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Some guy said to me: Don't you think you're too old to sing rock n' roll? I said: You'd better check with Mick Jagger.
You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.
Mick Jagger
The guy thought he was Mick Jagger. I felt bad for him.
Kami Garcia (Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1))
Why would you want to be anything else if you're Mick Jagger?
Keith Richards (Life)
Lose your dreams and you might lose your mind.
Mick Jagger
Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
Mick Jagger
It's all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back.
Mick Jagger
The only performance that makes it, that makes it all the way is the one that achieves madness.
Mick Jagger
They want to hold onto something they never had in the first place. Anybody who claims to have some interest in me as an individual artist or even as part of the Beatles has absolutely misunderstood everything I ever said if they can't see why I'm with Yoko. And if they can't see that, they don't see anything. They're just jacking off to - it could be anybody. Mick Jagger or somebody else. Let them go jack off to Mick Jagger, okay? I don't need it.
John Lennon
Don't you think it's sometimes wise not to grow up.
Mick Jagger
Life's just a cocktail party - on the street.
Mick Jagger
Anarchy is the only slight glimmer of hope.
Mick Jagger
here once was a group with Liam and Niall Vas happenin’ boys? Vas happenin’ boys? They lived with Zayn and his room was vile Vas happenin’ boys? Vas happenin’ boys? Did you know Harry’s such a slob? He needs to win X-factor ‘cause he can’t get a job And oh Louis needs a boat He dresses like he owns one ‘Cause he’s got no other clothes They really need your vote Vas happenin’ boys? Vas happenin’ boys? Mick Jagger could be Harry’s dad Vas happenin’ mum? Vas happenin’ Mick? When Liam sings he makes his face look sad Vas happenin’ song? Vas happenin’ sad? And Zayn’s the master of echos And Niall was raised by leprechauns So he won’t ever grow And oh Louis needs that boat He dresses like he owns one And it’s becoming a joke They really need your vote Vas happenin’ boys? Vas happenin’ boys? Vas happenin’ boys? Vas happenin’ boys? Vas happenin’ boys? Vas happenin’ boys?
One Direction
I got nasty habits; I take tea at three.
Mick Jagger
I'd rather be dead than singing 'Satisfaction' when I'm 45.
Mick Jagger
Be the Mick Jagger of the mailroom, the Warren Buffet of bookkeeping and the Bono of stapler selling.
Robin S. Sharma
...the Beatles were hard men too. Brian Epstein cleaned them up for mass consumption, but they were anything but sissies. They were from Liverpool, which is like Hamburg or Norfolk, Virginia--a hard, sea-farin' town, all these dockers and sailors around all the time who would beat the piss out of you if you so much as winked at them. Ringo's from the Dingle, which is like the f***ing Bronx. The Rolling Stones were the mummy's boys--they were all college students from the outskirts of London. They went to starve in London, but it was by choice, to give themselves some sort of aura of disrespectability. I did like the Stones, but they were never anywhere near the Beatles--not for humour, not for originality, not for songs, not for presentation. All they had was Mick Jagger dancing about. Fair enough, the Stones made great records, but they were always s**t on stage, whereas the Beatles were the gear.
Lemmy Kilmister (White Line Fever: The Autobiography)
We were ushered into the special reception room that important people go to so they won't have to ensure Customs. It's luxurious and private, and you don't have to mingle with the public. It's the room that you wait in if you are very, very powerful and once got shitfaced with Joseph of Arimathea. Or if you are Mick Jagger.
Daniel O'Malley (The Rook (The Checquy Files, #1))
I once asked him why he smoked the world's most expensive cigarette, and he told me it was because he was a man of wealth and taste, at least according to Mick Jagger.
K.H. Koehler (The Devil Dances)
Mick Jagger once boasted that 'I’d rather be dead than still singing ‘Satisfaction’ when I’m forty-five.' But now he’s over sixty and still singing 'Satisfaction'. Some people might find this funny, but not me. When he was young, Mick Jagger couldn’t imagine himself at forty-five. When I was young, I was the same. Can I laugh at Mick Jagger? No way. I just happen not to be a young rock singer. Nobody remembers what stupid things I might have said back then, so they’re not about to quote them back at me. That’s the only difference.
Haruki Murakami (What I Talk About When I Talk About Running)
You can't always get what you want.
Mick Jagger
I am not a librarian of my own work. It's a good thing not to be involved with what you have done.
Mick Jagger
I couldn’t strut around like Mick Jagger, or smash my instrument up like Jimi Hendrix or Pete Townshend: bitter subsequent experience has taught me that if you get carried away and try and smash up a piano by pushing it offstage, you end up looking less like a lawless rock god and more like a furniture removal man having a bad day.
Elton John (Me)
When I'm 33, I quit.
Mick Jagger
You better stop Look around Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes Here comes your nine-teenth nervous breakdown.
Mick Jagger
You don't expect me to be doing this when I am THIRTY, do you?
Mick Jagger
Dandelions don't tell no lies...
Mick Jagger
She imagined herself whirling breathlessly beneath the flashing lights of some impossibly chic Manhattan disco. Suddenly, a hand touches her arm. She turns. ‘Pardon me,’ Mick Jagger says, 'I believe this next dance is mine.
Francine Pascal (Too Good to be True (Sweet Valley High, #11))
Before John could even get through the first verse, who bursts through the door and jumps right into the fray, lips a'kissin' and hips a'wigglin'? That's right, kids, everbody's favorite zombie hunter. Mick Jagger strode right up to John, raised his arms to the sky, and said, 'O zombie Lennon! It ends here.
Alan Goldsher (Paul Is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion)
When my phone chimes with a text message on Monday morning, I'm still in that dreamy state between sleep and awake where you can pretty much convince yourself of anything. Like that a teen Mick Jagger is waiting in your driveway to take you to school. Or that your favorite book series ended with an actual satisfying conclusion, instead of what the author tried to pass off as a satisfying conclusion.
Jessica Brody (A Week of Mondays)
Paint it black
Mick Jagger
The Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has just published the story of her life. I confess that it is not in my reading table.
Mick Jagger
us not forget Charlie Watts punching Mick Jagger after Jagger called him “my drummer.” “You’re my singer,” Watts snarled, before adjusting his cuffs, and walking away.
Caitlin Moran (How to Build a Girl)
At the moment, the Stones were blaring out of the speakers, and Mick Jagger was bemoaning the fact that he didn’t always get what he wanted.
Stina Leicht (Of Blood and Honey (The Fey and the Fallen, #1))
Politics doesn’t require talent, intelligence, or good looks. Truly, someone like Donald Rumsfeld, a mediocre government functionary with no discernible talent, intelligence, or charm, is a greater international celebrity than Mick Jagger. Rumsfeld, despite being a has-been, is known in every corner of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa for his insanity and arrogance, while Jagger is admired by a mere couple hundred million music enthusiasts, huddled mostly in the First World.
Ian F. Svenonius (Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock 'n' Roll Group)
Mick's album was called She's the Boss, which said it all. I've never listened to the entire thing all the way through. Who has? It's like Mein Kampf. Everybody had a copy, but nobody listened to it.
Keith Richards (Life)
Brian knows the affair is wrong. He's known from the moment Wendy first undressed in his office. But with her hot, wet tongue in his ear, and her taut, pink nipples straining against his starched white shirt, and with Mick Jagger's strident voice squawking about satisfaction on the tiny transistor radio, Brian's body refuses to obey. Instead of shoving Wendy out the door, he shoves her onto the unmade bed.
Alison Lurie (The War Between the Tates)
When he was 19, Mick Jagger said, "what a drag it is getting old... (Mother's little Helper)
The Stones
Soweit ich weiß, hat er von Mick Jagger eine eidesstattliche Erklärung, daß er bei der Session von 'Sympathy for the Devil' anwesend war und im Uhh-uhh-Chor mitgeuhhuhht hat.
Akif Pirinçci (Felidae (Felidae, #1))
fatal stabbing of a young black spectator while Mick Jagger vainly appealed to the crowd to “cool out” and love one another. Good-bye Sixties; welcome to the future.
Philip Norman (Shout!: The Beatles in Their Generation)
Bloom Where You Are Planted" It has been my life's philosophy, or in the words of Mick Jagger, "you can't always get want you want, but you get what you need.
Emily Bex
Having money will make you look enticing to women even if you are not a good-looking dude. Don’t believe me, go ask Mick Jagger, Donald Trump, Jay-Z and the rest of the fugly men who have all the money and get all the fine women.
Rebecca Scott
You measure a good song the same way you measure architecture, fashion, or any other artistic endeavor. Time. You know when you see a picture of yourself from the eighties with a horrible hairdo and some stone-washed jeans and you think, “How embarrassing—what the fuck was I thinking? Why didn’t somebody stop me?” It’s the same thing Mick Jagger and David Bowie should be thinking every time they hear their cover of “Dancing in the Streets.” The point is, at the time it seemed like a good idea, just like kitchens with burnt-orange Formica and avocado appliances, den walls covered with fake brick paneling, and segregation—all horrible decisions that we now universally recognize as wrong. But somehow when it comes to music, we can’t just admit we made a mistake with “Emotional Rescue.” There’s always some dick who defends the past. “Hey, man, I lost my virginity to ‘Careless Whisper.’ ” I’m sure there was somebody who got laid for the first time on 9/11 but they don’t get a boner when they see the footage of the planes going into the tower.
Adam Carolla (In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks . . . And Other Complaints from an Angry Middle-Aged White Guy)
Among the many ecstatic notices, Robert Christgau, the self-appointed ‘dean of American rock critics’, put it best, in a review that would still be being quoted when he left the Village Voice twenty-six years later: ‘Mick Jagger should fold up his penis and go home.
Matt Thorne (Prince)
I did this to myself back then, compared my accomplishments at twenty-three to those of spectacularly successful people (Picasso at twenty-three was finishing his Blue Period; Mick Jagger was writing "19th Nervous Breakdown"; Joan of Arc had rescued France, been burned at the stake, and been dead for four years).
Tom Barbash (The Dakota Winters)
Depending on how you looked at it, Darren was our Mick Jagger (designated swaggering extrovert) to Simon's Keith Richards (quietly virtuosic, blatantly self-destructive). Or else Darren had been Paul McCartney (chirpily commercial) and Simon had been John Lennon (moody, introspective, possessed of quasi-mystical insights).
Austin Grossman (You)
We were ushered into the special reception room that important people go to so they won’t have to endure Customs. It’s luxurious and private, and you don’t have to mingle with the public. It’s the room that you wait in if you are very, very powerful and once got shitfaced with Joseph of Arimathea. Or if you are Mick Jagger. Naturally,
Daniel O'Malley (The Rook (The Checquy Files, #1))
I won't cry when you say goodbye I'm out of tears, out of tears 
Mick Jagger Keith Richards
The Bone Keeper presides over the festival. She rules the lowest level of the Lowerworld where she keeps watch over the bones. They say she has a skull for a face,wears a skirt made of serpents,and her mouth is extra wide in order to feed off the stars during the day.And yet,despite my numerous journeys to the Lowerworld,I have yet to run into her.But maybe you will, nieta,who knows?" "A skull faec,a snake skirt,and a steady diet of stars?" I shake my head and balk. "No thanks.I'd prefer to avoid her if it's okay with you." "You don't always get the journey you want, nieta. Though you always get the journey you need," she says-yet another sage statement in a collection of many. "You paraphrasing Mick Jagger now?
Alyson Noel (Fated (Soul Seekers, #1))
In case there was any doubt, there is a secret government agency that monitors all the things that normal government agencies vehemently deny any existence and subsequent involvement of. Such as extra-terrestrial life (like Mick Jagger), paranormal activity (like Justin Beiber), and the purely unexplainable (like Big Burger Boys). Regular government agencies have to deny the existence of this secret agency because, essentially, they don’t know that it exists.
Jordan Krumbine
Men who love the Stones are fixated on cock. I’m sorry, but that’s the only word. And a firehose is a symbolic fantasy cock. It’s pathetic. Male Stones fans are frozen at eighteen months old, just discovering the thrill of yanking on the rubber band of their own phallus. Female Stones fans are even worse. Mick Jagger has a weird gross mouth that makes him look like a cod, and this turns them on. They’re sexually aroused by fish-men. They’re deviants.” “So what are Beatles fans fixated on? The glory of pussy?” “Exactly. Strawberry Fields is not just a place in Liverpool, Mr. Rookwood.
Joe Hill (The Fireman)
Hearing may make shorter intuitive leaps than sight, but it too is subject to illusions. The most pleasant of these are 'mondegreens,' named by the author Sylvia Wright from her youthful mishearing of the Scottish ballad that actually says, 'They hae slain the Earl o' Moray / and they layd him on the green'--not, alas, 'the Lady Mondegreen.' Children, with their relaxed expectations for logic, are a rich source of these (pledging allegiance to 'one Asian in the vestibule, with little tea and just rice for all'), but everyone has the talent to infer the ridiculous from the inaudible--and, what's more, to believe in it. Here, at least, we do behave like computers, in that our voice-recognition software has little regard for probability but boldly assumes we live in a world of surrealist poets. We are certain that Mick Jagger will never leave our pizza burning and that the Shadow knows what evil lurks in the hot cement.
Michael Kaplan (Bozo Sapiens: Why to Err is Human)
FACT 4 – There is more to the creation of the Manson Family and their direction than has yet been exposed. There is more to the making of the movie Gimme Shelter than has been explained. This saga has interlocking links to all the beautiful people Robert Hall knew. The Manson Family and the Hell’s Angels were instruments to turn on enemy forces. They attacked and discredited politically active American youth who had dropped out of the establishment. The violence came down from neo-Nazis, adorned with Swastikas both in L.A. and in the Bay Area at Altamont. The blame was placed on persons not even associated with the violence. When it was all over, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were the icing on this cake, famed musicians associated with a racist, neo-Nazi murder. By rearranging the facts, cutting here and there, distorting evidence, neighbors and family feared their own youth. Charles Manson made the cover of Life with those wide eyes, like Rasputin. Charles Watson didn’t make the cover. Why not? He participated in all the killings. Manson wasn’t inside the house. Manson played a guitar and made records. Watson didn’t. He was too busy taking care of matters at the lawyer’s office prior to the killings, or with officials of Young Republicans. Who were Watson’s sponsors in Texas, where he remained until his trial, separate from the Manson Family’s to psychologically distance him from the linking of Watson to the murders he actually committed. “Pigs” was scrawled in Sharon Tate’s house in blood. Was this to make blacks the suspects? Credit cards of the La Bianca family were dropped intentionally in the ghetto after the massacre. The purpose was to stir racial fears and hatred. Who wrote the article, “Did Hate Kill Tate?”—blaming Black Panthers for the murders? Lee Harvey Oswald was passed off as a Marxist. Another deception. A pair of glasses was left on the floor of Sharon Tate’s home the day of the murder. They were never identified. Who moved the bodies after the killers left, before the police arrived? The Spahn ranch wasn’t a hippie commune. It bordered the Krupp ranch, and has been incorporated into a German Bavarian beer garden. Howard Hughes knew George Spahn. He visited this ranch daily while filming The Outlaw. Howard Hughes bought the 516 acres of Krupp property in Nevada after he moved into that territory. What about Altamont? What distortions and untruths are displayed in that movie? Why did Mick Jagger insist, “the concert must go on?” There was a demand that filmmakers be allowed to catch this concert. It couldn’t have happened the same in any other state. The Hell’s Angels had a long working relationship with law enforcement, particularly in the Oakland area. They were considered heroes by the San Francisco Chronicle and other newspapers when they physically assaulted the dirty anti-war hippies protesting the shipment of arms to Vietnam. The laboratory for choice LSD, the kind sent to England for the Stones, came from the Bay Area and would be consumed readily by this crowd. Attendees of the concert said there was “a compulsiveness to the event.” It had to take place. Melvin Belli, Jack Ruby’s lawyer, made the legal arrangements. Ruby had complained that Belli prohibited him from telling the full story of Lee Harvey Oswald’s murder (another media event). There were many layers of cover-up, and many names have reappeared in subsequent scripts. Sen. Philip Hart, a member of the committee investigating illegal intelligence operations inside the US, confessed that his own children told him these things were happening. He had refused to believe them. On November 18, 1975, Sen. Hart realized matters were not only out of hand, but crimes of the past had to be exposed to prevent future outrages. How shall we ensure that it will never happen again? It will happen repeatedly unless we can bring ourselves to understand and accept that it did go on.
Mae Brussell (The Essential Mae Brussell: Investigations of Fascism in America)
Mick Jagger should fold up his penis and go home.
Matt Thorne (Prince)
They’re very similar people,” observed Keith Richards. “They’re both very guarded creatures. You wonder if there’s anything worth guarding.
Joe Hagan (Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine)
24. The Rutles, “Cheese and Onions” (1978) A legend to last a lunchtime. The Rutles were the perfect Beatle parody, starring Monty Python’s Eric Idle and the Bonzos’ Neil Innes in their classic mock-doc All You Need Is Cash, with scene-stealing turns by George Harrison, Mick Jagger, and Paul Simon. (Interviewer: “Did the Rutles influence you at all?” Simon: “No.” Interviewer: “Did they influence Art Garfunkel?” Simon: “Who?”) “Cheese and Onions” is a psychedelic ersatz Lennon piano ballad so gorgeous, it eventually got bootlegged as a purported Beatle rarity. Innes captures that tone of benignly befuddled pomposity—“I have always thought in the back of my mind / Cheese and onions”—along with the boyish vulnerability that makes it moving. Hell, he even chews gum exactly like John. The Beatles’ psychedelic phase has always been ripe for parody. Witness the 1967 single “The L.S. Bumble Bee,” by the genius Brit comedy duo Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, from Beyond the Fringe and the BBC series Not Only . . . ​But Also, starring John Lennon in a cameo as a men’s room attendant. “The L.S. Bumble Bee” sounds like the ultimate Pepper parody—“Freak out, baby, the Bee is coming!”—but it came out months before Pepper, as if the comedy team was reeling from Pet Sounds and wondering how the Beatles might respond. Cook and Moore are a secret presence in Pepper—when the audience laughs in the theme song, it’s taken from a live recording of Beyond the Fringe, produced by George Martin.
Rob Sheffield (Dreaming the Beatles: The Love Story of One Band and the Whole World)
I took a certain pride in knowing I'd helped ruin his life enough to give him something substantial to write about.
Mick Jagger
Bloom Where You Are Planted". This has always been my philosophy in life. Or in the words of Mick Jagger, "you can't always get what you want, but you get what you need.
Enily Bex
South of Marfa is the road to Big Bend, one of the least visited national parks in the country, and also one of the most glorious. On the way, there is a pleasant resort, Cibolo Creek Ranch, built around several old forts inside the crater of an extinct volcano. Roberta and I once stayed there in the off-season, midsummer, and spent out time chasing hummingbirds and the adorable vermilion flycatcher. In more temperate weather, the ranch has served as a getaway for celebrities, including Mick Jagger, Tommy Lee Jones and Bruce Willis.
Lawrence Wright (God Save Texas: A Journey Into the Soul of the Lone Star State)
I’m real tall when I stand on my charisma. – Harlan Ellison, Science Fiction Writer You can always come back, but you’ve got to come back better. If you come back worse, or even the same, you’re dead. – Phil Spector You get to the point where you have to change everything – change your looks, change your money, change your sex, change your women because of the business. – Mick Jagger We’ve always been fascinated by movie stars and singers, but the fascination with people who really have nothing to offer is something new. – Carl Hiaasen, American Writer Charisma. You can’t buy it. You can’t make it. And you sure can’t fake it. – Unknown. Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read. -Groucho Marx
Kit James
Most of the radicals took it for granted that their threat of armed revolution was no more serious than Mick Jagger’s dream of being a street-fighting man.
The New Yorker
But when I asked if she was behind 'You Can't Always Get What You Want,' she said, 'Absolutely. That's my song. Every time I hear it, I'm right back with Mick in the flat. Music can't tell time.
Rich Cohen (The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones)
Mi pequeña conclusión: el problema es la crisis general de valores, el «todo vale» con tal de publicar y vender. Peor aún, «todo vale» con tal de disfrutar de un breve día de gloria o recibir cien 'likes' en Facebook. Hay idiotas en este oficio que tienen como modelo a Mick Jagger en lugar de a Manu Leguineche. Así nos va.
Enric González (Cada Mesa, Un Vietnam)
I am Mick Jagger. Thirty-five people came.
Nina Raine (Tribes (NHB Modern Plays))
Unless the South Beach techno-dance clubs outbid them. They don’t have live bands, just DJs up in a booth. And the DJs are now celebrities like Mick Jagger, with their own dance-mix followers who make pilgrimages club to club to hear them turn on the music. When did a stereo become a musical instrument?” Serge leaned forward and clicked on the car radio. “There, I’m an artist. Thousands of women on ecstasy now want to have three-ways with me.
Tim Dorsey (The Riptide Ultra-Glide: A Novel (Serge Storms))
Sentía que buscaba en una cueva oscura que era su estómago y daba consigo mismo disminuido, asustado, sin pasado o futuro. Eso sentía. Moriré primero que Mick Jagger, especuló.
Élmer Mendoza (La prueba del ácido)
Mick Jagger was never born, just like John Lennon. They were never meant to be.
Petra Hermans (Voor een betere wereld)
only two individuals in the world whose mere announced arrival guaranteed pandemonium on the streets: the Pope and Mick Jagger.
Christopher Sandford (The Rolling Stones: Fifty Years)
pueden ser chocantes pero eso importa poco. En la cultura de masas la vanidad funciona. Si Mick Jagger fuera humilde, los Stones tocarían en un garaje.
Juan Villoro (Balón dividido)
BRIAN JONES: July 1969, London. One of the original members of the Rolling Stones. Unique musician, under control of drugs by 1966, took LSD that caused personality changes and depression. Seemed to have brain damage and disintegrated. Compare his arrests and planted grass to the treatment Lenny Bruce received, forced to drop from the group. Keith Richards said, Some very weird things happened the night Brian died. We had these chauffeurs working for us, and we tried to find out. Some of them had a weird hold over Brian. I got straight into it and wanted to know who was there and couldn’t find out. The only cat I could ask was the one I think who got rid of everybody, and did a whole disappearing thing so that when the cops arrived, it was just an accident. Maybe it was. I don’t know. I don’t even know who was there that night, and finding out is impossible. It’s the same feeling with who killed Kennedy. You can’t get to the bottom of it. – Tony Scaduto, Mick Jagger
Mae Brussell (The Essential Mae Brussell: Investigations of Fascism in America)
Mick required far less hand-holding than Michael. Signing the Stones, though, had required a full frontal assault worthy of General Patton, one of my heroes. The final battle exploded at the Ritz Hotel in Paris back in ’83. After months of relentless pursuit, I had them. All they had to do was sign when suddenly at 3 A.M. Mick goes mental and calls me a “stupid motherfuckin’ record executive.” I lose it. I reach for his throat. I have a vision of punching out all ninety-eight pounds of him. I stop myself, envisioning tomorrow’s headline—“Yetnikoff Kills Jagger.” Jagger relents, signs and from then on it’s wine and roses. It was Mick—wily and witty Mick—who later that year plotted with my girlfriend, the one called Boom Boom, to throw me a surprise fiftieth birthday bash where Henny Youngman emceed and Jon Peters, Barbra
Walter Yetnikoff (Howling at the Moon: The Odyssey of a Monstrous Music Mogul in an Age of Excess)
Spiderwoman stepped forward and said, "Oh, do give us a hint, just give us a glimmer." Mick turned to me and said, "We're the Glimmer Twins." Baptized on the equator, the Glimmer Twins is the name we used later for ourselves as producers of our own records.
Keith Richards (Life)
We know the minute he's going plastic. Shit, Charlie and I have been watching that ass for forty-odd years; we know when the moneymaker's shaking and when it's being told what to do.
Keith Richards (Life)
Mick Jagger does it and, well, of course he does—he’s Mick. Phil Collins does it and what an arsehole.
Phil Collins (Not Dead Yet: The Memoir)
He’s caught up with people his own age, rock-star types, he talks about Mick Jagger and other old farts reverentially.
Viv Albertine (Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys.: A Memoir)
On a scale of 1-10 how do ya rate the Stones in Concert . . . 12 !! . . . but in New York City . . . 15
Kevin Kolenda
Look who’s talking, Mick Jagger.” “Jagger? The dude weighs a hundred pounds and struts around like a peacock. We have absolutely nothing in common.” “Not true. You’re both geriatric and you both have egos big enough to fill a stadium.” They were both genuinely laughing as they entered Les Brassins—filling the role of happy lovers on holiday in Brussels without looking like they were trying.
Brian Andrews (War Shadows (Tier One #2))