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Other states also reoriented their telling of regional and national history. In Maharashtra, in the rewriting of history textbooks, a drastic cut was made in the book for class 7: the chapter on the Mughal Empire under Akbar was cut down to three lines.78 Uttar Pradesh simply deleted the Mughal Empire from some of its history textbooks,79 while the University of Delhi drastically reduced the study of this period in its history curriculum.80 In the syllabus of Nagpur University, a chapter that discussed the roles of the RSS, the Hindu Mahasabha, and the Muslim League in the making of communalism has been replaced by another one titled “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Role in Nation Building.”81 Alongside official examinations in Uttar Pradesh, the Sangh Parivar organized a test of general culture open to all schools in the state. According to the brochure designed to help students prepare for this test, which Amit Shah released in Lucknow in August 2017, India was a Hindu Rashtra, and Swami Vivekananda had defended Hindutva in Chicago in 1893.82 In Karnataka, after canceling Tipu Sultan Jayanti, the festival that the state used to organize to celebrate the birth of this eighteenth-century Muslim ruler, the BJP government also dropped the chapter dealing with this historical figure from the class 7 textbook in 2019.83 This decision was made in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic that had led the government of India to ask all states to reduce syllabi for students in classes 1 through 10 by 30 percent, in light of the learning challenges brought about by the lockdown.84 The decision of the Karnataka government, in fact, fit in with a larger picture. Under cover of the pandemic, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India’s largest education board, decided that all over India “government-run schools no longer have to teach chapters on democratic rights, secularism, federalism, and citizenship, among other topics.”85 To foster assimilation of knowledge that amounted to propaganda, final exams have increasingly focused on the heroic deeds of Hindu icons and reforms initiated by the Modi government, even on the person of the prime minister.
Christophe Jaffrelot (Modi's India: Hindu Nationalism and the Rise of Ethnic Democracy)
See, as per vedas, Ganapathy is a goddly creature born for shiv and parvati and he has three consoles and ganeshloka as abode. But as per mythics and legends and epics these goddly creature will take multiple reincarnations or avatars and I was born as son of krishnamoorthy not shiv and I chose a path of sarawati even after reading all hindu relgious texts. Because I visualized my path, my goal is in biological research and space exploration an for that I needed universal knowledge although as shivs son also had universal knowledge but trapped in family cycle and he said parents are universe, but for space exploration in this reincarnation he needed different parents. still parents are universe but path is biology and space exploration thats why i had to choose saraswati as my goddess as she is goddess of universal knowledge although she is not exactly Indian. But Previous cycle also touch christianity and Rajput clans, so I am Indian and always Indian. Tamil as my land of birth, I love them and I dont want to see them as slaves but as respectful Indians. So they need to change a lot. And north indians are ncessary for national importance so whatever they are doing can not be avoided. Karnataka is a place of business, Andhra is place of family, culture. Maharashtra is misusing Ganapathy, Kerala poor souls. Everywhere there are criminals and I dont care about them what I care is respectful and peacful life for all humans on the world. Only nations I doubt are China and Sri Lanka. I am going on my path as it was predetermined, but choosing biology on which instituion (Obviously other than China, North Korea and Srilanka) - Rest of the world is accepted as long as terrific brothers i e Pakistan is not going against peace. All other nations will understand the importance of peace although they have issues among them. In science, if extreme is required kindly do 100% safe regulations after getting opinions from each and every human and biodiversity and climate change as concerns on that location
Ganapathy K