Everytime You Hurt Me Quotes

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Lily looks back down at the necklace in her hand that Kavita had given her. "It must have cost a fortune." "It did." He confirms. "Though not nearly as much as you're worth." Lily looks up at him. "Don't say that. You hurt me everytime you speak.
Carroll Bryant (Last Flight Out)
I keep finding the ashes of the man I unequivocally loved, everywhere. Everytime, I go to bed, they are displaced about my covers when memories flood back in my mind. When I glance at my skin, the ashes are smeared on my skin like hand prints from a tragic crime scene. When you cross my mind, the ashes of moments of intimacy fall to my heart, my body forcefully expell them through my lungs and tear ducts. The ashes spew out in an eruption of utter chaos. The ashes block out my perception of love and self value. My sight is distorted to truth and trust. The particles of ashe prevent me from forgetting. ANONYMOUS
I'm never gonna let you close to me Even though you mean the most to me 'Cause everytime I open up, it hurts So I'm never gonna get too close to you Even when I mean the most to you In case you go and leave me in the dirt
Sam Smith
Baby, baby, baby Can't you stay with me tonight Oh baby, baby, baby Don't my kisses please you right You were so hard to find The beautiful ones, they hurt you everytime Paint a perfect picture Bring to life a vision in one's mind The beautiful ones Always smash the picture Always, every time If I told you baby That I was in love with you Oh baby, baby, baby If we got married Would that be cool? You make me so confused The beautiful ones You always seem to lose
Prince (The Beautiful Ones)
I know you are strong and smart, you sprinkled my life with joy and love. After so long i realised about happiness. You are the cheered and motivated me to never give up about challenges j use to face daily.. yaar we use to get issues but everytime we overcome them more and better bonding. Your love give me power to enrich to modernize my lifestyle. Coz of you know i am known as more smarter than past i try each day my best to improve so you can feel more proud. You really changed my life alot. Yes i am lil dumb n silly, i am trying my best not to do things that hurts you. Its dust that needs some time get removed fully.. you are my life i swear.. i love you so much.. i really mean it.. i promise you i will always treat you as my Queen during my whole life. My biggest fear is losing you. My heart is completely your snd only yours.. i never wanna miss any chance where i can say i love you.. i promise i will always stand with you holding your hands either its bad or good time. You are my priority and always going to remain same for my life time. I promise i will share my each and every little or big feelings with you.. i promise i trust you duri whole my life. I literally crave you, your time. I am really not good in pickup line. I am bored guy but trust me my love for you is really pure. I wanna spend my whole life with you. I want your mini me to play with me and i want to say her proudly how much i love you.. You are not one in a million kind of girl.. You are once in lifetime kind of girl and i feel so blessed i have you in my life..i am not perfect. We are going to argue sometimes & have our problems but I'm never going to stop loving you. Each wave gonna make you love more than past.. I love you till infinity...
Himanshu Kohli
Dear ________, Is it so wrong to want to be to you what the moon is to the trees? To want for you to wake up in your darkest hour and need me? And eventually in your lightest hours, to know I am there without seeing me? To need me the same through every phase- everytime I change? But sadly love, the moon may never meet the trees for they live in different worlds just as you and I for now and forever. You can't breath in mine and I cannot breath at all. But know my love, if I could escape their chains I would screw them all and fall unto your gravity- my paradise would be to forever see you and you me as I soar in orbit around you,. I would say that to know your love for me exists would soothe this pain but I fear it would only hurt. And so for that I hope you never know who wrote this to you for I could not bear risking you the same pain. Yours truly, _______________________
Anastasia Celeste