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Each new year is another chance to get love right.
Aberjhani (Splendid Literarium: A Treasury of Stories, Aphorisms, Poems, and Essays)
… The most important contribution you can make now is taking pride in your treasured home state. Because nobody else is. Study and cherish her history, even if you have to do it on your own time. I did. Don’t know what they’re teaching today, but when I was a kid, American history was the exact same every year: Christopher Columbus, Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims, Thomas Paine, John Hancock, Sons of Liberty, tea party. I’m thinking, ‘Okay, we have to start somewhere— we’ll get to Florida soon enough.’…Boston Massacre, Crispus Attucks, Paul Revere, the North Church, ‘Redcoats are coming,’ one if by land, two if by sea, three makes a crowd, and I’m sitting in a tiny desk, rolling my eyes at the ceiling. Hello! Did we order the wrong books? Were these supposed to go to Massachusetts?…Then things showed hope, moving south now: Washington crosses the Delaware, down through original colonies, Carolinas, Georgia. Finally! Here we go! Florida’s next! Wait. What’s this? No more pages in the book. School’s out? Then I had to wait all summer, and the first day back the next grade: Christopher Columbus, Plymouth Rock…Know who the first modern Floridians were? Seminoles! Only unconquered group in the country! These are your peeps, the rugged stock you come from. Not genetically descended, but bound by geographical experience like a subtropical Ellis Island. Because who’s really from Florida? Not the flamingos, or even the Seminoles for that matter. They arrived when the government began rounding up tribes, but the Seminoles said, ‘Naw, we prefer waterfront,’ and the white man chased them but got freaked out in the Everglades and let ’em have slot machines…I see you glancing over at the cupcakes and ice cream, so I’ll limit my remaining remarks to distilled wisdom: “Respect your parents. And respect them even more after you find out they were wrong about a bunch of stuff. Their love and hard work got you to the point where you could realize this. “Don’t make fun of people who are different. Unless they have more money and influence. Then you must. “If someone isn’t kind to animals, ignore anything they have to say. “Your best teachers are sacrificing their comfort to ensure yours; show gratitude. Your worst are jealous of your future; rub it in. “Don’t talk to strangers, don’t play with matches, don’t eat the yellow snow, don’t pull your uncle’s finger. “Skip down the street when you’re happy. It’s one of those carefree little things we lose as we get older. If you skip as an adult, people talk, but I don’t mind. “Don’t follow the leader. “Don’t try to be different—that will make you different. “Don’t try to be popular. If you’re already popular, you’ve peaked too soon. “Always walk away from a fight. Then ambush. “Read everything. Doubt everything. Appreciate everything. “When you’re feeling down, make a silly noise. “Go fly a kite—seriously. “Always say ‘thank you,’ don’t forget to floss, put the lime in the coconut. “Each new year of school, look for the kid nobody’s talking to— and talk to him. “Look forward to the wonderment of growing up, raising a family and driving by the gas station where the popular kids now work. “Cherish freedom of religion: Protect it from religion. “Remember that a smile is your umbrella. It’s also your sixteen-in-one reversible ratchet set. “ ‘I am rubber, you are glue’ carries no weight in a knife fight. “Hang on to your dreams with everything you’ve got. Because the best life is when your dreams come true. The second-best is when they don’t but you never stop chasing them. So never let the authority jade your youthful enthusiasm. Stay excited about dinosaurs, keep looking up at the stars, become an archaeologist, classical pianist, police officer or veterinarian. And, above all else, question everything I’ve just said. Now get out there, class of 2020, and take back our state!
Tim Dorsey (Gator A-Go-Go (Serge Storms Mystery, #12))
What is there, to be happy about the NEW-Year? The date encloses three faces, three time scales i.e Past - Present - Future. For the society past is heritage and the present and future is always developed over and above that. Therefore, review is important to check the foundation perofrmances. We individuals linger on the negative performances of ours, hence review should be for the skills and improvements we have done during the preceeding period i.e. year passing by. Present is always on the foundation of past, so it is important - however we always say 'past is past only' - but past, present and future are on the same time scale. Passing year '2019' is what we are today and year '2020' will write our future years. Almost everyone of us make resolutions on the eve of the NEW-YEAR, one thing is there our heart is beating and we are breating non-stop, so why to stop making resolutions; be continuous in this area also. Non-stop things are live always. When we are sincere in our dreams and ambitions, we achieve them. GOOD - LUCK. Santosh Chadha
Santosh Chadha
The year that passed is marked by scarcity: “Not much fine dining, touring, and money.” Yet, there’s my family and I’m healthy: “For that alone, I do remain happy.” Facing this new year of 2020, “if it be marked again by scarcity,” but there’s my family and I’m healthy, “for still that alone, I’d remain happy.
Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol
NEW YEAR HINDI SHAYARI 2021 इस रिश्ते को ऐसे ही बनाये रखना दिल में अपनी यादों के चिराग जलाये रखना बहुत प्यारा सफर रहा 2020 में आपके साथ बस ऐसा ही 2021 में भी बनाये रखना। नए साल की शुभकामनाएं नये वर्ष की नयी उमंग है नया जोश है नयी तरंग है आप सभी को नए साल की शुभकामनाएँ Happy New Year 2021 Hindi Shayari हर नया साल आएगा हर पुराना साल जाएगा पर तेरा यह यार तुझको कभी भुल ना पाएगा नए साल की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं। नया सवेरा नई किरण के साथ, नया दिन एक प्यारी मुस्कान के साथ, आपको नया साल मुबारक हो ढेर सारी दुआओं के साथ। हैप्पी न्यू ईयर शायरी इन हिंदी Happy New Year 2020 Wish Shayari in Hindi नववर्ष का पत्र खोलने से पहले आपको मेरा नमस्ते, ऊँगली में अंगूठी अंगूठी में नगीना, बूलबूल की जिंदगी है पेड़ो की डाल पर, नया साल मुबारक हो इस ग्रीटिंग कार्ड पर। New Year Wish Shayari in Hindi बीते साल को भूल जाएँ आने वाले साल को गले लगाएँ करते हैं हम प्रार्थना ईश्वर से इस साल सारे सपने पूरे हों आपके नव वर्ष की बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाएं हिंदू मुस्लिम सिख ईसाई, दिन गये हफ्ते गये और गये ये साल, आपको हमारी तरफ से मुबारक हो नया साल। Happy New Year Messages in Hindi रब करे ये साल आपको रास आ जाये जिसे आप चाहै, वो आपके पास आ जाये आप इस साल कुंवारे न रहे, आपका रिश्ता लेकर आपकी सास आ जाये for more please visit hinsmeer.blogspot.com
Tom Durrie (b. 1931) is a school critic, a nonagenarian giant, and a poster boy for longevity and vitality of a happy brain. His biography is rich beyond description, and reflects Durrie's infinite passion for life. His CV would suffice to fill in a few lifetimes, and is the best testimony that a rich and productive life is a self-sustaining process. Inspired by A.S. Neill (Summerhill 1960), Durrie found his own formula for free learning. Durrie has tried teaching in traditional and in alternative schools (for a sum total of over a decade). He was also a headmaster of a free school for a while. In 1966, the analysis of his teaching experience provides a unique insight into the impact of freedom on behavior and mental health of students. His text, published 54 years late (2020), can be found here: "Free learning in a public school". Durrie's three successful children received minimal schooling. None attended high school. Over decades of his analysis and interests, Durrie noticed cyclical processes, in which the school system tightens its grip on children and then enters a period of rebellion, and seeking new solutions only to fall back again into its hungry propensity for limiting child freedoms.
Piotr Wosniak,