Kicking Someone When They Are Down Quotes

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Corporal Nobbs,” he rasped, “why are you kicking people when they’re down?” “Safest way, sir,” said Nobby. Nobby had long ago been told about fighting fair and not striking a fallen opponent, and had then given some creative thought to how these rules applied to someone four feet tall with the muscle tone of an elastic band.
Terry Pratchett (Guards! Guards! (Discworld, #8))
I have plenty of my own experience struggling through life and through difficult patches I thought I would never get through. I know what it is to feel like you have slipped down into a pit and are just trying to crawl your way out of it in any way you possibly can. When you’re going through a time like that, all you can hope for is that you will look up and see someone standing at the edge reaching down to pull you up. Instead, it’s very often that someone is kicking the dirt down on you while they watch you struggle.
A.J. Rivers (The Garden of Secrets (Dean Steele #4))