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We’d been living at Grandpa’s for a little more than a year when Mrs. Crandel died. And the next day Kate Helen Branch had a baby. Uncle Burley said that was just the way things were. They put one in and pull another one out.
Wendell Berry (Nathan Coulter: A Novel (Port William Book 1))
Or in the latter part of a late-winter Saturday afternoon, his mind turning (as he would not say, but as we knew) to the prospect of a visit to his might-as-well-be wife, Kate Helen Branch, he would stand up and stretch. “Well, boys, I reckon I better get on home and shine, shave, clean up, and sandpaper my tool.
Wendell Berry (Jayber Crow)
They were sitting on the ground with baskets of the red berries before them, and in their embroidered dresses, with streaming black hair, made a picturesque group.
Helen Josephine Sanborn (A Winter in Central America and Mexico.)
To the bookish friends we look up to, we love you: Kate Clayborn, Kresley Cole, Jen Frederick, Sarah MacLean, Jen Prokop, Erin McCarthy, Sally Thorne, Sarah J. Maas, Sarah Wendell, Susan Lee, Helen Hoang, Erin Service, Katie Lee, Christopher Rice, Cassie Sanders, Tessa Bailey, Rosie Danan, Rachel Lynn Solomon, Rebekah Weatherspoon, Leslie Phil-ips, Alexa Martin, Sonali Dev, Gretchen Schreiber, Alisha Rai, Jillian Stein, Liz Berry, Candice Montgomery, and Catherine Lu.
Christina Lauren (Something Wilder)
The journalist Dan Lyons joined a tech start-up after being downsized from Newsweek in 2012, and the experience inspired him to write a book about how Bay Area norms have infected the American workplace, Lab Rats: How Silicon Valley Made Work Miserable for the Rest of Us. Nominally egalitarian but oppressive in practice, the start-up spirit insists that everyone be super psyched about their jobs all the time. No one is actually loyal to the organziation in the sense of intending to work there for longer than five years, but what employees lack in commitment, they must make up for in enthusiasm. This mandatory passion is made worse by the smartphone. No one is every off duty anymore. The BlackBerry’s original tagline was “Always On. Always Connected.” Bizarrely, this made people want to buy it.
Helen Andrews (Boomers: The Men and Women Who Promised Freedom and Delivered Disaster)
June was bread and nuts and berries.
Helen Oyeyemi (White Is for Witching)
Danny’s mother, Kate Helen Branch, had been the love of Burley Coulter’s life. They were careless lovers, those two, and Danny came as a surprise—albeit a far greater surprise to Burley than to Kate Helen. Danny was born to his mother’s name, a certified branch of the Branches, and he grew up in the care of his mother and his mother’s mother in a small tin-roofed, paper-sided house on an abandoned corner of Thad Spellman’s farm, not far from town by a shortcut up through the woods. As the sole child in that womanly household,
Wendell Berry (Fidelity: Five Stories)