards, we serve up the real deal) for advanced solder training and rework and repair of same. More at solder.net
Bob Wettermann
BEST offers a variety of analytical testing services to help you spot and trend defects, process or part changes. Visual, Endoscopic, and X-RAY inspection, as well as dye and pry inspection services are offered by BEST in order to help you diagnose and troubleshoot and sort out a variety of defects. Our highly trained staff is able to assist you in analyzing specific defects. To know more about our services visit solder.net
Bob Wettermann
The BEST PCB board repair kit gives you the tools you need to repair damaged mask, damaged or missing laminate, replace missing corners or missing pieces of the hard laminate material. We also provide Colorants in this kit which allows you to repair different colored PCB laminate materials. Visit here to our website to shop online or call us at 847-797-9250
Soldertools specializes in manufacturing and PCB rework/repair tools for making the job easier, faster and with higher first pass yields. In additions this business markets materials which support IPC and other soldering trainers selling materials for training purposes. more info at solderools.net
Best Inc
BEST Gold Contact Replating Kit includes the tools you need for fast replating and modification of circuit contacts. The materials required for the replating by selective brush plating of damaged circuit gold fingers are also supplied in this gold contact repair kit. Visit our site soldertools.net to shop online at lowest possible rates in such a quality material.
Bob Wettermann
PCB traces) available where the raw battery supply can
Donald Norris (Build Your Own Quadcopter: Power Up Your Designs with the Parallax Elev-8)