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I will love you until you run out of reasons to not love me, And then, I will love you a little more.
Harshita Gottipati (Born A Free Spirit)
Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth -- more than ruin -- more even than death.... Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habit. Thought looks into the pit of hell and is not afraid. Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief glory of man.
Bertrand Russell (The Quotable Bertrand Russell)
aren’t lazy or unwilling to work: they just don’t know how to free themselves from the welfare security blanket.
Ronald Reagan (QUOTABLE REAGAN: An A-Z Collector's Edition of Quotations)
Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.” – Jean-Paul Sartre
Jean-Paul Sartre (The Quotable Sartre)
That ancient Egyptian hieroglyph could not have represented a Horned Viper. It is obviously a slug! A good evidence which supports my assertion is that this symbol shows up together with other symbols referring to the Sun either actively as in the case with the fork-end of a sceptre (i.e., abundance without authority), or passively as in the Ankh. Therefore it resembled an evolution of a snail into a slug by eventually freeing itself from its shell, which properly symbolized for the heretics their liberation and deliverance out of the upper heavens' mandate. We also see it with the feather/reed hieroglyph signalling maybe the Winged Sun. What is even more significant is the meaning of slowness this emblem conveys; as if it were meant to represent a lower speed (minutes and hours) than that of the upper heavens (seconds). This is surprisingly what differentiates the perpendicular authority from that of the parallel one. The slug exists after all and is seen in twos as well, referring probably thereby to the parallel authority of the two smaller pyramids out of their shell (i.e., Great Pyramid).
Ibrahim Ibrahim (Quotable: My Worldview)
I am Abraham, I am the one, I am Noah's heir, I am that son, Sophia I possess, she is no girl, A Person to make, should I out of her! Let alone to contemplate, Oh would I even dare! Then I walked the nature with that pure reasoning love, And with all sight piercing clarity of that what's above, The Maker of all spoke to the weak being below, The inheritance of Earth itself He has graciously bestow! His jealousy extends over all the created universe, Neither associates there are with Him nor any obverse, Ought I to question the type of such a romance? Lo and behold before you all there is my prance, To Him alone I testify and witness, look at my dance! Praised is He up above, how exalted is My Lord, An order He decrees, and I bow down in accord, One and only One is He The Most Merciful of all, For all eternity I promised to shout out His call, If I don't surrender, I am to perish, I have no right at all but Him to cherish, He rendered me free, to no one else to knee, My beloved brothers, come O come and walk with me!
Ibrahim Ibrahim (Quotable: My Worldview)
I use scrutiny as a free of charge source for enhancing my own statements; the more examining people are toward my work, the more I get to thrive.
Ibrahim Ibrahim (Quotable: My Worldview)
The Statue of Liberty is the Trojan Horse bait and talisman which the biblical whore (i.e., Europa) -through its socialist nation with the most loose loins (i.e., France)- implanted in the USA so that the Jew subjects of the House of Bull (i.e., Europe) could later on constitutionally annex the new Law. Only through freeing this nation's people sexually from God's Law, could Libertas befall their Constitution using the historical demonic authority and mandate of the Aryan Naga's crown on her head. Our lady, Mary, was a Virgin and that is The Sign that God has proclaimed onto Earth; and only by using such a Jew apparatus of denunciation (of Mary's Virginity) could disbelievers war this divine miracle.
Ibrahim Ibrahim (Quotable: My Worldview)
There’s an inherent dissonance to all this, a dialectic that becomes part of how we enact the informational appetite. We ping-pong between binge-watching television and swearing off new media for rustic retreats. We lament our overflowing in-boxes but strive for “in-box zero”—temporary mastery over tools that usually threaten to overwhelm us. We subscribe to RSS feeds so as to see every single update from our favorite sites—or from the sites we think we need to follow in order to be well-informed members of the digital commentariat—and when Google Reader is axed, we lament its loss as if a great library were burned. We maintain cascades of tabs of must-read articles, while knowing that we’ll never be able to read them all. We face a nagging sense that there’s always something new that should be read instead of what we’re reading now, which makes it all the more important to just get through the thing in front of us. We find a quotable line to share so that we can dismiss the article from view. And when, in a moment of exhaustion, we close all the browser tabs, this gesture feels both like a small defeat and a freeing act. Soon we’re back again, turning to aggregators, mailing lists, Longreads, and the essential recommendations of curators whose brains seem somehow piped into the social-media firehose. Surrounded by an abundance of content but willing to pay for little of it, we invite into our lives unceasing advertisements and like and follow brands so that they may offer us more.
Jacob Silverman (Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection)
Europe had almost thought it had obtained Free & Unrestricted Access in/through middle eastern markets/lands for its globalized products.
Ibrahim Ibrahim (Quotable: My Worldview)
The United States exclusively among all other nations has committed herself to the vast distribution of academic & scientific books in the international markets for all readers worldwide. The United States has been blessed by God for preserving the written word of Science in contrast to the vernacular tongues of Europe that cannot transcend the temporally paralyzed and ensnaring intellect of that spatially inanimate and socialist continent. And dubbing English movies is a practice that is obviously not going to free the individuals from the social noise of Europe to structure their own intellect onto paper - taking into consideration the massive market and social-locking effects of cinematography in the west.
Ibrahim Ibrahim (Quotable: My Worldview)
Utilizing both of the heart and the mind is crucial for that the absence of one of them will cause man to turn into an animal, however, if it were the heart that which were disabled then the conversion gets accelerated. And with the absence of the mind, man is given a window of time to revert the process in case he/she awakens; a free-fall margin for any prospective reaction.
Ibrahim Ibrahim (Quotable: My Worldview)