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Nothing, in fact, can equal the beauty of the northern summer’s evening and night, if night it may be called that only wants the glare of day, the full light which frequently seems so impertinent, for I could write at midnight very well without a candle.  I contemplated all Nature at rest; the rocks, even grown darker in their appearance, looked as if they partook of the general repose, and reclined more heavily on their foundation.  “What,” I exclaimed, “is this active principle which keeps me still awake?  Why fly my thoughts abroad, when everything around me appears at home?”  My child was sleeping with equal calmness—innocent and sweet as the closing flowers.
Mary Wollstonecraft (Letters on Sweden, Norway, and Denmark)
Du tilmed og aldrig saa tiilig staar op, At dig jo før høyt over Biergenes Top, Er runden Aurora den røde. End sver jeg, og vidner, at hvilken den Dreng Som opstaar og gaar sig med Solen i Seng, Hand næppelig skal sig forsove; O! Sommer kierkommen til alles Behag, Paa hvilken at Natten lyser som Dag, Og Fugler sin Skabermand love.
Petter Dass (The Trumpet of Nordland)
One genuine case was that of an old man who was one of the Wood Cree Indians that lived beyond Norway House. He renounced his old life and habits, burned his medicine bag, and gave himself to the Saviour. Great and marvelous was the change produced in him. When he came to the church for baptism, in answer to my question, “Name this man,” he promptly said, “Call me Daniel.” “Why Daniel?” I asked. “Because,” he replied, “I heard you preach about Daniel, and you told about his being delivered from the lions. It was a great deliverance, but not as great as mine from my sins.” Then, lifting up his right hand and looking intently at it, he said in a voice that almost startled us all: “Missionary, that hand has mixed the poisons that have killed fourteen people. I have been a very wicked man, but I have heard the Great Spirit’s voice. I have come to him and he has saved me, and my deliverance is greater than that of Daniel, for I was in a deeper, darker place, but he has brought me out into the light.” So, amid the hushed excitement of the audience, we baptized him Daniel. BANFF SPRING HOTEL, CANADIAN NATIONAL PARK
Egerton Ryerson Young (Stories from Indian Wigwams & Northern Campfires)
It had been on one of those packages they advertised in the travel pages of the papers on a Saturday. “See the Northern Lights—Five-Day Cruise off the Coast of Norway,” “The Wonders of Prague,” “Beautiful Bordeaux—Wine Tasting for the Beginner,” “Autumn on Lake Como.” It offered a safe way to travel (the coward’s way), everything was organized for you so that all you had to do was turn up with your passport. Middle-class, middle-aged, middle England. And middle Scotland, of course. Safety in numbers, in the herd.
Kate Atkinson (One Good Turn (Jackson Brodie, #2))
future. The best time of year to catch the northern lights in Norway is from October to March,
Lonely Planet (Lonely Planet Norway (Travel Guide))