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Ora et labora.
Benedict of Nursia
Tanpa disadari, saking semangatnya meminta, kita terkesan mengajari atau mendikte Tuhan. Menurut sebuah hadis, Tuhan akan marah pada hamba-Nya yang sombong, tidak pernah berdoa. Namun, Tuhan juga marah jika melihat hamba-Nya banyak berdoa, tanpa bekerja. Ora et labora.
Komaruddin Hidayat (Agama Punya Seribu Nyawa)
Somewhere, somehow, at some unknown intersection between prayer and work, God indwells our humble offering—God indwells us—and turns human actions into spiritual awakenings.
Jared Brock (A Year of Living Prayerfully: How a Curious Traveler Met the Pope, Walked on Coals, Danced with Rabbis, and Revived His Prayer Life)
Ora et labora-prey and work
Jan Guillou (The Knight Templar (The Crusades Trilogy, #2))
Your life is meant to be “poor in fact and spent in hardworking moderation” – as your solemnly professed vow of evangelical poverty requires. For this reason, your work should be done carefully and faithfully, without yielding to the present-day culture and its mindset of efficiency and constant activity. The “ora et labora” of the Benedictine tradition should always be your inspiration and help you to find the right balance between seeking the Absolute and commitment to your daily chores, between the peace of contemplation and the effort expended in work.
Pope Francis
Tempus breve est, Ora et labora. We aren’t given much time on this earth. We have to pray and work, not go pushing our luck with soccer pools.
Roberto Bolaño
126. We can also look to the great tradition of monasticism. Originally, it was a kind of flight from the world, an escape from the decadence of the cities. The monks sought the desert, convinced that it was the best place for encountering the presence of God. Later, Saint Benedict of Norcia proposed that his monks live in community, combining prayer and spiritual reading with manual labour (ora et labora). Seeing manual labour as spiritually meaningful proved revolutionary. Personal growth and sanctification came to be sought in the interplay of recollection and work. This way of experiencing work makes us more protective and respectful of the environment; it imbues our relationship to the world with a healthy sobriety.
ora et labora, prayer and work.
Peter Kreeft (Practical Theology: Spiritual Direction from St. Thomas Aquinas)
Tempus breve est, Ora et labora. We aren’t given much time on this earth.
Roberto Bolaño (The Savage Detectives)