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I would rather carry around a plastic bag with five thousand Euro inside, than carry around a Louis Vuitton/Gucci/Prada bag with only one hundred Euro inside!
C. JoyBell C.
Look at your eyes. You've got bigger bags than Louis Vuitton.
Matt Dunn (The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook (Ed & Dan, #1))
The Louis Vuitton went into its dust covering and onto the shelf. A fifteen-hundred-dollar bag sitting in a nine-hundred-dollar-a-month studio apartment—how much sense did that make?
Carrie Lomax (Holiday Heat: A Christmas Dramedy)
Her insanely high Christian Louboutin stilettos made a click-clacking sound on the airport floor. Amber rolled a small Louis Vuitton luggage bag behind her. She wore a baby-blue Chanel skirt suit, which made her look like an elegant celebrity. Her hair was long and blond today and pinned up into a perfectly smooth up-do. A pair of gold earrings in the shape of four-leaf clovers and a matching pendant completed the outfit.
A.O. Peart
Money drives the Mercedes called Manhattan. Individuality and eccentricity take the bus. Gentrification, boutique hotels, prefab Olive Gardens and Home Depots are the coils tightening around the Chelsea. No more getting on bended knee to beg Stanley Bard to give you a room. In fact, the new owner, busy with intensive renovations, isn’t admitting anyone into the hotel. No doubt, if he does, it’ll be the moneyed elite, standing surrounded by their Louis Vuitton bags, checking in while dialing their iPhones. But that’s another story.
James Lough (This Ain't No Holiday Inn: Down and Out at the Chelsea Hotel 1980-1995)
So, we thought it would be fun if Nick took you camping,” the woman in my living room said. This was a production assistant whose name I can’t remember. There were so many people in and out of our house that, in the beginning, we lost track of who was who. “Nick wants to go camping?” I asked. My husband was not someone who randomly planned adventures. If we weren’t working, we were on the couch. Or trying to figure out how exactly we were going to pay the mortgage on our million-dollar house in Calabasas. “It would be funny,” she said. “Fun.” “Where?” I asked. “Like, where do you even go camping in L.A.? Santa Barbara?” “Yosemite.” I had no idea where Yosemite was, and I swear I had it confused with Jellystone. “Like with Yogi Bear?” I asked. “Are there bears there?” “Oh, that’s good,” she said. “You should be worried about that. We can use that.” Welcome to the filming of season one of Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica and the first year of my marriage. Places, everyone. When I packed for the trip, I stuffed as much as I could in my spring 2003 Louis Vuitton Murakami bag. Before I had children or my dogs, that bag was my child. It went everywhere with me. “Is this okay?” I asked the crew. They smiled. “You be you, Jessica,” If I was me being me, I would have said no to going camping. But I guess they had enough footage of us sitting on the couch, so a-camping we will go.
Jessica Simpson (Open Book)
Well honey, as the saying goes…you can either fight or fuck.”  She grabbed a Louis Vuitton bag and began filling it with what seemed to be two-dozen bathing suits, skirts, dresses and heeled sandals. “And fucking is just more fun…”  
Sierra Hill (Physical Touch (Physical Series #1))
Come on,” said Lyle, shouldering a quatrefoil-splattered Louis Vuitton bag the size of a pumpkin, “we’re picking up lunch for everyone.
Kate Racculia (Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts)