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Noor Nabi Abbassi
Look, in the course of time, these Parayans will ask for our girls in marriage. Hope you know. I have seen many Pariahs twirling their mustache and licking the leftovers from their teeth to eat. Eleyee! They are not as terrific as the Pallan, in my in-laws village. They will brawl acchee Poochu! ‘The Pallans there are very ruthless. I brought some Pallans from Ramanathapuram district and I know what they are really capable of. You know these Pariahs there were joining communist parties and doing all scheming jobs to intimidate us. You know what happened? They cannot even own 1/3rd of their Kuli (wage). But these Bloody bums! Have now started asking questions and resisting us since they think they are educated. What's their problem now? We are only asking them to follow their ancestral tradition and the jobs they performed for generations; like how they would for other communities,” twirling his mustache, Meesaikarar threateningly called, “Hey Ponna !
Oren Tamira, counter-strike: An anthology of dalit short stories
...Kellen, it’s all just trial and error and making up your mind to live with a shitload of errors.” “Thank you for ripping the romanticism right out of love and crushing it,” Kellen said dryly. “Well, there’s good things about loving someone too. If you pick the right one, you’ll know you have someone to stand beside you no matter what life throws your way. It’s all peaks and valleys. That’s what marriage is. You’re stuck in a rotation of loving someone with all your heart and wanting to smother them with a pillow. It gets better when you’re older because you’re too tired to start over, plus prison isn’t a good place for a woman in her seventies.” Kellen smiled at Trulee. “I don’t know if you realize this or not, but you’re steadily talking me out of wanting to fall in love.” “Let’s deal in reality, honey. If you and Stevie have a long life together, she will eventually have the desire to smother you. Sleep with one eye open, and don’t dry your socks in the microwave like your uncle did this morning. The damn thing smells like a pickle sweltering on fresh asphalt in August. I couldn’t even rewarm my coffee in it. I’m not a good person to talk to about love right now because I’m definitely on the wanting to smother side of the rotation.” “So you’re saying my problem with having to tell Walt might be resolved by tomorrow morning after you’ve smothered him?” Kellen asked with a laugh. “Maybe by this afternoon, Walt does like to take a nap after a fishing trip.” Trulee laughed, too, and bumped Kellen with her shoulder. “Think about this, too. You won’t only want to smother Stevie, you’re gonna want to take a pillow to everyone in her family. The saying ‘you marry your in-laws’ is very true.” “Whew, that’s a sobering thought.” “You hang on to those sobering thoughts for dear life. No one is completely perfect, we all come with baggage. I’d been married to Walt a few months when I learned he enjoyed yodeling, and he wasn’t even any good at it. That was the first little bag he unpacked, the second was full of belches and farts. I started unpacking my bags, too, and one of them had my momma in it. I had her over to the house all the time because I missed her. I have only encountered Joan Sealy twice, and if Stevie unpacks her, you’d better have a pillow handy.” Kellen grinned. “Stop it.
Robin Alexander (Kellen's Moment)