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First, a dial tone, followed by eleven rapid beeps from an invisible push-button telephone. This was followed by three or four high-pitched electronic whistles, collapsing into a longer whistle resembling the flatlining of a dying patient hooked to an EKG machine (this was the sound of the phone line’s echo suppression being disabled). There were a few more beeps absorbed into a wall of white noise, and then the white noise abruptly doubled, meaning the receiving modem was now interacting with the calling modem. There was an instant where it sounded like something inside the computer had broken, spontaneously repaired by the digital interplay of two probing modulators, similar in pitch to a metal detector passing over a pocket watch. This was bookended by another fleeting second of white noise, and then . . . silence.
Chuck Klosterman (The Nineties: A Book)
If we were going to determine what was broken in the radios, we needed a power source. With no electricity, this meant batteries. [...] we'd walk to the trading center and look for used cells that had been tossed in the waste bins. [...] First we'd test the battery to see if any juice was left in it. We'd attach two wires to the positive and negative ends and connect them to a torch bulb. The brighter the bulb, the stronger the battery. Next we'd flatten the Shake Shake carton and roll it into a tube, then stack the batteries inside, making sure the positives and negatives faced in the same direction. Then we'd run wires from each end of the stack to the positive and negative heads inside the radio, where the batteries normally go. Together, this stack of dead batteries usually contained enough juice to power a radio.
William Kamkwamba (The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity and Hope)
First, the “fingers” would face tiny attractive forces that would make them stick to other molecules. Atoms stick to each other, in part, because of tiny electrical forces, like the van der Waals force, that exist between their electrons. Think of trying to repair a watch when your tweezers are covered with honey. Assembling anything as delicate as watch components would be impossible. Now imagine assembling something even more complicated than a watch, like a molecule, that constantly sticks to your fingers. Second, these fingers might be too “fat” to manipulate atoms. Think of trying to repair that watch wearing thick cotton gloves. Since the “fingers” are made of individual atoms, as are the objects being manipulated, the fingers may simply be too thick to perform the delicate operations needed. Smalley concluded, “Much like you can’t make a boy and a girl fall in love with each other simply by pushing them together, you cannot make precise chemistry occur as desired between two molecular objects with simple mechanical motion …. Chemistry, like love, is more subtle than that.
Michio Kaku (Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100)
List of san diego water damage repair work works The majority of people think that simply dry up water is the only job to perform at the time of water damage. However, in actual there are adequate things behind it to hold on to get full absence from this problem. And you will get a complete list if you extremely included with it. At the time of water damage the common household products gets quickly harmed and it requires to be repair work in a special method to regain its originality. In addition, experts who come for the repair work works have to have to consider future damages also. This is the simple way to obtain complete recovery from the water damage. As previously mentioned earlier, the first thing which stands in the water damage repair is the water extraction process. This can be done by specialists present in San Diego city with appropriate equipments. Hence, the water damage san diego ca or recuperation process first off starts with extraction and the 2nd level is to obtain total dried out up home. Due to the fact that leaving even substantial quantity of water might lead to the formation of fungus. And it developed as fungi within days which are the root-cause for furniture damages. Often it breaks down the buildings that made up of wood. The team of san diego water extraction process specialists will surely focuses over the fungi. The san diego water damage repair and mold removal workouts likewise included over furniture, pipes, electronic items and lot more. The experienced hands professionals will keep the art work as it by making use of latest technologies and they never ever charge for these added cares. When compared to other plumping experts in California, the san diego water damage repair teams are holding high experience. Thus, get supports through online straight away in case of any water damage or mold development problems. The majority of individuals think that just dry up water is the only task to carry out at the time of water damage. At the time of water damage the typical household items gets easily damaged and it requires to be repair in a distinct method to regain its originality. As previously mentioned earlier, the first thing which stands in the water damage repair work is the water removal procedure. When compared to other plumping experts in California, the san diego water damage repair work groups are holding high experience.Click here: http://www.sandiegowaterandmold.com/s...
san diego water damage restoration
MOSFETs can be constructed as either NMOS or PMOS types, based on the arrangement of doped silicon used. Silicon doped with boron is called P-type (positive) because it lacks electrons, whereas silicon doped with phosphorus is called N-type (negative) because it has an excess of free electrons.
Scott Mueller (Upgrading and Repairing PCs)
But where did the watch come from? This watch is a jinni—elderly Miss McKenna gives it to the young playwright, who takes it back in time to deliver it to her as a young woman. She keeps it all her life until it is time to return it to him. So who made the watch? No one. The watch never went anywhere near a watch factory. Its world line is circular. Novikov has noted that in the case of a macroscopic jinni like this the outside world must always expend energy to repair any wear-and-tear (entropy) it has accumulated so it can be returned exactly to its original condition as it completes its loop. Permissible in theory, macroscopic jinn are improbable. The whole story in Somewhere in Time could have taken place without the watch. The watch seems particularly unlikely since it appears to keep good time. One could have imagined finding a nonworking watch or perhaps a paper clip that passes back and forth between the couple. How lucky to encounter a watch that works! According to quantum mechanics, if one has enough energy, one can always make a macroscopic object spontaneously appear (along with associated antiparticles, which have equal mass but opposite electric charge)—it’s just extremely unlikely. Similarly with jinn, it would be more improbable to find a watch than a paper clip and more improbable to find a paper clip than an electron. The more massive and more complex the macroscopic jinni, the rarer it will be.
J. Richard Gott III (Time Travel in Einstein's Universe: The Physical Possibilities of Travel Through Time)
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Proper and timely interventions can substantially save on replacement costs for building materials, electronic equipment, furnishings, window coverings and flooring. They can also greatly reduce living displacement expenses during the time of water damage repair in Fort Myers. At iMold US Water Damage & Mold Removal Service, we want you to be confident that the final determination of a mold problem is based on unbased mold testing Fort Myers FL licensed and ACAC Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE). These trusted 3rd party professional companies have specialized training by top credentialing associations for mold testing in Fort Myers FL.
iMold US Water Damage & Mold Removal Service
Vertex Automotive Systems have an international standard diagnosis and injector repairing lab in Lahore for electronic injectors. We have the latest labs and test plans to evaluate and repair the defects of these injectors with the help of not only us injectors, as well as the diagnosis report of defects, OEM after repair. According to the standard, fuel delivery returns, and performance reports are also released. Pakistan Number one Injector repairing lab in Lahore.
WIFI Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III 317-7485 CAT ET III Diagnostic CAT Communications Adapter III 317-7485 would be the newest generation of the CAT Communication Adapter group, and replaces the CAT Comm Adapter II.This function is required for some CAT ET (Electronic Technician) functions. Real 2015A Auto Scanner Tools Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III P/N 317-7485 Professional Diagnostic Adapter for CAT with WIFI This can be the only recommended communication device for Auto Repair Computer software CAT, as well as the only datalink device that may enable you to properly communicate with a CAT engine on dual datalinks. Application version: 2015A 2015A Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III Communication: 1. Permits communication amongst service tools and engine controls utilizing numerous data links just like J1939/11, DeviceNet (future release), CAT DataLink, and J1708 (ATA) vehicle networks; 2. Flash program allows adapter firmware upgrades as more functions develop into available; 3. Makes use of J1939/11, high-speed information link (a part of ADEM III controls), substantially minimizing flash times; 4. Automatically selects J1939/11 when flashing the engine (reduces the flash time around 80%, from 14 minutes to 3 minutes).
WIFI CAT ET III Adapter Caterpillar ET3 New Arrival
Because the Spirit is the source of all kinds of knowledge, no pursuit of knowledge—even electronics or car repair or cooking—is wholly apart from Him. This particular relationship is possible because we are persons, and we have both a spiritual aspect that is reached by ideas and a physical aspect that works and acts and creates in the world.
Karen Glass (In Vital Harmony: Charlotte Mason and the Natural Laws of Education)
What I have never been able to tolerate is the prospect that my few years on earth will be frittered away filling out the form to verify that I filled out the previous form, or worse, toiling in the service of some enterprise that perpetuates the things I hate: war, corporate bullying, bureaucratic hoop-jumping, plunder of nature, and more hours tethered to electronic screens. I was willing to work, but I wanted my work to matter—to repair land and cities, to cultivate peace and justice.
Mark Sundeen (The Unsettlers: In Search of the Good Life in Today's America)
With superior sentience, come superior screw-ups. And this holds particularly true for industrialization. Even if we put aside carbon emission, in the year 2020 alone humankind has produced over 2 billion tonnes of trash, which is expected to rise over 70% by the year 2050. Thus, in the name of progress we the gadget-mad gargoyles keep acting as the true eco-terrorists of the glorious dumping ground, called the planet earth. 2% of all our waste is e-waste. And the alarming bit here is that, that 2% e-waste comprises over 70% of our overall toxic waste. So, what can you do, you ask? Simple - reject less, repair more. Try to make things last as long as possible, or pass them on to those who have need for them. Don't let things go to waste, just because you can afford new ones. For example, my kid cousin's laptop has been acting up for some time now. But instead of buying them a new pc, I ordered the replacement for the faulty part and repaired the laptop myself. This way, we not only reduce our e-waste footprint on the planet, but in the process, we teach kids to value things. The point is, whether you do it yourself or get it done by a professional, by practicing repair, you are actively participating in the making of a greener, cleaner and healthier world. It's not enough to be just a consumer, you gotta be a conscious consumer, otherwise there is no difference between a consumer and a slave. That is why, right-to-repair is not only a human rights issue, it is also an environmental issue. Repairing and recycling are the bedrock of sustainability. So I say again - reject less, repair more.
Abhijit Naskar (Mucize Misafir Merhaba: The Peace Testament)
Reject less, repair more.
Abhijit Naskar (Mucize Misafir Merhaba: The Peace Testament)
Konidas Computers is your one stop store for Computers, Electronics and Stationery products with Computer, laptop, MacBook repair services in Hoppers Crossing, Werribee, Point Cook and Laverton.
Konidas Computers Store
The Guardian, Victor Drayton knew that though his work hadn't been fully realized when he was alive it had presented huge economies of scale in his death through his creation of millions of monitor programs to assist human beings: he had been given the ability to transcend mortality and had become the closest thing to a real life ghost as he touched human lives and existed, encapsulated in this electronic mind beyond the grave, thinking, feeling and utilizing his intellectual skills to invisibly interact with human beings every day.
Jill Thrussell (Intellect: User Repair (Glitches #7))
exit. My aversion to getting a regular job was not the result of being lazy—although sometimes I am. Nor was it that I simply don’t like being told what to do—although I don’t. What I have never been able to tolerate is the prospect that my few years on earth will be frittered away filling out the form to verify that I filled out the previous form, or worse, toiling in the service of some enterprise that perpetuates the things I hate: war, corporate bullying, bureaucratic hoop-jumping, plunder of nature, and more hours tethered to electronic screens. I was willing to work, but I wanted my work to matter—to repair land and cities, to cultivate peace and justice. I wanted not the frazzled anxiety that follows eight hours of chair-bound button-pushing, but the bodily satisfaction of employing hands, legs, and lungs in concert with the mind. I often felt helpless at the state of the world—climate change, racism, species extinction, poverty, war—and I wanted ways to address these things with my very life, to live in a way that was not just ethical but joyful. Looking around, I saw that I was not alone. Anxious at the erosion of their freedom and security, Americans hungered for alternatives. A movement was afoot—local food and urban farms, bike co-ops and time banks and tool libraries, permaculture and guerrilla gardening, homebirthing and homeschooling and home cooking—a new twist on the back-to-the-land movement of the previous generation. I decided to go find Americans leading lives of radical simplicity.
Mark Sundeen (The Unsettlers: In Search of the Good Life in Today's America)
Electronics: Spend money on upgrading your system instead of buying a new one. Donate computers, printers, or monitors (any brand) to a nonprofit or participating Goodwill location for refurbishing (some charities repair them and give them to schools and nonprofit organizations). For unrepairable cell phones and miscellaneous electronics, locate a nearby e-waste recycling facility or participate in a local e-waste recycling drive, or make a profit by selling them on eBay for parts. Best Buy collects remote controllers, wires, cords, cables, ink and toner cartridges, rechargeable batteries, plastic bags, gift cards, CDs and DVDs (including their cases), depending on store locations.
Bea Johnson (Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste)
We Americans once reveled in our reputation for self-sufficiency. We were tinkerers, fixers of things. Yet while many of us can recall our parents wrestling into compliance a recalcitrant toaster or washing machine, few of us today would attempt the same with a malfunctioning microwave oven, digital camera, or anything built up from a computer chip. Appliances, electronics, and automobiles are black boxes, impervious to probing and resistant to repair. Getting into the guts of things is difficult, and if we dare trespass in the innards of what we thought belonged to us, we do so at the risk of the guarantee. Even seasoned professionals are losing heart. In less than two decades, the Professional Service Association lost three-quarters of its small appliance and consumer electronics shop members. During that same period the number of electronics repair shops plummeted from twenty thousand to five thousand. Repair people of all stripes have fallen into obscurity. Sesame Street closed its “Fix-it Shop” in 1996, stating as its reason that young viewers were unlikely to encounter one.
Ellen Ruppel Shell (Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture)