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Maybe this is a bad time to bring this up, but you need to pay your credit card bill. It’s maxed out, and you’ve missed the past two due dates. And the thing is—and this is going to sound selfish, because it is—but your Netflix account got suspended, and I was only halfway through season three of Cheers. The laugh track is a bit off-putting, but it’s still a good show. I really love the plot twist that Norm’s nagging wife, Vera, turns out to have been dead for ten years, and Norm has kept her memory alive by continuing a fictional narrative about her. Sam and Diane knew that Vera wasn’t really alive and that Norm was delusional, but in episode seven, when they go to check in on Norm, they find him cuddled up next to her decayed corpse and reading her Lord Byron’s “The First Kiss of Love,” and he’s crying. The stench is unbearable, but less unbearable than the brutal truth of the moment. My point is, I didn’t get to finish watching Cheers because you’re behind on your credit card payments. I need you to deal with that.
Joseph Fink (The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home (Welcome to Night Vale, #3))
Cole shut the bedroom door and gazed at Kyle. His eyes said he’d married his salvation, and Kyle knew what he meant. Two souls in need had finally found resolution with “I do.” “Wife. You’re the most stunning vision I’ve ever seen. Will you always be mine?” Cole held out his hand as he unbuttoned his shirt. “Husband, I already promised you that.” She accepted his hand and cuddled into his chest. “I, Kyle McHugh, choose you, Cole Bridge, to be my husband, to respect you in your failures, to care for you in sickness, to nurture you, and to grow with you throughout the seasons of life.” “Why did you leave out the good parts?” Cole tilted her delicate face toward his. “It’ll be easy to stand next to you during good times. It’s the bad times, the scary times that are tough. I’ll never leave—no matter what life hands us.” A tear shone on Kyle’s cheek. Cole wiped it dry with his thumb. “To the bad times then, my divine bride. I pledge my heart to bad times as well.” He leaned down, changing his hold so he could pull her body into his and deliver a passionate kiss. She buried herself in his chest when they needed to catch their breath.
Debra Anastasia (Poughkeepsie (Poughkeepsie Brotherhood, #1))
Spread your blessings this Christmas season the way you'd spread a blanket...warm the world in one giant cuddle fest.
Toni Sorenson
Once Kellan emerged as completely human, Vic gasped at the sight of the perfect, cream-colored egg Kellan had wrapped his body around. Kellan locked gazes with him and smiled. “I’m okay now, Vic, and so is the egg.” “Oh sweetheart, I’m so happy.” He wiggled his fingers, desperate for contact with his mate. “Can I touch you?” Kellan grinned, his eyes bright and complexion rosy. “And you should kiss me too.” Vic climbed back on the bed and scooted as close to the nest as he dared. He had no idea how fragile the egg might be. “You can get closer.” Kellan kept one arm wrapped protectively around the egg, but lifted the other up in invitation. “You should get used to the egg. I might need you to help once in a while during the incubation period.” Vic moved into Kellan’s embrace, careful not to put any pressure against the shell or Kellan. “I’ll do whatever I can, but I don’t think it’s safe for me to sit on that.” Kellan snort-giggled. “No, you would do what I’m doing right now. Cuddle with it, keep it warm. Plus, if we also keep the cabin warm, I can cover it with the blankets for short periods of time and it’ll be fine
M.M. Wilde (A Swan for Christmas (Vale Valley Season One, #4))
The holidays make her feel as if she’s supposed to be in a cuddle, since everybody else suddenly seems paired off, like mittens, slippers or AA batteries.
Gina Barreca
Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude. It can also be a time when feeling grateful can be an acrobatic feat that you're just not up for. There's no rules that need to be followed here. Authentic living is your only option, so it's ok to turn off the tv when another ad screams for you to be a certain way just because the calendar says so. Power of suggestion can be great medicine - but don't judge yourself or a loved one who is having trouble learning the words to this song. It's a tough season from some people. Huddle and cuddle with those you trust and love. That's real medicine and it's a good place to be during the holidays. xoxo
Deborah Pardes (Climbing Out from Under: A Handbook for Heartbreak)