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The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear.
Daniel Defoe
There are still some wonderful people left in this world! They are diamonds in the rough, but they're around! You'll find them when you fall down– they're the ones who pick you up, who don't judge, and you had to fall down to see them! When you get up again, remember who your true friends are!
C. JoyBell C.
Invest in the human soul. Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough.
Mary McLeod Bethune
You're the proverbial diamond in the rough.
Katherine Paterson (Bridge to Terabithia)
Those eerie diamond eyes shifted over to her and she stilled, as if he's willed her to do so. There was a moment of silence. And then in a rough voice the man whose life she saved spoke four words that changed everything...changed her life, changed her destiny: "She. Comes. With. Me.
J.R. Ward
I think the truth is that we are in love with the fantasy of being that one person who could inspire, arouse, or affect someone who is so untouchable to the rest of the world.  It makes us feel special; like we’re the diamond in the rough, the one in a million, the one that everyone else couldn’t be, and do what everyone else couldn’t do.  Imagine being that significant to someone?  To never have to doubt that he loves you, or needs you, or more importantly, wants you more than any other.
Christine Zolendz (Brutally Beautiful (Beautiful, #1))
He wouldn’t charm her. She’d almost forgot what his kiss tasted like., felt like. She only remembered it when she drifted into dreams. Then it became so vivid, so real. To her mortification, she always felt a little thrill. Her life had been filled with gentlemen of the finest quality. James Sterling was like none of them, he was unpolished. A diamond in the rough. A scoundrel. A pirate.
Jade Parker (To Catch a Pirate)
If I was perfect then this would be easy...
Avenged Sevenfold
I may not be perfect but I've always been true I may not be worthy in your eyes
Avenged Sevenfold
He’s not a rough diamond - a pearl-containing oyster of a rustic; he’s a fierce, pitiless, wolfish man.
Emily Brontë (Wuthering Heights)
Remember diamonds are created under pressure so hold on, it will be your time to shine soon.
Sope Agbelusi
Life keeps throwing me stones. And I keep finding the diamonds...
Ana Claudia Antunes (A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job)
No one knows how precious you are. You are a diamond in the rough and with a little polishing, you will shine,” Pa whispers softly.
Loung Ung (First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers)
We don't lie to protect the other person. We lie to protect ourselves from the consequences. We lie because we don't want to deal with our own feelings. We lie because we don't want things to change. Not by our hand. So a wall starts to build.
Elisa Marie Hopkins (A Diamond in the Rough (Diamond in the Rough series book 1))
Better to be a diamond in the rough, than a polished fake in denial.
T.F. Hodge (From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence")
As a wolf, I’m a diamond in the rough. I crack jokes. My whole life is about trying, about speaking up in order to be seen, about howling with laughter or howling out how I see the world.
Jessi Klein (You'll Grow Out of It)
In each generation, there is this certain wisdom of the ages that gets reburied in the fleeting drivelings of modernity; then, like a diamond in the rough, it is yet again unearthed by a very small minority who not only restores it but also polishes it and presents it as something new, something highly valuable and refreshing as understood by the current.
Criss Jami (Healology)
Shattered edges of the diamonds rough sets to cut the unsuspecting.
Truth Devour (Unrequited (Wantin #2))
Everyone is diamond in the rough but sometimes they aren't shining.
Evangeline Grunden
The fact that you can't see how much you're worth makes you worth so much more." She opened her mouth once, her brow bunched, but nothing came out. She didn't know the words to ask. I continued. "A diamond doesn't know how much it's worth; it's just beautiful because it exists.
Shelly Crane (The Other Side of Gravity (Oxygen #1))
Endings bring new beginnings. Love has many truths. And knights come in all colours.
Dianna Hardy (Summer's End (Once Times Thrice, #2))
I've always felt that misfits are far more interesting than normal folks.
Jen Turano (Diamond in the Rough (American Heiresses, #2))
When you look at me that way, I feel so beautiful." "You are beautiful." He signed deep in his chest. His hands slid up and down her arms, caressing her roughly. "So damned beautiful." "So are you." She put a hand to his bare chest, tracing the defined ridges of his musculature. "Like a diamond. Hard and gleaming, and cut with all these exquisite facets. Inside...pure, brilliant fire.
Tessa Dare (A Lady by Midnight (Spindle Cove, #3))
My teachers treated me as a diamond in the rough, someone who needed smoothing.
Mary Harris Jones
The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear. —Daniel Defoe
Cindy Trimm (The 40 Day Soul Fast: Your Journey to Authentic Living)
I don’t like you, Kingston.” “That’s okay. You’re not my type.
Charlie Cochet (Diamond in the Rough (Four Kings Security, #4))
A diamond’s creation requires immense pressure and intense temperatures to reach its highest potential. Without enduring the adversity and pressure of its environment, the diamond would never become the treasure it was meant to be. May the changes you grow through bring incredible value in helping you forge a remarkable and multi-faceted life.
Susan C. Young
The problem is I got a lot of brains but no polish I gotta holler just to be heard With every word, I drop knowledge! I’m a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal Tryin’ to reach my goal. My power of speech: unimpeachable
Lin-Manuel Miranda
We're all diamonds in the rough until God gets His hands on us". ~R. Alan Woods [1984]
R. Alan Woods (The Journey Is The Destination: A Photo Journal)
The time spent rereading one book is one less new story I'll be exposed to in my life.
Michelle Madow (Diamonds in the Rough (The Secret Diamond Sisters, #2))
There was always something to learn from listening to and understanding people´s viewpoints.
Michelle Madow (Diamonds in the Rough (The Secret Diamond Sisters, #2))
That guy’s an asshole,” Leo growled. “Don’t think I’m going to forget what he said to you. Let’s see how he likes it when he wakes up in the morning and finds himself with several gay porn site subscriptions. His inbox will be flooded with so many wieners he’ll have to change his name to Oscar Mayer.
Charlie Cochet (Diamond in the Rough (Four Kings Security, #4))
We are diamonds in the rough Through the thrust and toil, we come out strong We are the breath of the earth, Our wombs tell of humanity's birth We are seeds splattered on putrid soils Still we sprout, through every storm We are not here to survive, We are here to live... Inward and outward In the incandescence of our existence Yes, our voices may sometimes be broken But our spirit remains indestructible. We are women, unapologetically!
Chinonye J. Chidolue
Did I pick the right person? This question inverts the starting and ending points. We do not pick our perfect match because we ourselves are not perfect. The universe hands us a flawless diamond—in the rough. Only if we are willing to polish off every part of ourselves that cannot join do we end up with a soul mate.
David Schnarch (Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships)
We bitch about our difficulties along the rough surface of our path, we curse every sharp stone underneath, until at some point in our maturation, we finally look down to see that they are diamonds.
Esther Perel (Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence)
Finding a woman like that amidst the herd of half-feeling, half-caring, half-responding, females in our society of 1860's England was not so much like finding a diamond in the rough as it was finding a warm responsive body amidst the cold dead forms on slabs in the Paris morgue that Dickens had so enjoyed taking me to.
Dan Simmons (Drood)
When she spoke, the words were rote, taught to her by her captors, dead and empty, and forced. But her voice was rough, like silk torn by sharp diamonds, and I believed, truly, that she wanted nothing more than to disappear into the Tower and never emerge again. "Please, Saint Sigrid, take me in from the storm and teach me to steer through darkness, for I am lost, and I cannot see the shore." I did not move for a long moment. Then, slowly, I reached out my hand to her and whispered, "Come, Lady, I will cut your hair for you." Her hand slipped into mine, hard and cool.
Catherynne M. Valente (In the Night Garden (The Orphan's Tales, #1))
I don't believe there's ever been a 'good' first draft, but there's a reason for that: they don’t have to be. First drafts are part of the process; they're the rough diamond on their way to being cut and polished. It takes a while to get them to shine.
Morgan Wright (Calendar for Writers: 2019-2020: A Two-Year Notebook for Your Creative Writing)
A muddied diamond is better than an unsullied pebble.
Matshona Dhliwayo
I would say I'm a diamond in the rough but is too girly I'm a soldier in the mud seeking wisdom to success
Proof had this ability to not only nurture my talent, but to see that diamond in the rough when a million people could be looking at the same thing... and just not see it.
Eminem (The Way I Am)
You're the proverbial diamond in the rough", she'd said to him once, touching his nose lightly with the tip of her electrifying finger.
Katherine Paterson
But as I would later learn, Soon-Yi was not just a diamond in the rough but round cut and flawless
Woody Allen (Apropos of Nothing)
As to what good qualities there may be in our souls, or Who dwells within them, or how precious they are -- those are things which we seldom consider and so we trouble little about carefully preserving the soul's beauty. All our interest is centred in the rough setting of the diamond, and in the outer wall of the castle -- that is to say, in these bodies of ours.
Teresa de Jesús (Interior Castle)
So many people turn to unhealthy solutions to deal with their anxiety, fears, worries and physical, mental or emotional struggles. When you’re feeling pressured or worried, either Produce, Pray, Work Out or just Breathe. Turn your Pressure into Power and Productivity. You Got This.
Jeanette Coron
At the mention of children, Connor halted his steps. For a moment Beatrice thought he was going to storm off, turn away from her and never look back. Instead he fell to one knee before her. Time went momentarily still. In some dazed part of her mind Beatrice remembered Teddy, kneeling stiffly at her feet as he swore to be her liege man. This felt utterly different. Even kneeling, Connor looked like a warrior, every line of his body radiating a tensed power and strength. "It kills me that I don't have more to offer you," he said roughly. "I have no lands, no fortune, no title. All I can give you is my honor, and my heart. Which already belongs to you." She would have fallen in love with him right then, if she didn't already love him so fiercely that every cell of her body burned with it. "I love you, Bee. I've loved you for so long I've forgotten what it felt like not to love you." "I love you, too." Her eyes stung with tears. "I get that you have to marry someone before your dad dies. But you can't marry Teddy Eaton." She watched as he fumbled in his jacket for something - had he bought a ring? She thought wildly - but what he pulled out instead was a black Sharpie. Still kneeling before her, he slid the diamond engagement ring off Beatrice's finger and tucked it in the pocket of her jacket. Using the Sharpie, he traced a thin loop around the skin of Beatrice's finger, where the ring had been. "I'm sorry it isn't a real ring, but I'm improvising here." There was a nervous catch to Connor's voice that Beatrice hadn't heard before. But when he looked up and spoke his next words, his face glowed with a fierce, fervent hope. "Marry me.
Katharine McGee (American Royals (American Royals, #1))
Wheeling around, he went blindly for the doors, messing up the piles, nearly knocking himself over on the coffee table. Saxton got there first, blocking the way out with his body. Blay's eyes locked on the males face." Get out of my way. Right now. You don't want to be around me." "Is that not for me to decide." Blay shifted his focus to those lips he knew so well. "Don't push me." "Or what." "If you don't get the fuck out of my way, I'm going to bend you over that desk of your-" "Prove it." Wrong thing to say. In the wrong tone. At the wrong time. Blay let out a roar that rattled the diamond-paned windows. Then he grabbed his lover by the back of the head and all but threw Saxton across the room. As the male caught himself of the desk, papers went flying, the confetti of yellow legal pad and computer printouts falling down like snow. Saxton's torso curled around as he looked behind at what was coming at him. "Too late to run." Blay growled as he ripped open his button fly. Falling upon the male, he was rough with his hands, tearing the the layers that kept him from what he was going to take. When there were no barriers, he bared his fangs and bit down on Saxton's shoulder through his clothes, locking the male beneath him even as he grabbed those wrist and all but nailed them to the leather blotter. And then he pushed in hard and let out everything he had, his body taking over .. . even as his heart stayed far, far away.
J.R. Ward (Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #10))
O God, make me poor enough to love yurd diamond in the rough, or in my failure let me see, my greed raised to mistery. Do you hate the one who must turn your world all to dust? Do you hate the ones who ask if Creation wears a mask God beyond the God I name, if mask and fire are the same, repair the seam my love leaps through , uncreated fire to pursue. Network of cretated fire, maim my love and my desire. Make me poor so I may be, servant in the world I see
Leonard Cohen (Parasites of Heaven)
It must be really rough, forced to put on a beautiful dress, stick some diamonds or whatever all over you and choke down champagne and lobster croquettes beside the most beautiful man ever born, on or off planet. I don't know how you get through the day with that weight on your shoulders, Dallas." "Shut up." "And here I am, free to squeeze into the local pizza place with McNab where we will split the pie and the check." Peabody shook her head slowly. The dark bowl of hair under her cap swayed in conceit. "I can't tell you how guilty I feel knowing that." "You looking for trouble, Peabody?" "No, sir." Peabody did her best to look pious. "Just offering my support and sympathy at this difficult time.
J.D. Robb (Purity in Death (In Death, #15))
Each of us may be a diamond-in-the-rough, needing only a muse and a change in circumstance to go from humble caterpillar to majestic butterfly." - Peter Whitmer, Ph.D. ~from The Inner Elvis: A Psychological Biography of Elvis Aaron Presley
Peter Whitmer
You’re hard sometimes, but you’re genuine and easy to love.  You give people everything you have to give, Silas.  You’re a rough diamond amongst pearls.  You look like a dirty stone amongst the sheen, but your value far exceeds the silky dull shine of a pearl.
Criss Copp (Fake (A Pretty Pill, #2))
Come on, Oliver. I’m saying no.” “Is it a fake no? Because your body keeps saying yes.” “My body doesn’t know anything.” “What does your heart say?” “That’s number one on my list of unenlightened organs. It believes anything it hears. It’s screwed up in some way.
Elisa Marie Hopkins (A Diamond in the Rough (Diamond in the Rough series book 1))
You think I don’t know what I want? You think I love the idea of relying on my looks for life? No! It’s pathetic! In my head, I have a nice, quiet, normal job that involves me running my own business. I carry a briefcase around my office with important documents, I have a nice assistant who calls me boss, and people ask me questions—they ask for my advice because I matter! I’m important to them! I’m recognized as something more than a pretty face and a pair of legs. I have a brain and interests and thoughts about religion, and poverty, and economics. I’m not a miserable girl with a number attached to her chest, stripping her clothes off in a room full of people.
Elisa Marie Hopkins (A Diamond in the Rough (Diamond in the Rough series book 1))
If the story is in you, it has to come out.
Mopelola Adeniyi (A Rough Diamond)
Poetry distracts me from going deeper over....the edge. it is rough and shiny like black diamonds.it dazzles,it enhances,your everything. Each moment,every memory, you touch.
Emily H. Sturgill (Sex in the Kitchen Sink: Poetry and Art)
When a man walks alone, He is heard by thy own ears... But when a man walks among others, He is heard throughout eternity.
Mark Edward Thomas Piotrowski (A Rare Diamond in the Rough!)
Priceless diamonds often shape in worthless dirt.
Matshona Dhliwayo
Weren't we all once a rough diamond, until we met the real purpose of life and finally living that purpose?
Norhafsah Hamid (Rough Diamond)
A midst deceit I found the truth; there in the rough I found a diamond. And from the moment we met, I think of no one else Today I choose to be, to live and breathe; to dream, to weep, and to sing in free verse. And you, the object of my delight: a like-minded opposite I am myself with, a mind-fuck times six, seven, eight thousand and three. I know that you love me with every inch of your deep.
Donato (Compound Delusions: The Rise and Fall of our Design)
Are you sure that I’ll be enough? These places can get pretty rough. You walk into a cake shop and then some gunslinger tells you, ‘You ain’t from around here, partner,’ and the next thing you know, you’re in the middle of the street, your horse is dead, the bad guy’s got your girl by her hair, and you’re down to one bullet.” “What is going on in your head?” “It’s a dark, lawless place, Catalina. So dark.
Ilona Andrews (Diamond Fire (Hidden Legacy, #3.5))
Now is the right time for you to become excellent. By taking action on your dreams of excellence, you start polishing the rough diamond you are. As you buff and shine yourself with practice, sparkling success becomes yours.
Mark F. LaMoure
When people dream something as a child, it doesn’t always come true. But my childhood dream of what kind of man I would marry and spend the rest of my life with did come true. I always knew my husband would be tall, dark, and handsome, but he also had to have a rugged look, as if he’d just walked out of the wilderness. He had to love the outdoors and be able to survive there if needed. I also wanted him to be able to take command of any situation when needed. I wanted him to be a leader but with a sense of humor, too. I wanted him to work and make a living. I wanted him to be a man’s man, but with gentleness and love for me and his children, and be ready to defend us at all times. More than anything else, I wanted to feel loved and protected. What I didn’t know when I found the man who filled my dreams was that I had found a diamond in the rough. It would take a lifetime to perfect that diamond on the long journey of life. Phil and I have had many good years, some hard years, a few sad years, and a lot of struggling years to get where we are now. God put us in each other’s paths. It has always been a wonderful ride for me. I have a husband who is my best buddy and friend, my lover, my Christian brother, my champion, and the person who will always be there through thick and thin. There is no greater love than your love for God, but right under that is your love for your husband, your partner in life. One of the greatest tragedies I see is people not putting every effort into the foundation of their marriage. My grandmother told me that it’s one man and one woman for life and that your marriage is worth fighting for. We had a few hard and bumpy years, but prayer, patience, and some suffering and hope-plus remembering an old lady’s words-were what got me through the difficult times. We have given it our all for our marriage and family, and my dreams did come true. Phil is and will always be my hero!
Phil Robertson (Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander)
As hard as the diamonds in your smile, the wind carries its hammers with no hands and sustains a moan with no mouth, seems to cradle solitude in its rough arms like firewood to be burned in my house as it passes through and asks, “Where does she sparkle from?
B.J. Ward (Jackleg Opera: Collected Poems, 1990 to 2013)
Hard-bitten had a double meaning: bitten hard by life, like her, or clamping meanly down on other people. But, as though belying his thoughts, she said, "I hope your days are good." "If only. My eyes, you know, are like Swiss cheese, the doctor says. I see through the holes.
Edward Hoagland (In the Country of the Blind)
Have you been listening to a word I’ve been saying? I don’t do games. I don’t do one-night stands. I don’t do affairs. Usually, when I meet a woman and take interest in her, I will be loyal to her, and only her. I expect the same. I don’t share well. I’m all for exclusiveness in everything I do, and own. I’m not afraid of commitment or hard work. You’re right; I’m not new to this. I’ve been in many relationships. This is good news, Sophie. It means I won’t waste your time. Rest assured, if I’m with you it’s because that’s exactly where I want to be. If ever I want out of a relationship, I leave. My commitment ends there. It’s simple enough and this is the only thing that makes sense to me.
Elisa Marie Hopkins (A Diamond in the Rough (Diamond in the Rough series book 1))
The irony of it, is how Freemasons have been trying to create and fulfill prophecy, and in their endeavor to hide behind secrecy they have been the catalyst for prophetic fulfillments. Moreover, I have taken the worst excrement ever defecated by mankind and have turned it into knowledge. Therefore, I have made the Thought a Thing and have aided the march of a TRUTH which I have bequeathed to mankind as a personal estate to hold in trust and I have dropped it into the world’s wide treasury as an example of a human excellence of growth that shall make the spiritual glory of the human race greater because this endowment has been cultivated from Truth as raw as a diamond in the rough. For what man develops and creates will always be artificial and glorified fabrication that when dismantled, is nothing more than just a lie regardless of how sophisticated the deception. A con artist will never be more than just a thief, and a cubic zirconia will never be more perfect than a diamond. Thus I have written in the same line as Moses and he who died upon the cross, and I have achieved an intellectual sympathy with the Deity himself and since[according to Albert Pike] the best gift we can bestow on humanity, is manhood, then I shall call it: ANTI - CHRIST ENDOWMENTS Because I’m the Little Horn with the biggest horn on the field. They were not kidding when they said I would be more stout than my fellows.
Alejandro C. Estrada (Alejandro Carbajal Estrada)
PR *is* a shrewd, rough game. It's learning to psychologically manipulate, play on people's greed and vanity. Convincing a target audience to buy products and services they neither need nor want. Profiting from making them spend hard-earned money and feeling happy about doing it. Smiling as they empty their wallets. It's devious exploitation, taking advantage of the human psyche, and I'm good at it. Very good.
Graham Diamond (Chocolate Lenin)
I come home from work this evening there was a note in the frying pan said Fix Your Own Supper Babe I Run Off With The Fuller Brush Man Well I sat down at the table screamed & hollered & cried I commenced to carring on 'till I almost lost my mind and I miss the way she used to Yell At Me the way she used to Cuss & Moan and if I ever go out and get married again I'll never leave my wife at home The Frying Pan Diamonds In The Rough John Prine
John Prine
He terrifies me, Aunt Peg.” I don’t have the backbone to say it to her face. “Oliver is such a self-contained person. He’s always so calm, so at ease, so refined. I’m the one who’s always losing my mind over nothing. He is unbelievably amazing in a way I don’t know if I can reciprocate. His voice is calm and patient. It makes me feel like he will sit me down and tell me everything’s going to be okay. And his eyes. Have you seen his eyes? They’re so kind and gentle.
Elisa Marie Hopkins (A Diamond in the Rough (Diamond in the Rough series book 1))
Do you want to know my favorite?” My grip tightened on the railing. In. Out. “Andromeda.” Allister moved closer. “An autumn constellation, forty-four light-years away.” His steps were smooth and indifferent, but his voice was dry, as though he found my panic attack positively boring. His attitude brought a small rush of annoyance in, but it was suddenly swayed as my lungs contracted and wouldn’t release. I couldn’t keep a strangled gasp from escaping. “Look up.” It was an order, carrying a harsh edge. With no fight in me, I complied and tilted my head. Tears blurred my vision. Stars swam together and sparkled like diamonds. I was glad they weren’t. Humans would find a way to pluck them from the sky. “Andromeda is the dim, fuzzy star to the right. Find it.” My eyes searched it out. The stars weren’t often easy to see, hidden behind smog and the glow of city lights, but sometimes, on a lucky night like tonight, pollution cleared and they became visible. I found the star and focused on it. “Do you know her story?” he asked, his voice close behind me. A cold wind touched my cheeks, and I inhaled slowly. “Answer me.” “No,” I gritted. “Andromeda was boasted to be one of the most beautiful goddesses.” He moved closer, so close his jacket brushed my bare arm. His hands were in his pockets and his gaze was on the sky. “She was sacrificed for her beauty, tied to a rock by the sea.” I imagined her, a red-haired goddess with a heart of steel chained to a rock. The question bubbled up from the depths of me. “Did she survive?” His gaze fell to me. Down the tear tracks to the blood on my bottom lip. His eyes darkened, his jaw tightened, and he looked away. “She did.” I found the star again. Andromeda. “Ask me what her name means.” It was another rough demand, and I had the urge to refuse. To tell him to stop bossing me around. However, I wanted to know—I suddenly needed to. But he was already walking away, toward the exit. “Wait,” I breathed, turning to him. “What does her name mean?” He opened the door and a sliver of light poured onto the terrace. Black suit. Broad shoulders. Straight lines. His head turned just enough to meet my gaze. Blue. “It means ruler of men.” An icy breeze almost swallowed his words before they reached me, whipping my hair at my cheeks. And then he was gone.
Danielle Lori (The Maddest Obsession (Made #2))
I know I said this before, but it bears repeating. You know Tate won’t like you staying with me.” “I don’t care,” she said bitterly. “I don’t tell him where to sleep. It’s none of his business what I do anymore.” He made a rough sound. “Would you like to guess what he’s going to assume if you stay the night in my apartment?” She drew in a long breath. “Okay. I don’t want to cause problems between you, not after all the years you’ve been friends. Take me to a hotel instead.” He hesitated uncharacteristically. “I can take the heat, if you can.” “I don’t know that I can. I’ve got enough turmoil in my life right now. Besides, he’ll look for me at your place. I don’t want to be found for a couple of days, until I can get used to my new situation and make some decisions about my future. I want to see Senator Holden and find another apartment. I can do all that from a hotel.” “Suit yourself.” “Make it a moderately priced one,” she added with graveyard humor. “I’m no longer a woman of means. From now on, I’m going to have to be responsible for my own bills.” “You should have poured the soup in the right lap,” he murmured. “Which was?” “Audrey Gannon’s,” he said curtly. “She had no right to tell you that Tate was your benefactor. She did it for pure spite, to drive a wedge between you and Tate. She’s nothing but trouble. One day Tate is going to be sorry that he ever met her.” “She’s lasted longer than the others.” “You haven’t spent enough time talking to her to know what she’ s like. I have,” he added darkly. “She has enemies, among them an ex-husband who’s living in a duplex because she got his house, his Mercedes, and his Swiss bank account in the divorce settlement.” “So that’s where all those pretty diamonds came from,” she said wickedly. “Her parents had money, too, but they spent most of it before they died in a plane crash. She likes unusual men, they say, and Tate’s unusual.” “She won’t go to the reservation to see Leta,” she commented. “Of course not.” He leaned toward her as he stopped at a traffic light. “It’s a Native American reservation!” She stuck her tongue out at him. “Leta’s worth two of Audrey.” “Three,” he returned. “Okay. I’ll find you a hotel. Then I’m leaving town before Tate comes looking for me!” “You might hang a crab on your front door,” she said, tongue-in-cheek. “It just might ward him off.” “Ha!” She turned her eyes toward the bright lights of the city. She felt cold and alone and a little frightened. But everything would work out. She knew it would. She was a grown woman and she could take care of herself. This was her chance to prove it.
Diana Palmer (Paper Rose (Hutton & Co. #2))
Those eerie diamond eyes shifted over to her and she stilled, as if he's willed her to do so. There was a moment of silence. And then in a rough voice the man whose life she saved spoke four words that changed everything...changed her life, changed her destiny: "She. Comes. With. Me.
J.R. Ward
I'm a boss! A diamond in the rough! A Queen of Queens and I do dare say this, a magical and mysterious mermacorn.
Helen Edwards, Nothing Sexier Than Freedom
You sound so boring. Where’s the fun Rae I had last night?” I shook my head. “She’s gone. Dead. You fucked her into the mattress then suffocated her with your muscles.
Rebel Hart (Play with Me (Diamond in the Rough #1))
Rough diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless peddles
Thomas Browne
So keep the faith, hold on to the dream, work smart, play often, and smile all the while. Not only will people think you know something they don't, but they will also wonder why you are having all the fun.
Katherine Estrada (I CAN: Attain Fulfillment in Life)
Leon was my battle buddy for this mission and he was thrilled. “Cake shop,” he said. “Yes.” Leon let out a long-suffering sigh. “Are you sure that I’ll be enough? These places can get pretty rough. You walk into a cake shop and then some gunslinger tells you, ‘You ain’t from around here, partner,’ and the next thing you know, you’re in the middle of the street, your horse is dead, the bad guy’s got your girl by her hair, and you’re down to one bullet.” “What is going on in your head?” “It’s a dark, lawless place, Catalina. So dark.
Ilona Andrews (Diamond Fire (Hidden Legacy, #3.5))
.......? you are so very very beautiful both inside and out and I just want to hold you so close and tell you I love you sweet one, I want to tell you you're beautiful then give you a kiss, I want to look in your eyes so you can see the truth of my words in my soul and know everything is true and real. You are so beautiful and I want you to know I'll always stick by you my sweet Angel dove. You are so beautiful in heart, mind, body, and your precious soul and I treasure you my dear and I love you so much my sweet diamond in the rough.
unas khan
I'm a Creeper, Minecraft’s Grim Reaper Blowing up blocks like Al-Qaeda
Creeper Face (MINECRAFT: The Crafting Dead COMPENDIUM (6 Books In 1) (An Unofficial Minecraft Book) (Minecraft Books, Minecraft Comics, Diary Of A Minecraft Zombie Hunter))
She hated flowers, and I wondered why That was; When diamonds less radiant Diminished her gloom, And she delighted in the fragrance of her favorite perfume. She hated that they withered and faded, I thought; That their petals broke loose, And they barely hung on. She hated that they were thrown away, With every trace of them gone. They were delicate and fragile like her, I’d say; The kind of thing She felt so undeserving of. It’s such taxing work for the weary, Simply to nurture and love. She clung to her own greenness and vigor, I thought. Exquisite as they were, They brought too much sorrow; She detested caring for those that, Would not need her tomorrow. She was too oppressed to provide refuge, I found. I heard heartbreaking stories, Where she had it rough. She did the best she could, I know, But it was just never enough. She is every bit like the flowers, You know, Warms your vulnerable heart, With kindness and grace; Brings happy tears to your eyes, And the most joyful smile to your face! She regales like a queen, and she stuns, I say; And I love her, As I do those flowers she hates! Some have penetrable walls, you know; She has padlocked iron gates.
Kyrian Lyndon
Memory is a cool companion.
Skye Warren
But when I learned from Miss Maggie that coal squeezed by the weight of the world turned to diamonds, I looked at it differently and wondered what other rough and simple stuff held the promise of something rare.
Lauren Wolk (Beyond the Bright Sea)
And I think he may have a notion of turning a rough diamond into a polished stone." "But you don't want to be polished?" Merritt asked gently. "I'm no' a diamond in the first place." She smiled as she went to him. "I disagree on that point." An earthy but appealing mixture of scents clung to him, smoke, sea air, a hint of wet dog, the sweet tang of whisky on his breath.
Lisa Kleypas (Devil in Disguise (The Ravenels, #7))
Boccio, author of Mindfulness Yoga, to think about as he leaves the session: “We bitch about our difficulties along the rough surface of our path, we curse every sharp stone underneath, until at some point in our maturation, we finally look down to see that they are diamonds.
Esther Perel (Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence)
Maybe if the prison is warm and comfortable enough, the captive learns to enjoy herself.
Skye Warren (Diamond in the Rough (Diamond, #1))
Words can create, words give life, words can build, words can destroy. Words can bring something out of nothing. What are you saying?
Mopelola Adeniyi (A Rough Diamond)
A diamond in the rough is still a diamond, pet. One just had to know how to handle it to bring out all the facets of its beauty. Only with a pair of gentle, loving hands can it be polished to perfection. Men are the exact same way.
J.T. Geissinger (Into Darkness (Night Prowler, #6))
That rough-looking diamond is put upon the wheel of the lapidary. He cuts it on all sides. It loses much--much that seemed costly to itself. The king is crowned; the diadem is put upon the monarch's head with trumpet's joyful sound. A glittering ray flashes from that coronet, and it beams from that very diamond which was just now so sorely vexed by the lapidary. You may venture to compare yourself to such a diamond, for you are one of God's people; and this is the time of the cutting process. Let faith and patience have their perfect work, for in the day when the crown shall be set upon the head of the King, Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, one ray of glory shall stream from you. "They shall be mine," saith the Lord, "in the day when I make up my jewels." "Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof.
Charles Haddon Spurgeon (Morning And Evening: Daily Readings)
It confirmed what she’d believed all along, that she didn’t belong to those people, and never had. Instead of connecting Elin with her past, Rudi had marveled at the way she’d pulled herself out of it like a diamond from the rough.
Deborah Reed (Things We Set on Fire)
have been built in East Anglia in about 1603, the Sea Venture was a three-masted vessel roughly a hundred feet long from the end of her bowsprit to her stern post. The vice admiral, or second-largest ship in the fleet, was the Diamond, probably just a little smaller than the Sea Venture. She was captained by Vice Admiral John Ratcliffe, who had served as captain of the Discovery, one of the three ships of the first Virginia fleet. The third-largest vessel, the Falcon, was called the rear admiral. She was under the command of John Martin, one of the original Virginia settlers who had returned to England in 1608 and who was now on his way back to Jamestown. Sailing master of the Falcon was Francis Nelson, a veteran of one ocean crossing, having made a voyage to the New World as captain of the Phoenix, a pinnace that brought forty settlers to Virginia in 1608.
Kieran Doherty (Sea Venture: Shipwreck, Survival, and the Salvation of the First English Colony in the New World)
A poet is an unpaid laborer of a mine where he digs into the mountain to find rough diamonds. He then polishes them with his imagination and emotion to share with everyone.
Debasish Mridha
Nice place,” I said. “Ain’t it just the maddest? It’s a little rough diamond to remind me of the better times. So, now who the hell are you?” I introduced myself and asked him if he recalled a fatal car accident from ten years ago. I mentioned Terese Collins. He interrupted me midway through.
Harlan Coben (Long Lost (Myron Bolitar, #9))
If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend 6 of those hours sharpening my axe. Abraham Lincoln Preparation is the key to your success. You cannot dismiss the process and expect to be truly successful.
Linda L. Gibson (A Diamond Out of the Rough: Uncover the Treasure in You)
Frank Jude Boccio, author of Mindfulness Yoga, to think about as he leaves the session: “We bitch about our difficulties along the rough surface of our path, we curse every sharp stone underneath, until at some point in our maturation, we finally look down to see that they are diamonds.
Esther Perel (Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence)
After the hardy baldness of the Norfolk landscape, which Julia appreciated had its own raw beauty, the Cote d'Azur offered spectacular, colorful intricacy. It was rather like comparing a rough diamond to an exquisitely fashioned and polished sapphire, yet they both had their own unique charms.
Lucinda Riley (The Orchid House)
Fine, then just tell me what I need to do. It’s your specialty, right? Turning a diamond in the rough into a polished gem.” She regarded him skeptically. “Assuming there’s a precious stone under that exterior.” “Ha. You know it, sugar pie.” “New rule,” she said. “Don’t go around calling women names like sugar pie.” “If I called men names like that, people would think I’m queer.” “And don’t say queer.” “Everybody says queer. It’s even in the name of that show.” “It’s a matter of context. And judgment. Just do yourself a favor and don’t use that word.” “What should I use? Ho-mo-sexual?” He separated the word into obnoxious-sounding syllables. “How about you avoid the subject altogether? People can go for long periods of time without debating sexual orientation.” She assessed him with her eyes. “Unless this is a preoccupation of yours.” He snorted. “Right. You slay me, lady. You really do. First, you rag on me for being a Lothario. Which, by the way, I looked up. I’m nothing like that guy. He was banging anything in hoop skirts. And I’m not. I don’t have that problem. At the moment, my biggest problem is you. And you’re supposed to be helping me.” “I am, but I need some cooperation from you.” “You got it,” he said, polishing off the doughnut. “Sugar pie.
Susan Wiggs (Fireside (The Lakeshore Chronicles))
Sometimes you get this look in your eyes, like you've just realized I'm edible." "Well, I like looking at you." He angles his head. "Do you know what else I like? I like your thoughts, your imperfections, your lips, your sarcasm, your explosions of anger, your intelligence, your strength of character. I like it all.
Elisa Marie Hopkins (Brilliant Cut (Diamond in the Rough series book 3))
If I could do it all over again, I'd probably still leave. Except, this time, I would hold you closer, tighter, longer. I would kiss you a thousand more times, tell you I love you ten thousand more times, have sex with you one million more times. I didn't get it right the first time when you were mine. If I could it all over again, I would value your trust, stand by your actions, and never take score...even though I'm totally winning. So if you can just find it in your heart to shut the hell up and love me, I swear with every fiber of my being that I will spend every possible minute loving you." A smile that flirts with cruelty lifts on his mouth. "Your move. I'm wearing to many clothes.
Elisa Marie Hopkins (Brilliant Cut (Diamond in the Rough series book 3))
You must have realized by ow that I'm not always keen to follow rules.
Jen Turano (Diamond in the Rough (American Heiresses, #2))
We gentlemen are occasionally required to insert ourselves into situations that are not to our liking, but you see, that's what makes us gentlemen.
Jen Turano (Diamond in the Rough (American Heiresses, #2))
For me, my true self has always felt very confusing; it is no wonder I have felt so lost. People and places that participated in my upbringing didn’t always seem too keen on the “me” that I was. Identity crisis came early, as I sadly think it does for many of us. People didn’t always know what to do with my bold nature, my charisma; my head-on intuitive words that could sting with bittersweet truth—I was misunderstood often, (almost always if I’m being real) and my heart was rarely seen, for the judgments of me took precedence over the goodness I held within. I felt as a diamond within coal, rough exterior that was dirty and jagged, no one aware of the treasure growing inside under the extreme pressures of the environment around.
Stacie Rae (The Resting Traveller: Into The Forest)
In this high place it is as simple as this, Leave everything you know behind. Step toward the cold surface, say the old prayer of rough love and open both arms. Those who come with empty hands will stare into the lake astonished, there, in the cold light reflecting pure snow, the true shape of your own face. David Whyte, “Tilicho Lake”   Conservatives
Richard Rohr (Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self)
Because you decided I couldn't take it!" I shout. "You kept the truth from me because you thought I couldn't handle it. You were so wrong! I can take it straight up! That's what hurts me the most. I'm not some fragile thing that needs to be treated like a glass house. It's humiliating and it just pisses me off that you pretend like I'm not strong. I get that you're a man...you feel the need to protect me. I get that you're afraid and my strength feels dangerous to you. And you know what? It should feel that way, because it is. It's power.
Elisa Marie Hopkins (A Diamond in the Rough (Diamond in the Rough series book 1))
Many individuals have, like uncut diamonds, shining qualities beneath a rough exterior.” —Juvenal
Cambria Hebert (Tattoo (Take It Off, #7))
The alchemy of diamonds from the rough is to mine every moment.
Gina Greenlee (Postcards and Pearls:Life Lessons from Solo Moments in New York)
Grit and glamour, Bruises and champagne, There’s nothing to enamour, About the poison in our veins. Land and riches, Money and gold, Freshly repaired with stitches, And now already sold. Wealth can bring you terrible things. And what weighs you down, isn’t all diamond rings. Shadowed and rough, Lost and without love, A hard life makes you tough, There’s no room for a white dove. Cheap and broken, Shattered and slain, Although it remains unspoken, Both understand the other’s pain.
Cece Rose (Grit & Glamour (Sins & Riches #1))
If we train her, honing her skills as a chef to the very utmost of her considerable ability... ... then it's possible we could delay the day the storm takes her. We must raise Erina to be the greatest chef the Nakiri Family has ever produced! And to do so, we must find them! Find the perfect rocks that will polish her to a mirror shine... A Veritable Generation of Diamonds! Professor Hayama. I hear your student Shiomi has found an intriguing boy overseas." "S-Sir Senzaemon! How did you...?!" "Oh, I simply happened to overhear it. Have you thought of bringing that boy to Japan and enrolling him here?" "What?! B-but, sir! Not only is Akira a foreigner, he's an orphan of unknown origins! Is such a thing even possible?!" "I will speak with the Ministry of Justice. Whether it be through bribery or sheer force... I will see to it that they grant Akira Hayama Japanese citizenship." "Darling... You know that boy from the harbor pub? Now Alice is insisting that he come with her back to Japan, and she won't listen to reason. Father is right. For Mana's sake... ... I will help him with his plan. If Alice wants to bring Ryo Kurokiba, then so be it! He will learn at Totsuki alongside her! I've heard all the rumors about them, you know. So you have not one but two highly talented nephews? How wonderful! Their futures look bright indeed. Say... have you thought of sending them to our Institute? I'm sure the Aldini Brothers would do well there." "Okay, okay. You win. Geez. Stubborn old coot. But don't come crying to me... ... if Soma flips the tables on your grandkid and uses her as a steppingstone." Competing against Erina just may destroy the confidence of these children, but so be it! I'm fully aware that this plan is an imperious use of my power for personal gain... ... but I'm willing to make any sacrifice! I will do whatever it takes to make Erina into a light of hope! Then I will show her to Mana... Through her own daughter she will see... ... that there is yet hope and promise in cooking!"
Yuto Tsukuda (食戟のソーマ 36 [Shokugeki no Souma 36] (Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma, #36))
It was a riveting battle..., although one where clotted cream, jam and scones were the weapons instead of the usual weapons instead of pistols, swords and knives.
Jen Turano (Diamond in the Rough (American Heiresses, #2))
He was full of audacity, an adventurer you could easily imagine exploring the seas, singing, preaching, and firmly resolved to protect the inhabitants of distant continents against every degrading infringement of occupation, with the sword if need be. He was willing to challenge everyone, even the devil, even God. No, it wasn’t megalomania, as his opponents said, it was only flourishing life and a volcanic outburst of awakening forces, a shower of sparks of flashing inspiration. No doubt he was full of arrogance, this boy. But it was so boisterous, so great, this arrogance, that you overcame your resistance and viewed him in amazement like a natural wonder with its own laws. Those who loved him saw him as a rough diamond, an unpolished gem. Those who rejected him were offended by his lack of respect, which could wound. They saw him as an aristocratic prig, favoured by fate, showered not only with money but also with talent, beauty and charm, as well as the irresistible melancholy that made women love him. It seemed unfair that he was so much better endowed than others. This made him a magnet for envy and resentment. Yet even those who felt resentment were secretly full of admiration. He was a boy who could touch heaven.
Pascal Mercier (Night Train to Lisbon)
Rough diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless pebbles.
Thomas Browne
Any loss of income that you can calculate from the current financials can be used as a basis for further price reduction. For example, if you calculate a decrease in income of $50,000 per year, and project that forward at an 8 percent cap rate, this forms the basis for a request for a $400,000 price reduction. Even if you don’t get the price reduction you ask for, you can make the case for some sort of concession from the seller. Based on all of these calculations, you will now know for sure if you have found a diamond in the rough. The next step is to take all of your findings from the various aspects of the due diligence process, and use them to calculate your revised offer.
Manny Khoshbin (Manny Khoshbin's Contrarian PlayBook)
Soon-Yi was not just a diamond in the rough but round cut and flawless.
Woody Allen (Apropos of Nothing)
We’re diamonds: “Some are in the rough, though; others already buffed to a nice glow.” To shine, wait for no one to give you glow, lest you’re in the tropics waiting for snow. Yet, if you do choose to polish yourself, see that you have the will to drive yourself. For if you don’t have the will to do so, just the same—you’re also waiting for snow!
Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol
God uses pressure, pain and difficulties to prepare us for Greater Things. Just like pressure is used to squeeze out oil from the olives, and pressure shapes diamonds, and fire refines gold. Just as the potter uses heat to shape clay into the form and shape He wants it to be, God does the same with us, to bring out our inner treasures and to make us use our potential to the fullest. God is not sending you difficult situations to hurt you; He is doing so to strengthen you, make you grow and to prepare you for your Destiny and Greatness.
Jeanette Coron (Destined for Greatness)
Do what others are not doing, and you’ll increase your profits tremendously. Go for preforeclosures. These are the true diamonds in the rough of residential investment real estate.
Donald J. Trump (Trump: The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received: 100 Top Experts Share Their Strategies)
You got to be rich to go mucking around in Africa. For all her chic thinness, she had an almost breakfast-cereal air of health, a soap and lemon cleanness, a rough pink darkening in the cheeks. I want to still be me when I wake up one fine morning and have breakfast at Tiffany's. I don't want to own anything until I know I've found the place where me and my things belong together. It's tacky to wear diamonds before you're forty; and even that's risky. They only look right on the really old girls. Wrinkles and bones, white hair and diamonds. He's been put together with care, his brown hair and bullfighter's figure had an exactness, a perfection, like an apple, an orange, something nature has made just right. Added to this, as decoration, were an English suite and a brisk cologne and what is still more unlatin, a bashful manner. Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot. Never love a wild thing. You can't give your heart to a wild thing: the more you do, the stronger they get. Until they are strong enough to run into the woods. Brazil was beastly but Buenos Aires the best. Not Tiffany, but almost.
Truman Capote (Breakfast at Tiffany's)
The Christian should stand out like a sparkling diamond against a rough background. He should be more wholesome than anyone else. He should be poised, cultured, courteous, gracious, but firm in the things that he does and does not do. He should laugh and be radiant, but he should refuse to allow the world to pull him down to its level.
Billy Graham (Billy Graham in Quotes)
Each of the positive and negative events of our lives, especially traumatic ones, help to shape us just as a raw diamond is made beautiful by the process of carving and polishing the rough stone until it awakens as a brilliant gemstone. It is only through the testing of our capabilities through trials and challenges that we can learn the deeper meanings of our lives.
Richard Gerber (A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine: Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation)
The Church and the World walked far apart on the changing shore of time; The World was singing a giddy song, the Church a hymn sublime. "Come give me your hand," said the merry World, "and walk with me this way," But the good Church hid her snowy hand, and solemnly answered, "Nay; I will not give you my hand at all, and I will not walk with you; Your way is the way of eternal death, and your words are all untrue." "Nay, walk with me a little space," said the World with a kindly air, The road I walk is a pleasant road, and the sun shines always there. Your way is narrow and thorny and rough, while mine is flowery and smooth; Your lot is sad with reproach and toil, but in rounds of joy I move. My way, you can see, is a broad, fair one, and my gate is high and wide; There is room enough for you and me, and we'll travel side by side." Half shyly the Church approached the World, and gave him her hand of snow; And the false World grasped it, and walked along, and whispered in accents low, "Your dress is too simple to please my taste; I have gold and pearls to wear; Rich velvets and silks for your graceful form, and diamonds to deck your hair." The Church looked down at her plain white robes, and then at the dazzling World, And blushed as she saw his handsome lip with a smile contemptuous curled; "I will change my dress for a costlier one," said the Church with a smile of grace; Then her pure white garments drifted away, and the World gave in their place Beautiful satins, and fashionable silks, and roses and gems and pearls; And over her forehead her bright hair fell, and waved in a thousand curls. So they of the Church and they of the World . journeyed closely, hand and heart, And none but the Master, who knows all, could discern the two apart. Then the Church sat down at her ease and said, "I am rich and in goods increased; I have need of nothing, and naught to do, But to laugh and dance and feast.
Shirley Starr (Dress - The Heart of the Matter)
I'm not what they expect. About once a year I get discovered, get called a diamond in the rough.
Michael Dorris (A Yellow Raft in Blue Water)
A rough diamond is still worth more than a polished pebble.
Matshona Dhliwayo
When we’re apart, I can think of nothing but you—of being with you again—and I . . . I’m sorry if I hurt you before. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear about my feelings, if I wasn’t strong enough to fight for the chance to be with you. I’m going to do that now. I promise. Because I simply cannot imagine choosing a life without you in it.
Sophie Barnes (A Most Unlikely Duke (Diamonds in the Rough, #1))
When we’re apart, I can think of nothing but you—of being with you again—and I . . . I’m sorry if I hurt you before. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear about my feelings, if I wasn’t strong enough to fight for the chance to be with you. I’m going to do that now. I promise. Because I simply cannot imagine choosing a life without you in it.
Sophie Barnes (A Most Unlikely Duke (Diamonds in the Rough, #1))
Cassandra,” Falco murmured. He reached up and twisted all her hair into one of his hands, pulling it slightly as he held it behind her head. His lips made their way across her cheek and her jaw and her brow bone. His other hand caressed her left leg through her cotton stocking. His fingers followed the repeating diamond pattern embossed into her leather garter and then stroked the soft skin just above it. Cass felt transported by his touch, his soft voice, and the mist rising off the canals. Everything felt otherworldly. It was a dream or a hallucination. Any moment now she’d wake up tucked beneath her covers with Slipper snuggled against her chest. Just let go. The batèla floated beneath a bridge. A man shrouded in darkness hung over its edge, leering at her. Cass sat up suddenly, wrapping the rough blanket up around her shoulders. She looked back toward the bridge. No one was there. “What’s wrong?” Falco asked. “I thought I saw someone. Hanging over the bridge. Watching.” “Probably just some deviant. Not lucky enough to have the company of a beautiful woman.” Falco moved to kiss Cass again. But fear was drumming through her. It sharpened her focus, and made reality come slamming back. Cass put her hand out. “Wait. We have to stop, to slow down.” Falco sighed. “You’re right,” he said, running both hands through his hair. “Sometimes I think--well, I fear that you shouldn’t trust me.” “Why?” Cass asked. Holding her lantern high in the air, she looked back toward the bridge again, but it was still deserted. “Because I don’t trust myself around you.” Falco’s voice turned soft again. He ran the knuckles of his right hand down the side of her face. “Who knows what I might do?” Cass blushed. “Who knows what I might let you do?” The words just slipped out, but she didn’t want to take them back. She didn’t want to hide any longer. Falco pulled her close to him, positioning her back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her slender waist and leaned his chin on her left shoulder, his jawbone against her cheek. “Your beauty lights up the darkest night,” he said. “I could paint an entire chapel just for you. Maybe I will someday.
Fiona Paul (Venom (Secrets of the Eternal Rose, #1))
I can talk to you about my past, Oliver, not to make you pity me or make myself look weak for attention, but to let you know who I was and what happened. What made me cry. What gave me nightmares. I prefer to hide. In fact, I may have even masked the version you know of myself. I can show you my trophy room, gladly. But…I’m afraid to open the door hiding what makes me vulnerable and imperfect.
Elisa Marie Hopkins (A Diamond in the Rough (Diamond in the Rough series book 1))
Everything about you fascinates me, Sophie. The smell of your skin. The sound of your voice. Your long legs. Your sense of humor. Your personality. You don’t seem to need me, and if you don’t need me, it is much more gratifying that you want me.
Elisa Marie Hopkins (A Diamond in the Rough (Diamond in the Rough series book 1))
What are you doing, Sophie?” “What do you think I’m doing?” “Do you want to leave? Is that it? You want to run away from everything? You want to hide and pretend like it’s not happening? You never let up in that department, do you?” “You don’t understand, Oliver, and I’m not going to explain it to you.” “Yeah, well, go ahead, if this is what you want then leave. Leave me. But know that if you leave and anything happens to you, I will lose myself. You hear me? I will lose myself.” “What about me? I’ve lost myself already.” “I’ll bring you back. This is your home. Whatever it takes, I’m here. Look at me. I’m here. I want to be with you. Don’t keep me away. Not now.
Elisa Marie Hopkins (A Diamond in the Rough (Diamond in the Rough series book 1))
We’re just…,” those blue eyes blaze at me and steal my breath, drawing me in, “just different people on different paths.” He comes closer, until he’s standing a centimeter away from me. “Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want me,” he dares. “Jesus. Are you really that confident?” “I’m really that interested.
Elisa Marie Hopkins (A Diamond in the Rough (Diamond in the Rough series book 1))
Okay, you have to understand I was drunk.” “So?” “So don’t believe anything I said.” “What about now?” “I don’t know. I don’t trust myself around you. Talking to you is like drinking tequila. One minute I’m in control, and the next I’m—” He holds me hard against him, then he claims my lips, brutally, violently, the way I was secretly hoping he would. And I kiss him back with so much force it nearly knocks all air from my lungs.
Elisa Marie Hopkins (A Diamond in the Rough (Diamond in the Rough series book 1))
The Master Hand looked at the jewel that glittered on Ged's palm, bright as the prize of a dragon's hoard. The old Master murmured one word, "Tolk," and there lay the pebble, no jewel but a rough grey bit of rock. The Master took it and held it out on his own hand. "This is a rock; tolk in the True Speech," he said, looking mildly up at Ged now. "A bit of the stone of which Roke Isle is made, a little bit of the dry land on which men live. It is itself. It is part of the world. By the Illusion-Change you can make it look like a diamond – or a flower or a fly or an eye or a flame – " The rock flickered from shape to shape as he named them, and returned to rock. "But that is mere seeming. Illusion fools the beholder's senses; it makes him see and hear and feel that the thing is changed. But it does not change the thing. To change this rock into a jewel, you must change its true name. And to do that, my son, even to so small a scrap of the world, is to change the world. It can be done. Indeed it can be done. It is the art of the Master Changer, and you will learn it, when you are ready to learn it. But you must not change one thing, one pebble, one grain of sand, until you know what good and evil will follow on that act. The world is in balance, in Equilibrium. A wizard's power of Changing and of Summoning can shake the balance of the world. It is dangerous, that power. It is most perilous. It must follow knowledge, and serve need. To light a candle is to cast a shadow..." He looked down at the pebble again. "A rock is a good thing, too, you know," he said, speaking less gravely. "If the Isles of Eartbsea were all made of diamond, we'd lead a hard life here. Enjoy illusions, lad, and let the rocks be rocks.
Ursula K. Le Guin (A Wizard of Earthsea (Earthsea Cycle, #1))
Shiny, perfect things Expensive cars, fancy diamond rings Hardly impress me Rather mundane, shallow, uninspiring Give me rough around the edges any day Dreadlocks and tousled hair are fine by me Body piercings Quirky things Vintage art, old records and books appeal to me Because they have charm, more personality
Melody Lee (Vine: Book of Poetry)
For me, that afternoon, the Marvelous Spatuletail represented something far beyond a single bird. It distilled the whole experience of Peru, incarnated in avian form— all of the rough, raw material of an entire country compressed into one bright and shining diamond.
Noah Strycker (Birding Without Borders: An Obsession, a Quest, and the Biggest Year in the World)
I don’t know about you, but the general images I have for the cooking of the last century in this country are two: on the one hand, a “homespun” frontier cuisine of at best limited, rough, and honest fare (mostly pork, corn, and whiskey); on the other, the vulgar, ostentatious but naive gorgings of such as Diamond Jim Brady, who once swore he would eat a Turkish towel if it were dipped in the right sauce. Mary Randolph gives the lie to this condescending fiction: her cooking is profoundly sensual and moral.
John Thorne (Simple Cooking)
Everyone wants the diamond, but no one wants the stone, when in fact the stone is a diamond in the rough.
Iuri Omega