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A song she heard Of cold that gathers Like winter's tongue Among the shadows It rose like blackness In the sky That on volcano's Vomit rise A Stone of ruin From burn to chill Like black moonrise Her voice fell still...
Robert Fanney
It's like Dungeons and Dragons, but real." Jace was looking at Simon as if he were some bizarre species of insect. "It's like what?" "It's a game," Clary explained. She felt vaguely embarrassed. "People pretend to be wizards and elves, and they kill monsters and stuff." Jace looked stupefied. Simon grinned. "You've never heard of Dungeons and Dragons?" "I've heard of dungeons," Jace said. "Also dragons. Although they're mostly extinct." Simon looked disappointed. "You've never killed a dragon?" "He's probably never met a six-foot-tall hot elf-woman in a fur bikini, either," Clary said irritably. "Lay off, Simon." "Real elves are about eight inches tall," Jace pointed out. "Also, they bite.
Cassandra Clare (City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1))
Back in middle school, Catherine and I had gone through this stage where all we would read were fantasy books. We'd consume them like M&M's, by the fistful, J.R.R. Tolkien and Terry Brooks and Susan Cooper and Lloyd Alexander. Susan Boone looked, to me, like the queen of the elves (there's almost always an elf queen in fantasy books). I mean, she was shorter than me and had on a strange lineny outfit in pale blues and greens....
Meg Cabot
Then I wondered, what if? What if he kissed me? What if he told me I was beautiful? What if he told me he loved me? What would I say in return?
Markelle Grabo (The Elf Girl (Journey into the Realm, #1))
Mothers are like dungeons. Some really stink and you'll do anything to avoid them. And some are lush sanctuaries filled with gold, jewels, and butterscotch schnapps-spiked Nestle Nesquik.
Shelly Mazzanoble (Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Dungeons & Dragons - One Woman's Quest to Trade Self-Help for Elf-Help)
My whole career has been fulfilling my childhood fantasies, playing characters that are larger than life, getting to play a knight, an elf, a prince and a soldier.
Orlando Bloom
When a Dragon, an Elf, and a Human walk into a bar, the Human is always going to be the punch line.
Bryan Fields (Dragon's Luck: The Dragonbound Chronicles)
The last book I picked up had a picture of the Stranger on the front cover. Although his eyes were not nearly as beautiful in my dream state, they still took my breath away. I opened it up curiously and there was one word written in a large, bolded font: FATE.
Markelle Grabo (The Elf Girl (Journey into the Realm, #1))
Katie purred in pleasure as she licked the beating vein in Jared’s neck.
Jodie B. Cooper (Forbidden Temptation of a Vampire)
She was an elf She turned the lake to swamp A dark and warm marsh Her body sunk down There unshaken lay
J.M.K. Walkow (Blazing Night)
Long has black powder been in the hands of dwarves alone. Alas, winds ever change and nothing remains the same forever. Lord Arrlo Salkeld
J.P. Ashman (Black Cross (Black Powder Wars, #1))
When I dreamed about becoming a fantasy adventurer, I was always a max-level character with epic gear. Look at me. I’m wearing vendor trash.
Noelle Alladania Meade
Well, anyway, this'll be easier than knocking an elf out of a tree. Trust me.' 'How many elves have you knocked out of trees, Stubble?' 'Duraden's bones! Have ye never heard of a figure of speech?
Ian Livingstone (Firestorm (The Zagor Chronicles, #1))
If Nick were on a quest to return the One Ring to the fiery pits of Mount Doom, Jai Hazenbrook would totally be the hot-as-fuck elf in tight leather pants who could shoot the left testicle off an orc at a thousand paces. Whereas Nick, of course, would be the short hairy-footed guy who liked beer and fireworks and second breakfasts. Even in his fantasy worlds, Nick is a realist.
Lisa Henry (Adulting 101)
And the One will reveal the Bow of the Southern Star and conquer the enemy with courage and fine judgment. The sight of the One is true and the enemy cannot hide. Griffon will fly
Barbara T. Cerny (Shield of the Palidine)
And the One will take the Sword of the Western Sun and triumph over the enemy with boldness and insight. The arm of the One is steady and heads will roll. Snow Giants will battle
Barbara T. Cerny (Shield of the Palidine)
Darling, you know how I like the sight of a stiff one.
RoChe Montoya (The 2nd Realm (The 2nd Realm Trilogy - Fantasy Novella - Book 1))
And the One will win the Armor of the Easter Dawn and defeat the enemy with audacity and wisdom. The body of the One is strong and ready to lead. Lammasu will pounce
Barbara T. Cerny (Shield of the Palidine)
That’s right. A halfblood. A halfblood with the skills and the talent to fight alongside the best. They’d all seen her. Who were the Hunters to turn her down after that? They wouldn’t dare.
Faye Fite (Flames of Courage (The Terebinth Tree Chronicles #2))
The fourth elf was younger than the others. This showed in the perfection of her skin, the agility and speed of her movements, and in the brightness of her dress. Her long silk garment was yellow and gold and green, and she wore a blue silk choker with a trailing silver scarf at her neck matching another at her waist. There was fire in her dark eyes which added to her overpowering beauty.
Ian Livingstone (Firestorm (The Zagor Chronicles, #1))
What would you here, unhappy mortal, and for what cause have you left your own land to enter this, which is forbidden to such as you? Can you show reason why my power should not be laid on you in heavy punishment for your insolence and folly?" Then Beren looking up beheld the eyes of Luthien, and his glance went also to the face of Melian; and it seemed to him that words were put into his mouth. Fear left him, and the pride of the eldest house of Men returned to him; and he said: "My fate, O King, led me hither, through perils such as few even of the Elves would dare. And here I have found what I sought not indeed, but finding I would possess for ever. For it is above all gold and silver, and beyond all jewels. Neither rock, nor steel, nor the fires of Morgoth, nor all the powers of the Elf-kingdoms, shall keep from me the treasure that I desire. For Luthien your daughter is the fairest of all the Children of the World." Then silence fell upon the hall...
J.R.R. Tolkien (The Silmarillion)
By the second cycle of the solstice of the warm time, the One will face the enemy. And the One will unearth the Shield of the Northern Lights and smote the enemy with daring and intelligence. The heart of the One is pious and evil will cower. Couatl will rise.
Barbara T. Cerny (Shield of the Palidine)
In my stubborn youth, I believed that I could stand alone, that I was strong enough to conquer my enemies with sword and with principles. Arrogance convinced me that by sheer determination, I could conquer helplessness itself. Stubborn and foolish youth, I must admit, for when I look back on those years now, I see quite clearly that rarely did I stand alone and rarely did I have to stand alone. Always there were friends, true and dear, lending me support even when I believed I did not want it, and even when I did not realize they were doing it.
R.A. Salvatore (Exile (Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy, #2; Legend of Drizzt, #2))
Everyone knew the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale about the Sandman and how he brought sweet dreams to sleepers. An early, now-defunct Reve company had even used him as their mascot. But that's all the Sandman had been - a mascot. A little grinning elf holding an hourglass.
Erin Kellison (Bring Me a Dream (Reveler, #5))
This, since junior school, had been virtually my only experience of women—as fantasy figures. Reading about women in fantasy novels had set me an even more unrealistic point of view. The Lord of the Rings doesn't help, with its sexless visions of elf maidens who may as well be speaking paintings, and neither does other fantasy literature, where women seem to exist solely to be rescued or slept with. The men they want are sorcerer-kings, doomed warriors or deadly assassins. I think the idea that women might fancy good-looking, well-adjusted men who are nice to them is too much for the average fantasy-head to bear.
Mark Barrowcliffe (The Elfish Gene: Dungeons, Dragons And Growing Up Strange)
Jaz caught himself a Myngelle.” “I’m surprised Anadyr let you out into the Plains by yourselves,” smiled Corianna, “and you had best return that egg. The Merfolk will not be happy with you.” “Oh....! They’ll have forgotten about all that by the time I have to journey to the Plains,” said Jazdyr, cradling the unhatched egg. “They don’t forget anything, Jaz,” said Jaden, “and our Lady Elf is right, you can’t be handling that egg. You have to prepare to be a warrior.” “What if I don’t want to be a warrior? I can just look after this egg, after it hatches.” “I don’t think there’s many openings for a zoo keeper in Mordana.
John Hennessy (Stormling)
The Sabbat arose as a conspiracy to destroy the rotten edifice of Church and State, meeting on the heath to avoid the gaze of authority, guised in anonymity and foreboding. This revolutionized the nature of witchcraft, regardless of the pre-existence of the Sabbat form. I do not simply refer here to the inspiring fantasies of Jules Michelet, but the important modern work of Silvia Federici. We see the same attacks on freedom of assembly in the destruction of the free festivals, rave culture and the occupy movement. These have been met by the masked Anonymous, the faceless black bloc anarchists, the direct actions of the ELF. These are expressions of popular witchcraft and have been persecuted by the same inquisition that came for us. I do not say that these are examples of operative witchcraft, I say that we, the people who are the Witchcraft, have a sacred duty to join this war. We need to celebrate Grand Sabbats again, infuse them with our witchblood, our cunning.
Peter Grey (Apocalyptic Witchcraft)
Eleştirmenler Tolkien'ı 'basitleştirmeciliğinden', Orta Dünya'nın sakinlerini iyiler ve kötüler diye ikiye ayırmasından ötürü çok suçladılar. Tolkien gerçekten de bunu yapıyor. [...] öyküye ruhsal bir yolculuk olarak baktığınızda ise çok farklı ve tuhaf bir şeyle karşılaşıyorsunuz. O zaman karşınıza çıkan, her birinin kara bir gölgesi olan parlak figürler topluluğu. Elf'lere karşı Ork'lar. Aragorn'a karşı Kara Süvari. Gandalf'a karşı Saruman. Ve hepsinden öte, Frodo'ya karşı Gollum. Ona karşı ve onunla birlikte. [...] Bu açıdan baktığınızda Yüzüklerin Efendisi'ne basit bir öykü diyebilir miyiz? Bence diyebiliriz. Kral Oedipus da oldukça basit bir öyküdür. Ancak basitleştirici değildir. Ancak dönüp gölgesiyle yüzleşmiş, karanlığa bakmış birinin anlatabileceği bir öyküdür. Yüzüklerin Efendisi'nin fantazi dilinde yazılmış olması tesadüf değildir; bunun nedeni Tolkien'ın bir gerçeklik kaçağı olması değildir, çocuklar için yazması da değildir. Neden, fantazinin ruhsal yolculuğun 'ruhta' iyiyle kötünün mücadelesinin doğal, en uygun dili olmasıdır.
Ursula K. Le Guin (Kadınlar, Rüyalar, Ejderhalar)
On the revelation that there are no gods or afterlife:- "I do not 'like' the truth any more than you Avil, or anyone. I wrestled with it for a long time, for a while I was distraught, desperate to find that my research had been wrong - the more I searched, the deeper I delved the more clear it became that the truth was what it is. After much reflection, I came to the conclusion that though accepting the truth is hard, moving on from that, it becomes clear that the important thing is to make the world we live in a better place. We get one life, it's our duty to make the most of it." ~Brael Truthseeker of House Krazic Deathsworn Arc 2 : The Verkreath Horror
Martyn Stanley (The Last Dragon Slayer (Deathsworn Arc, #1))
I will kill you all!" Cried the unseen wizard. The next sound from within the tower was a low panther's growl, and then the wizard's voice rang out again, "I could be wrong!
R.A. Salvatore (Exile (Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy, #2; Legend of Drizzt, #2))
Snub-nosed? You're a pig. Overweight? You're a hippo. Goofy teeth. You're... well, goofy. And she, with sticky-out ears? An elf. Secondary school radiates kindness from its very walls.
Beady Vries (Adaline and the Sphere (The Sphere Chronicles #1 The Crystal and the Curse))
You have been given a gift and gifts are not always deserved, but they should always be accepted.
Quinn Loftis (Elfin (The Elfin, #1))
THE BASTARD STEPCHILD There’s a new kid on the shelves in bookstores these days. Most often he can be found back in the science fiction and fantasy section, walking with a certain swagger among the epic fantasies, the space operas, the sword-and-sorcery yarns and cyberpunk dystopias. Sometimes he wanders up front, to hang out with the bestsellers. They call him “urban fantasy,” and these past few years he’s been the hottest subgenre in publishing. The term “urban fantasy” isn’t new, truth be told. There was another subgenre that went by that name back in the 1980s; it mostly seemed to involve elves playing in folk-rock bands and riding motorcycles through contemporary urban landscapes—usually in Minneapolis or Toronto, both of which are very nice towns. The new urban fantasy may be some kin to that 1980s variety, but if so, the kinship is a distant one, for the new kid is a bastard through and through. He makes his home on streets altogether meaner and dirtier than those his cousin walked, in New York and Chicago and L.A. and nameless cities where blood runs in the gutters and the screams in the night drown out the music. Maybe a few elves are still around, but if so, they’re likely to be hooked on horse or coke or stronger, stranger drugs, or maybe they’re elf hookers being pimped out by a werewolf. Those bloody lycanthropes are everywhere, though it’s the vampires who really run the town . . . And don’t forget the zombies, the ghouls, the demons, the witches and warlocks, the incubi and succubi, and all the other nasty, narsty things that go bump in the night. (And worse, the ones that make no sound at all.)
George R.R. Martin (Down These Strange Streets)
The thing I can’t figure out,” Axel turned to gaze directly at the gorgeous Elf. “Is how we got drawn into this mess? A week ago we were just boys, bumbling about in our last year of study, and now we’re in the midst of events that will change the course of Alba’s future! How did that happen?” He tossed his hands in the air and shook his head. “These are our parents’ battles. This is our parents’ world. They’re supposed to hand over something valuable and precious, not suck us into a scarred and shattered wreck!” Carolyn struggled to maintain her composure. She bit her bottom lip until it quivered in pain. “I don’t know how it happened,” she whispered, shaking her head, feeling guilty and tortured and evil and awful. “It’s not fair though.” “Well, we’re in the game now,” said Axel, as he stared down at the deadly black blade. “And heaven help all those who stand in our way.
Aaron D'Este (Weapon of Choice)
Would that I had the courage to depart, this place or this life, or to stand openly against the wrongness that is the world of these, my kin. To seek an existence that does not run afoul to that which I believe, and to that which I hold dear faith is truth.
R.A. Salvatore (Homeland (Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy, #1; Legend of Drizzt, #1))
She cast about for her next adversary. She didn't seem to have one. The fight was over, and the few surviving hobgoblins were running away. "Form up!" she shouted. "I want a column with the traders in the middle. Fast!" Once the procession was under way, Aunrae, striding along at Greyanna's side, asked, "May I know where we're going? An ally's castle?" "No," Greyanna replied. "I suspect we couldn't get in. We're going to hide our charges in Bauthwaf." The column crept past corpses and burning stone, and as they made their way to the cavern wall, other commoners came running out of their homes to join the procession. Greyanna's first impulse was to turn away those without ties to House Mizzrym, but she thought better of it. Many of the newcomers carried swords, and she could press the dolts into martial service if needed. Occasionally someone collapsed, coughing feebly, poisoned by the stinging smoke. The rest stepped over her and pressed on. Someone gave a thin, high cry, as if at an unexpected pain. Greyanna spun around. The goblins weren't attacking. Her client the canoe maker had simply seized his opportunity to knife another male in the back. "A competitor," the craftsman explained.
Richard Lee Byers (Dissolution (Forgotten Realms: War of the Spider Queen, #1))
..There were two undeniable truths in the Realms: It was very easy to overestimate a drow and even easier to underestimate a dwarf.
R.A. Salvatore (Maestro (Homecoming #2; The Legend of Drizzt #29))
A strange creature stands in front of her. About three feet tall with large pointy ears and yellow eyes, it looks up at her with shrewdness. It wears a wool cap and has a long white beard that passes its pudgy belly. The beard is filled with braids, beads, and a pocket watch. She gasps, “Is that an elf?” The creature draws itself up to its full height. “An elf! You call me an elf? I am no elf, little girl! I am no faery slave! I am a goblin! Finiki the Goblin!” It turns to the copper-haired man with a scowl. “Did you hear that, Tristan? An elf! Your girl called me an elf!” Tristan runs a hand through his hair. “Leave her be, Finiki. Why don’t you go and check on Foresto – “ “The ogre?” Brie asks. He hesitates before looking down at her with slightly widened eyes, seeming surprised she knew who he was speaking of. “The ogre,” he finally confirms, then adds, “You’re a fast learner.” Trying to be subtle as to not turn his short temper onto her, she tilts her head towards the stout creature that stands in front of them. “You people have a goblin. An ogre isn’t that far-fetched.
Madeline C.C. Harper (The Return of Light (The Primloc Chronicles, #1))
I am a soldier, I enjoy swordplay, I want that kind of life. But not just for – for fighting anything, or for show. I want to fight –" "What needs fighting?" suggested the Kuakgan. Paks looked at him and nodded. "I think that's what I mean. Bad things. Like the robbers in Aarenis that killed my friends, or Siniava – he was evil. Or that – whatever that held the elf lord. Only I don't think I have the powers for that. But I want to fight where I'm sure it's right – not just to show that I'm big and strong. It's the same as Tavern brawling, it seems to me – even if it's armies and lords –
Elizabeth Moon (Divided Allegiance (The Deed of Paksenarrion, #2))
It is man who has abandoned God, not God who has abandoned man.
Angelia Griffin (The Crystal Keys: Champion of Destiny (Book #1))
My new elf husband wasted no time in carrying me to the bed, then tumbling us both onto the coverlet.
Cristina Rayne (Claimed by the Elven King: The Complete Edition (Claimed by the Elven King #1-4))
he said this turning his strong body to face the beautiful, stunning, breathtaking, astonishing, bewildering girl who was a princess and his one true love, Eodwyn. she had hair like raven wings and skin like snow that the dogs haven’t peed on yet and cheeks like cherry blossoms and eyes like a magnificent summer sky.
J.K. Ashton
You must not have carnal relations with this elf, Drusilla.
Suzanne Johnson (Frenchman Street (Sentinels of New Orleans #6))
Dans l’ombre, on devinait des fantômes horribles : le cul souillé d’une morte ; le rictus d’un vieux abandonné les pieds dans l’âtre ; le mutisme compissé d’un bambin dans un recoin. (nouvelle "L'elfe et les égorgeurs")
Jean-Philippe Jaworski (Le Sentiment du fer)
The elf was armed with a bow, a sword, and an overwhelming sense of his own importance.
Thaddeus White (The Adventures of Sir Edric (The Hero of Hornska #1))
The Elf-knight stepped forward and Will went with him.
Elizabeth Bear (Hell and Earth (Promethean Age, #4))
The Elf-knight stayed close to the unflished stone wall, as far from the massive iron cover of the oubliette as practical. He was dry-washing his hands as if they ached, until he noticed Will looking. Then he folded his arms one over the other and waited in a stance as falsely relaxed as parade rest.
Elizabeth Bear (Hell and Earth (Promethean Age, #4))
...he saw Quotinir floating in front of him. Deep in the darkest parts of the ocean, he was lit only by a single, yellow light that swung from a fin atop his head. His grey skin sickly under the swinging bulb, he looked as much like a man as he did a monster, scarred and chipped around the edges, with strands of white hair like seaweed flowing around his narrow face. His human waist merged with the rubbery flesh of a shark, the tail larger than any fish or man Elf had ever seen. Though, Quotinir himself was four times larger than any man - the last true giant - trapped under the pressure of the ocean with only his light for company. Slitted, white eyes locked onto Elf as they both floated, suspended in the darkness. ‘Hey, ugly,’ Elf said.
Q.E. Saenz (The Mermaid's Shoal)
Seeing the dark elf’s still angry eyes on him, Ryan snapped out of his particular brand of foolishness after a lifetime of it.
Randy Ellefson (The Dragon Gate: An Epic Fantasy Adventure Novel (The Dragon Gate Series Book 1))
The man Elizabeth had called her Elf never glanced down. His eyes sparkled in the lanterlight as he rubbed a glove forefinger against his thumb, and visibly came to a decision.
Elizabeth Bear (Hell and Earth (Promethean Age, #4))