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My Pakistanis, you have not left me alone and I promise, I will never leave you alone in sha Allah
Imran Khan
In the name of God, the One who is merciful and compassionate. May blindness strike the eye of the envious one! Ma sha’ allah, it’s God’s will, this is right! The first one’s a girl, and a girl comes to raise her little brothers. Ten boys will follow her, God willing. Bismillahi . . . allahuma salli ala n-nabi. Prayers be on the blessed Prophet!
Jokha Alharthi (Celestial Bodies)
Al-Lah alone decides whether we live or die. The rest is vanity. ~Ai’sha
Sherry Jones (The Jewel of Medina)
1 SHA’BAN Did you know that 6 month prior to Ramadan the Sahaba’s used to make du’a to Allah that He would let them reach Ramadan. After Ramadan they used to make du’a for 6 month that Allah would accept their fasting and good deeds. Today is the first day of Sha’ban and Ramadan is not too far off. You might be wondering where the time has gone, and might feel a bit overwhelmed or even afraid of the long hours of fasting. You might also be asking yourself, “what have I done so far to prepare myself for this blessed month?” Many times we focus too much on the aspect of planning our meals for this month, but Ramadan is not the month of cooking, it is the month when the Quran was sent down, a month of worship. So let’s put the menu planning on the side, and prioritize on how we can prepare our hearts for this glorious month. Something you can start right now is to follow the Sahaba’s example and make that same du’a until we reach Ramadan. “Allahumma Balighna Ramadan” “Oh Allah let us reach Ramadan
Cristina Tarantino (Be Successful This Ramadan)
When the family of Pharaoh found him in the river by the tree, Pharaoh called him Musa. Mu is water in Coptic and sha is tree. He named him by where he found him, for the ark stopped by the tree in the river. Pharaoh wanted to kill him. His wife, speaking by divine articulation in what she said to Pharaoh about Musa since Allah had created her for perfection as Allah said about her when He testified that she and Maryam, daughter of 'Imran, have the perfection which men have (8) - said, "he may be a source of delight for me and for you." (28:9) She would be consoled by him with the perfection which she received as we have said. The consolation of Pharaoh was with the belief Allah gave him when he was drowning. So Allah took him pure and purified. There was no impurity in him since He took him in his belief before he had acquired any wrong actions. Islam effaces what was before it. He made him a sign of His concern so that none might despair of the mercy of Allah, for "no one despairs of solace from Allah except for the unbelievers." (12:87) If Pharaoh been of those who despair, he would not have embarked on belief. Musa, peace be upon him, was, as the wife of Pharaoh said, "a source of delight for me and for you. Do not kill him. It may well be that he will be of use to us." That is what happened. Allah gave them use of Musa, although they were not aware that he was a prophet who would destroy the kingdom of Pharaoh and his family.
Ibn 'Arabi (The Bezels of Wisdom)
No matter what the difficulties we're going through,know that we are fully capable of handling them. Remember Allah promises that he will never test us with more than we can handle. Stay strong. Keep praying. Put your trust in him. In'sha Allah He'll paves the way!
Good luck and a happy crossing, In sha Allah.
Schuyler Jones (Under the African Sun)
Give it time. In sha Allah, your eyes will get to see what they’re longing for.
Sarah Mehmood (The White Pigeon)
What I know is that if Allah put you through a test, He will reward you for it, even if the reward at the moment isn’t apparent. You may feel you lost the best, but wait till Allah recompenses. This would be a minor impediment, a drop in exchange to the oceans of blessings it’ll lead to, in sha Allah.
Sarah Mehmood (The White Pigeon)
I didn't study in IBA but In Sha Allah i will hire people who did...
Arif mahmud rahat