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The last morning I woke up with Lindsay, she was leaving on a camping trip to Kauai—a brief getaway with friends that I’d encouraged. We lay in bed and I held her too tightly, and when she asked with sleepy bewilderment why I was suddenly being so affectionate, I apologized. I told her how sorry I was for how busy I’d been, and that I was going to miss her—she was the best person I’d ever met in my life. She smiled, pecked me on the cheek, and then got up to pack. The moment she was out the door, I started crying, for the first time in years. I felt guilty about everything except what my government would accuse me of, and especially guilty about my tears, because I knew that my pain would be nothing compared to the pain I’d cause to the woman I loved, or to the hurt and confusion I’d cause my family.
Edward Snowden (Permanent Record)
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These bursts of exploration—shopping trips, days off that are spent wandering around the city, weekend getaways—seem to be important in growing the local ecology of cities. If we looked at cities with greater than average rates of exploration in the credit card data, we found that in subsequent years they had a higher GDP, a larger population, and a greater variety of stores and restaurants. It makes sense that more exploration, which results in a greater number of interactions between current norms and new ideas, would be a driver of innovative behavior.
Alex Pentland (Social Physics: How Social Networks Can Make Us Smarter)
Showing someone you cared wasn’t always about surprise trips to Paris or spa getaways or a brand-new car with a bow on it. Sometimes it was about filling up their gas tank or making sure their favorite coffee never ran out.
Brighton Walsh (Defiant Heart (Starlight Cove, #1))
A grounding reminder that I might be on my own for the first time, but I’m not alone in it. That we’re all playing jump rope with that murky line of what our parents think is best and what we want for ourselves, knowing we’ll trip along the way and hoping we’ll be able to pick ourselves back up again.
Emma Lord (The Getaway List)
Appreciable moments in life marked the fulfilment of longstanding aspirations leading to one's emancipation from phobias about solitary odyssey and mental entrapment. My liberation from inescapable circumstances came as a planned getaway to Byron Bay, which seemed like biting the bullet on the surface. However, the trip was an absolute necessity for my rebound from failings inflicted by antagonists.