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Do you miss her?" Adam asks. The weight of sadness I feel at this question is impossible to avoid.  "I do," I admit.  "Sometimes.  I mean, she was my best friend since we were twelve.  She was such a big part of my life, of who I am.  I think I'll always miss her in a way.  I'll always regret how things turned out between us.
K.B. Rose (The Disappearing Ground)
One thing I can say after experience with both sides of the coin is that all humans get their kicks in the same careless way. Poor as dirt or rich as a king. Lacking in any worldly knowledge or as educated as a bloody encyclopedia. Crude and filthy or refined as diamonds. Free drinks and cheap music and easy thrills will make animals of the worst and the best of men. Sin does us all the same, and that is one of the truest things I have learned in my life. The simple genius of the devil is to trick you into thinking he has a different method for every man. I wish you knew how exceptionally lacking in imagination the devil actually is.
K.B. Ezzell (Inferno (The Broken, #2))
Contrary to popular belief held by the younger generations, you do not actually have to share everything you do with everyone you know. In my experience, the best moments in life are the ones nobody else will ever see, and there is a such thing as good secrets.
K.B. Ezzell (Even Skyscrapers Must End: A Neon Dream)
Because the formula he derived for measuring the average number of bits needed to encode a piece of information looked almost exactly like Ludwig Boltzmann and Josiah Willard Gibbs’s formula for calculating entropy in thermodynamics. Here’s Shannon’s equation for calculating the size of any given piece of information: H = –Σi pi logb pi And here’s one way of stating Boltzmann’s equation for calculating the entropy of any given system: S = –kB Σi pi ln pi These two equations don’t just look similar; they’re effectively the same. Shortly after deriving his equation, Shannon pointed the similarity out to John von Neumann, then widely considered the world’s best mathematician. Von Neumann shrugged, suggesting that Shannon call his measure of the number of bits needed to carry a piece of information information entropy on the grounds that no one really understood thermodynamic entropy either.
Paul Sen (Einstein's Fridge: How the Difference Between Hot and Cold Explains the Universe)
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