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Remember that string of movies when we were younger, like mid ’90s? The ones where the nerdy girl finally puts on makeup and a Wonderbra and everyone realizes how totally boneable she is?” “Yeah.” “Well, that’s you,” she says. “We’re in one of those movies. You’re my hopeless teenage girl, all stuck in your shell, and I’m here to give you a fresh coat of makeup and a slutty dress. Push those boobies up, Andy Carter, it’s go time.” “Do
Matthew Norman (We're All Damaged)
I grew up in the South Bronx in the ’80s, and in the mid-’90s was plucked from there and escorted to boarding school in pastoral Connecticut (Choate Rosemary Hall, Pomfret). In my years at school, and subsequently at college (Trinity, in Hartford), I never once heard the term “hipster.” Looking back, I think hipsters, yuppies, and preppies were the same thing
n+1 (What Was the Hipster? A Sociological Investigation)
The Chelsea has changed. It’s not like it was.” It had been gentrified, they said, domesticated, tamed like the whole neighborhood, which, since the mid-90s, had turned distinctly upscale. The greasy diners were gone, replaced by uniform Starbucks. The boarded-up storefronts were now upscale spas. The neighborhood dives were now exclusive nightclubs replete with guest lists and doormen who turned the “wrong” people away. Everyone was saying the hotel, the neighborhood, all of Manhattan, had sold out.
James Lough (This Ain't No Holiday Inn: Down and Out at the Chelsea Hotel 1980-1995)
The Immigration Reform Act wiped out that option. Used to be, if undocumented parents could prove their deportation would put a U.S. citizen—in this case, you, AJ—at risk, the judge could let them stay. But the act made deportation automatic.” She showed them a document she’d printed out. “In the mid-’90s, there were around forty thousand deportations a year. Nowadays, there are around three hundred thousand a year. The INS and ICE will tell you they’re getting rid of a criminal element, but that’s not always the case. Plenty of working people—even war veterans—get swept up in raids.
Susan Wiggs (Fireside (The Lakeshore Chronicles))
2000, Trump was seeking the Reform Party nomination, a movement which that year was spearheaded by retired professional wrestler Jesse Ventura. The Reform Party originated in the mid-90s as a vehicle for then-candidate Ross Perot to run for President in 1996 and it seemed the perfect vehicle for the politically ambitious, but independently minded, Donald J. Trump just four years later.
Tim Devine (Days of Trump: The Definitive Chronology of the 45th President of the United States)
Seto Kaiba [to Ishizu]: 'Duel Monsters' was invented in the mid-90s! There's no way it's 3,000 years old!
Kazuki Takahashi (Yu-Gi-Oh! (3-in-1 Edition), Vol. 6: Includes Vols. 16, 17 18)
Some fifteen years earlier, in the mid-’90s, I’d somehow found myself at a dinner on the Upper East Side where a magnum of 1959 Château Margaux was opened for coupling with a main course of leg of lamb and where, once I’d tasted from the glass poured for me, I finally understood the logic behind spending thousands of dollars on a bottle of something to drink. I was no connoisseur. I couldn’t tell a berry note from a chocolate nose or discern the hint of spring flowers the dining guest beside me picked up, she said, developing as it sat in the glass. What I experienced was, perhaps, all the more remarkable for my having so virgin a palate. On my tongue, the wine disappeared almost magically into pure sensation, an absorbing congeries of rich and dusky hints—insinuations of bitterness tempered by the faintest echoes of something once sweet, now round and gathering—a developing flavor that revealed some ideal to which my every previous encounter with red wine appeared to have been pointing all along. And even more remarkable than this almost disincarnate sensation was the disincarnation itself, the effortless sublimation of liquid into pure savor, conveying me to the threshold of some essential idea of wine itself, a frictionless passage into the immaterial that felt, quite frankly, like something metaphysical
Ayad Akhtar (Homeland Elegies)
[Brynn] Arens met Rick Nielsen when Flipp played the Minneapolis club First Avenue in the mid-90's. "Rick got up - when he was not in the best of shape, he was drinking a lot - and jammed with us," Arens says. "We did our version of 'Let It Be,' and when we got done, he came back to our dressing room and said, 'What song did we play together?'" "Well," Arens told him, "we were playing 'Let It Be,' but I think you might have been playing 'Get Back.
Doug Brod (They Just Seem a Little Weird: How KISS, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, and Starz Remade Rock and Roll)
Social scientists call it the ‘narrative turn’. An identifiable lurch towards describing our world explicitly in terms of story: to situating ourselves within revolving webs of narrative, on which our sensess of place and identity and connection to others can rest. Most date the birth of this ‘new narrative age’ to the mid-90s. One, the French theorist Christian Salmon, ventures a specific year. 1995. The year of Netscape, Pseudo, the ubiquity of the web.
Andrew Smith (Totally Wired: The Wild Rise and Crazy Fall of the First Dotcom Dream)
Flash, originally built in the mid-’90s, and eventually shepherded by Macromedia and
Kyle Simpson (JavaScript and HTML5 Now)
In the mid-’90s, when Larry and Sergey began to research the PhD thesis project that would become Google, the leading search engines ranked their results based on the content of a website. If you typed in a query such as “university,” you were just as likely to get a link to the website of a bookstore or a bike shop as you were to get one to an actual university. In fact, during a visit to one of those search companies, Larry complained about the poor results he got when he used the “university” query with their product. The fault was his, he was told. He should have been more precise with his query.
Eric Schmidt (How Google Works)
Successful online marketing since the mid-90s. Specializing in offering the complete package, I use SEO, PPC, remarketing, social and syndication tools to create a powerful marketing machine for clients, as well as offering individual services.
Scott D. Smith
Mid June 2012 Good morning Andy, I hope today brings you good cheer and bounteous energy. We certainly have been through some tough times since our separation. Back in the late 80s to the mid-90s, I too experienced a negative relationship like you and Toby. My relationship with Kregory, an American from Wisconsin, lasted for nine years. It came to a screeching halt one day in August 1996 when he suddenly disappeared from our apartment and my life. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. The universe had again intervened on my behalf when it was time for a new beginning. I will relate this life’s chapter at a later date. It breaks my heart to learn that you went through a difficult period with Toby. I’m glad those days are behind us. I believe that I emerged from those horrendous experiences to become wiser, stronger and better-equipped for life’s challenges. You, my dearest ‘big brother,’ have always been my guiding light, and I’m positive that you, too, returned unscathed through adversities. I, for one, am grateful for my Bahriji education and treasured E.R.O.S. experiences. Without this priceless enlightenment and knowledge, my life would have turned out differently and would have been difficult to grapple with. Now that we have reconnected, it’s also the beginning to a new friendship. If the universe chooses to bring us together again, time is our guiding star. For now, I’m gratified to be corresponding regularly with my ex-lover, Valet, mentor, and guardian.
Young (Unbridled (A Harem Boy's Saga, #2))
From the collapse of Monte de Piedad in the mid-’90s to sexual indiscretions and financial mismanagement today, the Church has observed the Code of Omerta, a sense of brotherhood that demands that dark secrets be kept in order to preserve honor and bring no shame. Its deafening silence on its erring members is a stark contrast to the Church’s thunderous preaching on morality and politics.
Aries C. Rufo (Altar of Secrets: Sex, Politics, and Money in the Philippine Catholic Church)