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What separates those who build exceptional lives from others, is the way they use their time.
Paul Oberschneider (Why Sell Tacos in Africa?: 16 life-changing business strategies you can use anywhere, from the man who turned $400 into $200 million)
Son tres los tigres los que se juntan para atacar: el paso de los años (ese monstruo que llamamos edad), la condicion femenina (flor que se por ser flor deja de serlo para ser recuerdo de flor), y ese albur al que alegremente llamamos vida.
Josefina Barrón (Malabares en taco aguja)
When I went to prison and came out, it was like another stripe being added to my shoulder—another notch of respect on my belt. On the streets, you cannot get a name until you do something. You have to prove who you are by doing something outrageous, like shooting someone from a rival gang. It allowed others to see what type of person you were, and established the fact that you were ready for anything. Back in the day, what we were looking for was for someone to have our backs. So every time I did something and was recognized for what I did, it gave me more nerves to continue. After the deed was all said and done, and we were hanging on the blocks, everyone is praising you and talking about what you did. You all should have been there. You should have seen how Taco rushed up on that fella and dealt with him. Those praises were like drugs that eventually poison the mind, and gave you more inspiration to do things to have more people talking about you. People recognizing you as one who isn’t scared, one who is ready to do whatever is needed. No one ever wants to go to prison. I never wanted to go to prison. I just wanted to be recognized as one willing and ready for a battle anytime. Troit Lynes, former death row inmate of Her Majesty Prison in the Bahamas
Drexel Deal (The Fight of My Life is Wrapped Up in My Father (The Fight of My Life is Wrapped in My Father))
Espero la cosecha de mi sueño sirva como inspiracion a todos!” he enthused via Twitter. “I hope the harvest of my dream serves as inspiration to all!
Gustavo Arellano (Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America)
The first thing I’d do after winning the lottery is Buy and eat a Billion-dollar Taco!
James D. Wilson
Parry Gripp got famous for "It's Raining Tacos". It doesn't have to be that deep!
Lisa McCarty
There are precious few problems a good taco won't solve.
Steve Multer