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How we treat people is always our choice, and if we choose not to be respectful, it can come back to bite us.
Alison Levine (On the Edge: The Art of High-Impact Leadership)
My old chief taught me three lessons: Never believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. Never go into debt because you will never get out. And never pat yourself on the back because karma will bite you in the ass. Karma, I think, meet ass.
David Macinnis Gill (Black Hole Sun (Hell's Cross, #1))
We are never responsible for another person’s abusive or toxic behaviour. We don’t “choose it” or “create it” … we didn’t “sign on for it in a previous life” and it’s not our “karma” coming to bite us on our ass-ets.
Fiona McColl
Karma. What you sow, you reap. You do bad things and they’ll come back eventually and bite you on the backside.
C.J. Tudor (The Chalk Man)
Had I been wrong about Ryan? Did he beat Noah up and leave him there for me to suck the remaining breath from his unconscious body? Were we like some anti-superhero duo, working together to spread our evil stepsibling karma across the planet?
Melissa Francis (Bite Me! (Bite Me, #1))
Karma is quite a resilient fellow. No matter what...he'll come back time after time and bite you right back in your assets!:) Timothy Pina
Timothy Pina (Hearts for Haiti: Book of Poetry & Inspiration)
Don't bite the hand that feeds you; especially if you're dining alone.
Kevin Ansbro
Do you know why you‟ve found me half-naked? Do you know what this is?" I don‟t know, sir. What is this?” “This is karma. This is every negative thing I‟ve done, coming back to take a big bite of my ass.” The tightness in her throat eased. She strove to match the light tone his response invited. “That is unfortunate. Particularly as, in my professional opinion, the consequences of your actions are worse than you imagine.” “Why do you say that, Winters?” “Because you are much more than half-naked, sir. And although I have many talents, protecting you from mystical kar mic forces is not one of them.” He tilted his head, as if weighing that. “So chances are, I‟ll lose my shorts before we‟re done.
Meljean Brook (Must Love Hellhounds)
I hate you. One day, you will suffer as your victims suffer. One day, Karma will come and bite your ass.” I had no idea if my promise would come true, but I’d make it a life’s mission to bring the wrath of the law on their heads and save innocent women. I hated them. I hated everything. 
Pepper Winters (Tears of Tess (Monsters in the Dark, #1))
Even if you are a mendicant, you must learn to protect your assets and even if you are a ruler, powerful and strong, your bad karma will eventually bite you.
Ruby Mohan (The Kidnapping)
One thing I love about life and God: the creator of life. Within a blink of an eye; things can change either good or bad. It depends on how you want it. Good in the sense that luck will come to you; if you wish, want, need or even require the good changes. But, bad same as good changes; but, if you are evil. The evil you did will bite you in the ass. Remember these quotes: - You sow what you reap - Karma is a bitch (if you are evil) or Karma is a blessing (if you are good) - What goes around will eventually come around - What goes up will come down So be careful what you do to others. That's why I am always cautious on the way I treat people. Yes; I am not perfect. But, I always try to be the best I can as a good and loving person despite my roots that is horrifying.
Temitope Owosela
To anyone who knows me well enough, I'm not a practitioner of incest. I don't even drink, smoke, or do any form of street-drugs. And yet, here, online, are a couple of NT [neurotypical] cattle, flapping their yaps about a self-published Indie-author they know NOTHING about. You see, I think the problem with today's NT-cattle society and most of their cohorts can effectively be boiled down to three things... too many street drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco products, too much technology, smart or not, and lastly, too much incest. Just in case I wasn't being clear about the subject of KARMA before, then all you haters better WATCH OUT!!!!! Because if you feel so content to do or say something bad about or to someone else, then sooner or later, your Karma WILL bounce back to you. And it will bite you REAL HARD in the backside. And if this doesn't happen to any haters of ME, PERSONALLY, then I will be the harbinger of YOUR KARMA!!!
Ross Eberle
rear view mirror. “A queen?” “No. Well, maybe that, too. But I want to be magic!” I choked on the cookie I’d just taken a bite from. “You okay?” Ryan asked. “Need me to pull over?” I shook my head. “No, I’m fine. It just…went down the wrong way or something.” “Uh huh.” He winked at me. “So you want to be magic, huh, Maddie?” “Yeah! And I want a reindeer and Olaf.” “You want a reindeer and a talking snowman?” he repeated, his tone serious. “Don’t be silly, Uncle Ryan. Snowmen don’t talk.” “You don’t believe in talking snowmen but you want to be magic?” “Duh. Magic is real.” “Wanna know a secret, Mads?” Ryan asked. “Yeah!” “Topaz is a witch. A real one with powers.” I nearly choked again, but this time, I managed to make it sound like I was clearing my throat. “Really? You’re a witch? What can you do? Do you casts
Lanie Jordan (Karma's a Witch (Karma's Witches, #3))
Karma is the very essence of life, curse being a snake bite and blessing is the ladder/lift in the game of life.
Chetan Bansal (MEET THE REAL YOU: A Recipe To Find Meaning, Purpose...Everlasting Peace, Love, Joy...Success, Growth And Happiness in Life...)
Delivering (again) is not going to quench discontent in your team, but it’s going to give everyone involved a chance to speak up, and that should push your management karma toward motivator and away from tyrant.
Michael Lopp (Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager)
The only reason that our choices come back to bite us is because we gave them teeth.
Craig D. Lounsbrough
Karma never comes back to bite the right person in the ass. It always seems to sidestep and grab the innocent.
Meghan Quinn (The Way I Hate Him (Almond Bay, #1))
Santa, himself, was sitting behind his desk when I walked in. "Hello," he greeted me. He looked exactly as one would expect. Long white beard and a thick head of white hair. His cheeks were rosy and he truly did look jolly when he smiled at me. "You're the new Karma." "Yes," I smiled back all the while waiting for the scolding. "Would you care for a cookie?" He motioned to the heaped plate on the corner of his desk. "No thanks." I didn't want to get thrown out mid-bite. He was Santa. He knew everything. Any second, he'd tell me to get the hell out of his office, throwing coal at me as I ran. He stood up from his chair and walked around to the fireplace that blazed in the corner, lending the space a warm light. "Would you like to sit?" He motioned to the two well-stuffed chairs in front of it. "I don't want to take up too much of your time. I can see you're busy." I made a step backward toward the door. "I got time for you." Guess I was going to have to see this thing out until the coal started flying. I watched as he sat. He was still smiling. I took the seat across from him. Maybe he didn't know. "I know why you're nervous." Well, there went that. "Karma, sometimes there are gray areas in life. Things that don't fit neatly into wrong vs right.
Donna Augustine (Jinxed (Karma, #2))
Marcus Graham didn’t need a college degree for his career of choice, nor did he need one to know he’d just royally screwed up. He'd done his homework—no one could say he hadn’t—and still, karma was biting him in the ass. An hour ago he thought the gods were smiling down on his beautiful bald head. Who’d have guessed just how wrong he was?
Gina Salamon (How To Train Your Angel Or Not...)
I tell my stories for my readers. I am not sure if my works are badly written good stories or well written bad stories. Not too sure I care either way. I do care that, in my “Walk With Dann Collection”, I am telling my life as brutally truthful as possible. In shame and in honour. I do care that my ‘stand alone’ books, such as “The Last Canadian Cosmonaut” touch your heart. I pray that my other collection, “Walking On Dawes”, shows that the gang life, although often ‘exciting’, leads only to karma biting your buttocks
LightHouse Dann Verner (WALK WITH DANN COLLECTION: VOLUMES 1 - 2 - 3)
You can say whatever you want about me, but none of it's true. You just can't stand the fact that your career is stagnant and you don't have enough talent to climb your way up on your own. If calling me names and threatening me makes you feel like more of a man, fine. Knock yourself out." Eden yanks her hand away and jabs her forefinger against his chest hard enough that it makes him wince. "You have a problem with me? You tell me. I'll cook circles around you, you snake. You think you can get away with it because I look like an easy target? I've got news for you, asshole, I've got a lot more fight in me than you think. But don't for a second think you can get away with dragging Alexander's name through the mud. He's twice the man you will ever hope to be. You're nothing but a little boy throwing a tantrum. So go ahead, do your fucking worst. Just don't be surprised when karma comes around to bite you in the ass.
Katrina Kwan (Knives, Seasoning, & A Dash of Love)