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But somehow things took a sinister turn, and the division of labor came to be understood as the demarcation of a social hierarchy. Women kept busy with numerous domestic responsibilities while their male counterparts' sole duty was tending to the flocks. Men had time to think critically, form political infrastructures, and ultimately, network with other men. Meanwhile, women were kept too busy to notice that somewhere along the line, they had become inferior. This is approximately when shit hit the fan.
Julie Zeilinger (A Little F'd Up: Why Feminism Is Not a Dirty Word)
It's hard to look at it like that, isn't it? Because if you can be a better parent than the ones you had, you have to face the fact that your parents had that choice too. If you're not fated to be an awful parent, they weren't either. And," I said feeling my throat tighten, "it's easier to believe that we're all just [f*'d] than it is to know there are choices." I rubbed my hands together to try to get my fingers to warm up. "It hurts less to think they couldn't have done any better than they did, doesn't it?
Allison Larkin (Why Can't I Be You)
You're f'd up, mister, but you're cool. I believe that's what they call the human condition
Neil Gaiman (American Gods)
Nessa held her arm up. She was staring at it, trying to gauge how big that was. “Dude, that’s as big as my arm. That’s like being f****d by a limb dude!” She wiggled her arm back and forth. “That's not normal.
Erin Jamison (Better Than 8: Fantasy)
Travelling the dusty highways in the early evenings, just as the light began to fade, I would look out along the perpendicular dirt tracks that joined the road at intervals. They undulated away gently into the distance; slow streams of people in twos and threes and fours walked them, through the haze, talking easily, making their way back from wherever lay beyond. I longed to take every one of these turnings, to step out along every track in the morning, to return at dusk, to see what lay over each of these horizons and to share in the stories of those that returned from them. My trajectory, and that of each one of us, was that of a meteor, shedding millions of tiny sparks of possibility with every passing second, each with the capacity to ignite a flash of experience, but nearly all of which quickly burned up and vanished as it was left behind. The fire that moved forward was the flame of our lives.
Luke F.D. Marsden (Wondering, the Way is Made: A South American Odyssey)
Life is hard for a colored boy in the manhood stage to learn from white folks. If F.D. does learn it around white folks, he is going to learn it the hard way. That might make him mad, or else sad. If he gets mad, he is going to be bad. If he's sad, he is going to just give up and not get nowheres. No, I will tell F.D. tonight not to go to no white school and be snubbed when he asks a girl for a dance, and barred out of all the hotels where his football team stays. That would hurt that boy to his heart. Facts is, I cares more about F.D.'s heart, anyhow, than I do his head.
Langston Hughes (The Return of Simple)
Betsy recoiled, feeling hot breath upon her face. Just then, she heard another sound, as if someone very old was hawking something up, spitting. She felt something warm spatter her face, slide thickly down her cheek. Hurriedly, she wiped her face on the folds of her nightgown, the stuff’s sticky heat fading to tacky cold.
John F.D. Taff (The Bell Witch)
Every hill becomes a mountain when one has to climb up it. Getting to the top is the manna of life. AL/fd
Anthony Liccione fd
Feminism's relationships with race and class are obviously complicated, and have been so since the beginning of the movement. It's important to acknowledge this, as upsetting and embarrassing as it might be. But in the end, we must accept our roots, earn from out mistakes, and look toward a brighter future.
Julie Zeilinger (A Little F'd Up: Why Feminism Is Not a Dirty Word)
Sec. Particulars Amount 80C Tax saving investments1 Maximum up to Rs. 1,50,000 (from FY 2014-15) 80D Medical insurance premium-self, family Individual: Rs. 15,000 Senior Citizen: Rs. 20,000 Preventive Health Check-up Rs. 5,000 80E Interest on Loan for Higher Education Interest amount (8 years) 80EE Deduction of Interest of Housing Loan2 Up to Rs.1,00,000 total 80G Charitable Donation 100%/ 50% of donation or 10% of adjusted total income, whichever is less 80GGC Donation to political parties Any sum contributed (Other than Cash) 80TTA Interest on savings account Rs. 10,000 1              Tax saving investments includes life insurance premium including ULIPs, PPF, 5 year tax saving FD, tuition fees, repayment of housing loan, mutual fund (ELSS) (Sec. 80CCB), NSC, employee provident fund, pension fund (Sec. 80CCC) or pension scheme (Sec. 80CCD), etc. NRIs are not allowed to invest in certain investments, such as PPF, NSC, 5 year bank FD, etc. 2              Only to the first time buyer of a self-occupied residential flat costing less than Rs. 40 lakhs and loan amount of less than 25 lakhs sanctioned in financial year 2013-14 Clubbing of other’s income Generally, the taxpayer is taxed on his own income. However, in certain cases, he may have to pay tax on another person’s income.  Taxpayers in the higher tax bracket (e.g. 30%) may divert some portion
Jigar Patel (NRI Investments and Taxation: A Small Guide for Big Gains)
The best time to come to Thailand.   The more that time passes the more things come up to keep you from coming at all; making the perfect time to come, yesterday!
Johnny F.D. Fighter-Divemaster (12 Weeks in Thailand: The Guide Book to Travel Cheap, Learn Muay Thai all while Living the 4-Hour Workweek)
if I simply stayed out of the U.S. for more than 330 days a year, I could save up to $30,000 in income taxes. 
Johnny FD (Life Changes Quick: 7 Steps to Getting Everything You've Ever Wanted in Less Than a Year. Live the 4-Hour Workweek as an Location Independent Entrepreneur, Get in Shape, and Become Successful.)
It scares you, though. Let me tell you, don't be scared…of anything. It's not good. It's the root of everything bad—everything. Anger, hate, violence, it all comes from fear. It gums up the world machine, complicates the universe.
John F.D. Taff (Earth & Ember (The Fearing #4))
The short answer to what's going on is that the world is resetting itself, like a computer or an errant piece of machinery. First it purges the problem, then it resets and continues." "What's the problem?" "Fear. Simple as that. Fear. There's so much of it that it's gumming up the system, obstructing the world from its true purpose.
John F.D. Taff (Earth & Ember (The Fearing #4))
The racism required to uphold white supremacy is woven into every area of our lives. There is no way you can inherent white privilege from birth, learn racist white supremacist history in schools, consume racist and white supremacist movies and films, work in a racist and white supremacist workforce, and vote for racist and white supremacist governments, and not be racist. This does not mean you have hate in your heart. You may intend to treat everyone equally. But it does mean you have absorbed some f****d up shit regarding race and it will show itself in some f****d up ways.
Ijeoma Oluo (So You Want to Talk About Race)
For the fist time in my life, I can breathe. Yes, I know I have a Promise to fulfill, blah, blah, blah. I wanted a few hours to just...be.
Annalise Nixon (Feeling Froggy: F'd Up Fairy Tale (F'd Up Fairytales Book 0))
It’s always the charming ones that end up being bastards.
F. D. Lee (The Fairy's Tale (The Pathways Tree, #1))
And popsicles. Not the crappy kind we made in San Francisco by freezing apple juice on a plastic spoon. No, the genuine artificial article, glowing in unnatural colors and brimming with ingredients like FD&C Yellow No. 5 and enough preservatives to embalm a mammoth.
Joshua Safran (Free Spirit: Growing Up On the Road and Off the Grid)
Maybe we're all f****d up in our own, special snowflake sort of way. But it's a dark road to focus on what makes us broken. We should focus more on being kind and patient with ourselves and forgiving others for the things they never thought to apologise for.
Veronica Larsen (Enamor)