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Can you- Phil, can you name something that teenage girls can be interested in without being made fun of? This really bothers me. You know when we're talking about things that really annoy us in modern media this is the one for me. Teenage girls have nothing they can be interested in without being mocked... and I think that's hella unfair.
Wilbur Soot
It seemed to Tommy that people were haunted by two types of ghosts: the ghosts of those who died, and those who left.
blujamas, thcscus (blujamas) (passerine)
If you ever get bored, punch an orphan. What are they gonna do? Tell their parent?
I'm the second-worst thing to ever happen to those orphans. -TechnoBlade
Why sad? Happy.
ah yes bsoiso s man
Wilbur Soot
Secrets. What terrible, heavy things.
Thcscus (Passerine)
That's all it takes, you know, to kill a kingdom — a single person who knows your weak spots.
Thcscus (Passerine)
Just killed a woman... feeling good.