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Sukhjinder Singh Yogi is an expert Ayurvedic doctor based in Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Amritsar of the best ayurvedic doctors offering ayurveda consultations. Visit here for more detail
QuickRxRefill is an online medical consultation and prescription writing service. Get a doctor's consultation from the comfort of your home! We offers you a quick, convenient, safe and legal way to obtain your prescription medications, using technology and superior customer service.
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One assumption that is already being shattered is the idea that only routine, semi-skilled jobs like taxi driving, food delivery, or household chores are susceptible. Even traditional professions like medicine and law are proving to be susceptible to platform models. We’ve already mentioned Medicast, which applies an Uber-like model to finding a doctor. Several platform companies are providing online venues where legal services are available with comparable ease, speed, and convenience. Axiom Law has built a $200 million platform business by using a combination of data-mining software and freelance law talent to provide legal guidance and services to business clients; InCloudCounsel claims it can process basic legal documents such as licensing forms and nondisclosure agreements at a savings of up to 80 percent compared with a traditional law firm.11 In the decades to come, it seems likely that the platform model will be applied—or at least tested—in virtually every market for labor and professional services. How will this trend impact the service industries—not to mention the working lives of hundreds of millions of people? One likely result will be an even greater stratification of wealth, power, and prestige among service providers. Routine and standardized tasks will move to online platforms, where an army of relatively low-paid, self-employed professionals will be available to handle them. Meanwhile, the world’s great law firms, medical centers, consulting partnerships, and accounting practices will not vanish, but their relative size and importance will shrink as much of the work they used to do migrates to platforms that can provide comparable services at a fraction of the cost and with far greater convenience. A surviving handful of world-class experts will increasingly focus on a tiny subset of the most highly specialized and challenging assignments, which they can tackle from anywhere in the world using online tools. Thus, at the very highest level of professional expertise, winner-take-all markets are likely to emerge, with (say) two dozen internationally renowned attorneys competing for the splashiest and most lucrative cases anywhere on the globe.
Geoffrey G. Parker (Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy and How to Make Them Work for You: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy―and How to Make Them Work for You)
Global health consultant is your one-stop shop for all of your health care needs, both in dental and hair implant.Browse online or speak directly with our doctors .we will help you find the specialist or primary care physician that is right for you.
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How to Regulate Irregular Periods (Menstrual Cycle)? A woman’s period or menstruation is a natural part of her monthly cycle. The number of days spent during the menstruation cycle depends on person to person. Usually, most women bleed for two to seven days. According to the gynaecologist for irregular periods, occasional fluctuations in the number of days are normal. If your periods, however, are constantly late or irregular, it may be due to an underlying health issue. In such cases, consult missed periods doctors online to get yourself treated along with home remedies.
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