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Crazy girls did this, girls who walked like zombies through YA novels. But. Trixie felt the sting of the skin as it split, the sweet welling rise of blood. It hurt, though not as much as everything else idd.
Jodi Picoult (The Tenth Circle)
Mindenki a maga végzetét hajszolja s nem a másét – mondta a bíró. Nem választhatunk. Aki felismeri a végzetét s mégis az ellenkező irányt választja végül éppúgy ugyanoda ér s éppúgy számot kell adnia ugyanabban a szabott órában mert minden ember sorsa és végzete éppen akkora amekkora a világ melyben lakozik és amelyben minden ellentét egyaránt benne foglaltatik. Hatalmas a sivatag ahol oly sokan odavesztek s nagy lelkierőt kíván de végtére is üres. Földje kemény és meddő. Természete kő. Idd ki – mondta. A világ megy tovább. Minden este táncmulatság van és a mai nap se kivétel. Az egyenes és a görbe út végül is egy és ugyanaz és most hogy itt vagy mit számítanak az évek melyek elteltek azóta hogy utoljára találkoztunk? Oly téveteg az emberi emlékezet és ami megtörtént alig különbözik attól ami sohasem létezett.
Cormac McCarthy (Blood Meridian, or, the Evening Redness in the West)
Some of the students I’ve taught tell me that they are not particularly visual in their imaginations and I completely understand this. In fact, when I read a novel, I rarely see images in my mind. Reading is almost always a conceptual experience for me. In fact, it’s possible that I have something called Imagination Deficit Disorder or IDD.
Anthony Metivier (How To Learn And Memorize Latin Vocabulary ... Using A Memory Palace Specifically Designed For Classical Latin (Magnetic Memory Series))
But in the hegemonic story of deinstitutionalization, psych drugs were seen as a factor only in the field of mental health and are almost never discussed in the origin story of deinstitutionalization in the field of I/DD. In other words, the use of Thorazine and other psych drugs in I/DD institutions is not perceived as leading to their closure, even though they were widely used.
Liat Ben-moshe (Decarcerating Disability: Deinstitutionalization and Prison Abolition)
As Bagnall and Eyal contend, the difference in the perception of the two forms of deinstitutionalization was due to different framings of social worth, in which those labeled with I/DD were seen as “forever children” and in need of guardianship, protection, and education, while those with labels of mental illness were constructed as “autonomous citizens.”71 Because mental illness was perceived as an illness and postwar sentiments believed in cure, people with psych labels were seen as self-reliant individuals who were only temporarily in need of assistance.
Liat Ben-moshe (Decarcerating Disability: Deinstitutionalization and Prison Abolition)
For several years, I taught Sunday school in my church. As an object lesson, I distributed several excerpts from recent news articles. I had students read the excerpt and then explain to the class what they believed was happening. One news excerpt stated: The huge black triangular-shaped flying object came silently out of nowhere over the treetops and was gone in seconds. The lights – three on each side – were huge, seemingly as big as cars and bright yellow…. After the craft flew over the Laurie area around 8:30 p.m. Oct. 5, a handful of Laurie area residents questioned what this unidentified object flying in the night sky could be. A second excerpt from another article read: The UFO was spotted by hundreds of witnesses with many believing it was the work of an ‘alien’ craft. One saw orangey-yellow spheres skimming across the sky. Another reported a ‘massive ball of light’ with ‘tentacles going right down to the ground.’ Then witnesses told of an ear splitting bang at 4 a.m. Come dawn the plot thickens. At the nearby wind farm one of the 60ft blades from a 200ft turbine was found ripped off. Another had been left twisted and useless.…the strange goings on at a wind farm in Conisholme, Lincolnshire, can be explained by a flying saucer crashing into the turbine in a close encounter that could, at last, provide the evidence of other life forms they have been waiting for all their lives. After reading the excerpts, I asked the students to explain what the article was about. Hesitantly, the students said the articles were about a UFO sighting and crash; after all, that is specifically what the excerpt said. I then held up a printout of the actual news articles, which were titled respectively, “UFO over Laurie ID’d as stealth bomber” and “Unmanned Stealth Bomber Could Have Been UFO Responsible for Destroying Wind Turbine.” The whole article described a US military exercise with the Stealth bomber. The aircraft crashed into a turbine on the wind farm. The local residents were unfamiliar with the Stealth Bomber and some believed it to be a UFO. The problem in accurately interpreting the news excerpts, for my students, was that I did not give them the full article. They did not understand the background or the whole story so they were left to fill in the gaps with their own ideas and interpretations. Sadly, we often do this same thing when interpreting the Bible. Very few of us are well versed in the customs and traditions of the ancient Jews during Jesus’ time. That background provides a context in which the books of the Bible were written. It is a context that shaped the very foundation of Christianity and it is a context that without, we cannot possibly hope to truly understand what the Bible’s authors were trying to teach us.
Jedediah McClure (Myths of Christianity: A Five Thousand Year Journey to Find the Son of God)
Do not reach for the stars, tear down the sky.
Idd the frost-shaman
That’s it. Look, I want to put a Hellfire blast-and-frag from a drone into those guys before they get much closer or before they separate too far for one strike. You’ve got a Reaper floating somewhere in the area?” “Sir, I have to advise negative on the request. Sorry about your kid, but our directive is only to strike ID’d targets and then only with Langley clearance. I just can’t do it.
Stephen Hunter (Dead Zero (Bob Lee Swagger, #7; Ray Cruz #1))