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I charge you; once you have the dream, decide to begin and begin right away. Wait for nobody to blow whistles for you to start.
Israelmore Ayivor (Become a Better You)
Don’t wait for big opportunities. You can create small but wonderful ones by starting with what you have.
Israelmore Ayivor (Become a Better You)
If you can't have a seat at the table, build your own table.
Mindfulness, neuroplasticity, trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, career coaching, Kripalu yoga – the list of “cures” for our lack of resilience and related problems is endless. If you are overweight, alone, miserable at work or crippled by stress or anxiety or depression, there are hordes of gurus and experts chasing you with books and quick fixes. With their advice, guidance, motivation or inspiration, you can fix your problems. But make no mistake: They are always your problems. You alone are responsible for them. It follows that failing to fix your problems will always be your failure, your lack of will, motivation or strength. Galen, the second-century physician who ministered to Roman emperors, believed his medical treatments were effective. “All who drink of this treatment recover in a short time,” he wrote, “except those whom it does not help, who all die. It is obvious, therefore, that it fails only in incurable cases.” This is the way of the billion-dollar self-help industry: You are to blame when the guru’s advice does not produce the expected outcome, and by now, we are all familiar enough with self-help to know that expected outcomes are elusive. […] Personal explanations for success actually set us up for failure. TED Talks and talk shows full of advice on what to eat, what to think and how to live seldom work. Self-help fixes are like empty calories: The effects are fleeting and often detrimental in the long term. Worse, they promote victim blaming. The notion that your resilience is your problem alone is ideology, not science. We have been giving people the wrong message. Resilience is not a DIY endeavor. Self-help fails because the stresses that put our lives in jeopardy in the first place remain in the world around us even after we’ve taken the “cures.” The fact is that people who can find the resources they require for success in their environments are far more likely to succeed than individuals with positive thoughts and the latest power poses. […] The science of resilience is clear: The social, political and natural environments in which we live are far more important to our health, fitness, finances and time management than our individual thoughts, feelings or behaviors.
Michael Ungar
Live full of accomplishments and die empty of your God-given potentials. Release your greatness now.
Israelmore Ayivor (Become a Better You)
To become a better you, look nowhere else for another alarm to blow before you wake up. Get up and rise up.
Israelmore Ayivor (Become a Better You)
Improving your mobility will do wonders for your enjoyment of life and your everyday functionality. Whether it’s gardening, DIY or playing with your kids in the back yard. Getting there is not that difficult. In fact, the three-part routine (foam rolling, dynamic stretching and mobility drills) that we’ve covered in this chapter takes just a few minutes to complete. Add it in as part of your warm up before your strength training and you will be amazed at how much more fluid, mobile and free you will feel - try it and see for yourself! You can also perform these three aspects as a separate routine to wake you up in the morning. Your heart rate will increase while you do this, so it’s a great jump start to the day.
Nick Swettenham (Total Fitness After 40: The 7 Life Changing Foundations You Need for Strength, Health and Motivation in your 40s, 50s, 60s and Beyond)
try experimenting with the DIY (do it yourself) report card. At the beginning of a semester, ask students to list their top learning goals. Then, at the end of the semester, ask them to create their own report card along with a one- or two-paragraph review of their progress. Where did they succeed? Where did they fall short? What more do they need to learn? Once students have completed their DIY report cards, show them the teacher’s report card, and let the comparison of the two be the start of a conversation on how they are doing on their path toward mastery.
Daniel H. Pink (Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us)
In thick people crave eating is familiar thing, the question is how to deal with it firstly accept it and get the way of living with it , right, the thing here is I don't want you to regret after or end up in a bad situation like sick, being obes handle it in a right way.Snack is your tool get it on your drawer,bag,or near you,snack with diy or bought dried fruit and veggies or raw fruit and veggies will help a lot cut off junk snack.
Nozipho N. Maphumulo