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Sometimes your belief system is really your fears attached to rules.
Shannon L. Alder
Beliefs about overimportance of thoughts and thought control are more frequent in highly religious people and mediate the observed association between religiosity and OCD. Thought-action fusion overlaps with magical thinking and is associated with religiosity, paranormal beliefs, and positive schizotypy. most likely, thought-action fusion plays a significant role in the etiology of autogenous obsessions.
Marco del Giudice (Evolutionary Psychopathology: A Unified Approach)
This is very positive. Just thinking a good thought is a bad Refocus strategy. For example, someone with a fear of dying might Refocus on assuring herself that she’s healthy. Why is that bad? Because it’s so easy for that thought to become an avoidance, merely a way of pushing aside the thought about death that is causing the OCD symptoms. It is an attempt to neutralize an obsessive thought, and that is a compulsion. Your Wise Advocate will tell you that the thought is just an obsessive thought; you then accept the thought and focus on a good behavior.
Jeffrey M. Schwartz (Brain Lock: Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior)
Now I want to be quiet. Reality is not a dissection sample passively waiting for me to hack it to pieces; it’s personal and transforms me. I want to position myself in the “habitat” of truth, then wait. I want to be open to the rustles that mean something—and those that don’t.** I want the moments and memories and meaning to come out of hiding.
Kathrine Snyder (Shimmering Around the Edges: A Memoir of OCD, Reality, and Finding God in Uncertainty)
Now, you can just turn up the volume of positive thinking and try to focus on that. You will have two channels blasting different things out loud.
Calvin Caufield (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Toolbox : 90 Exercises and Worksheets to Help Overcome Depression, Addiction, OCD, and Reduce Anxiety)