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What constitutes an American? Not color nor race nor religion. Not the pedigree of his family nor the place of his birth. Not the coincidence of his citizenship. Not his social status nor his bank account. Not his trade nor his profession. An American is one who loves justice and believes in the dignity of man. An American is one who will fight for his freedom and that of his neighbor. An American is one who will sacrifice property, ease and security in order that he and his children may retain the rights of free men. An American is one in whose heart is engraved the immortal second sentence of the Declaration of Independence.
Harold Ickes
When the story of the war comes to be written,” Harold Ickes testified at the hearings, “if it has to be written that it was lost, it may be because of the recalcitrance of ALCOA.
Doris Kearns Goodwin (No ordinary time : Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt : the home front in World War II)
this amount of helium to Germany. But by early March, Secretary of the Interior Harold LeClair Ickes (1874-1952)72, cancelled delivery of helium for Dr. Eckener’s new airship, based upon the German annexation of Austria and the “Anschluss” of March 12, 1938. Dr. Eckener traveled to Washington D.C. and although
John Provan (The Hindenburg - a ship of dreams)
There used to be a canny politician in the Hyde Park area in Chicago in which I at one time lived for several years. His slogan was "I am for harmony if I have to use an axe." As "Secretary of Charm," if and when my merits and ambitions are recognized by my appointment to that office, I will take a page out of old "Doc" Jamieson's book. My motto will be "I will have charm, even if I have to use a club.
Beatrice Fairfax (Ladies now and then)
While they shriek for "freedom of the press" when there is no slightest threat to that freedom, they deny to citizens that freedom from the press to which the decencies of life entitle them. They misrepresent, they distort, they color, they blackguard, they lie
Harold Ickes (America's House of Lords: An Inquiry into the Freedom of the Press)
Hillary Clinton has always tried to be more like the Democratic president she lived with in the White House, to figure out how he spins the magic. “I never realized how good Bill was at this until I tried to do it,” she once told her adviser, Harold Ickes.
Nothing so extraordinary has ever happened in American politics,” a dazed Harold Ickes wrote. “Here was a man—a Democrat until a couple of years ago—who, without any organization went into a Republican National Convention and ran away with the nomination for President . 
Doris Kearns Goodwin (No ordinary time : Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt : the home front in World War II)