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I had this vision of the two of us holding hands or getting into some light petting behind shower curtains or up in the fencing aisle or some shit.
Susan Juby (Home to Woefield (Woefield, #1))
From when she was young, Molly had learned that the fence was an important landmark for the Mardudjara people of the Western Desert who migrated south from the remote regions. They knew that once they reached Billanooka Station, it was simply a matter of following the rabbit-proof fence to their final destination, the Jigalong government depot; the desert outpost of the white man. The fence cut through the country from south to north. It was a typical response by the white people to a problem of their own making. Building a fence to keep the rabbits out proved to be a futile attempt by the government of the day. For the three runaways, the fence was a symbol of love, home and security.
Doris Pilkington (Rabbit-Proof Fence: The True Story of One of the Greatest Escapes of All Time)