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Memories consume Like opening the wound I'm picking me apart again You all assume I'm safe here in my room Unless I try to start again.
Linkin Park
Interviewer: What helps to sustain you while you're climbing? Is there a particular Bible verse, or, song or song verse? Poem maybe? Mekael: That's a good question. Thoughts of my three sons, are my constant companions. Thoughts of them, help to keep me focused. As for other sources of inspiration....I'm a music lover. I think all Mountaineers and Poets are music lovers, so, when I'm climbing, I'm either in a Tupac zone, or I may be in a Linkin Park or Creed zone. Interviewer: Any song or verse in particular? Mekael: When during a climb, everything has aligned, Creed's 'Higher' pops into my head. I dig the part in the chorus when they sing..... 'Up high I feel like I'm, alive for the, very first time Set up high, I'm strong enough To take these dreams And make them mine
Mekael Shane
Most revolutionary literature is insufferably boring, so I just listened to a Linkin Park song about the subject.
Craig Alanson (Failure Mode (Expeditionary Force, #15))
Here these are some of the songs we are thinking of doing," she said. I looked over the list and saw songs from Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Otep, Skillet, Redlight King, Three Days Grace, and Vocaloid.
Neesha Nickleson (Welcome to the Mansion (Insanity #2))