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Most of us knew in our bones that things with the world weren’t right, long before it became a crisis.
Pernell Plath Meier (In Our Bones)
Embedded in their psyche was the story of what had happened to the world, and the boys felt glorious to be on the other side of the madness
Pernell Plath Meier (In Our Bones)
She’d worn anxiety like a thick robe for so long that it was hard for her to take it off.
Pernell Plath Meier (In Our Bones)
Remember that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!
Vicki Corona (Tahitian Choreographies: Intermediate to Advanced Level Female Instruction)
If riotous protests create rampant polarization, fear may create fear, fear of the others, and fear of oneself. In the end, it might kill healing feels, universal goodwill, and mutual understanding. (“Because the world has corona”)
Erik Pevernagie
It is the poets, artists, and musicians that will carry us through the pandemic attacks into a new reality. They are the ones who tell us how to navigate, breathe, feel, think, enjoy, and fully live our lives. (“Because the world had corona”)
Erik Pevernagie
When the whole world is entrenched in the bunker of physical and often emotional isolation, only flexibility and ingenuity can revive us to remain grounded and imbibe the bolstering sunlight piercing through the canvas of chaos. (Because the world has corona)
Erik Pevernagie
Ignorance is killing poison. When people do not communicate, they are doomed to remain ignorant. If people do not get together and share views and exchange ideas, they remain unconscious and unaware. A world without dialogue is a universe of darkness. (“Because the world had corona”)
Erik Pevernagie
Through living in a space that we do not understand, everything may become meaningless, incoherent, and forcefully scary. If fear rules our lives, we lose the core of our being, since 'fear' disrupts the schedule of our existence and blocks the soothing waves of the sound vibrations. (“Because the world has corona”)
Erik Pevernagie
The global Corona conflict has rammed people into trenches. Invisible, lethal, viral weapons have replaced visible whistling bullets and thunderous bombs. As we don’t know who is calling the shots, it is difficult to tell how we can call a truce with imperceptible enemies. (“What do they hide behind their dirty aprons”)
Erik Pevernagie
Although the writing has been present on the wall for some time, many may have ignored the clear signs that some viral diseases are more than a little touch of the flu. If they grow into a worldwide misfortune, remaining willfully unaware might be a sin against the human self. (“Because the world has corona”)
Erik Pevernagie
LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA: WHY IT'S A BAD TITLE I admit that "Love in the time of . . ." is a great title, up to a point. You're reading along, you're happy, it's about love. I like the way the word time comes in - a nice, nice feeling. Then the morbid Cholera appears. I was happy till then. Why not "Love in the Time of the Blue, Blue, Bluebirds"? "Love in the Time of Oozing Sores and Pustules" is probably an earlier title the author used as he was writing in a rat-infested tree house on an old Smith Corona. This writer, whoever he is, could have used a couple of weeks in Pacific Daylight Time.
Steve Martin (Pure Drivel)
She has been through hell, so believe me when I say, fear her when she looks into a fire and smiles. E. CORONA
Darynda Jones (Eleventh Grave in Moonlight (Charley Davidson, #11))
Yo te he nombrado reina. Hay más altas que tú, más altas. Hay más puras que tú, más puras. Hay más bellas que tú, hay más bellas. Pero tú eres la reina. Cuando vas por las calles nadie te reconoce. Nadie ve tú corona de cristal, nadie mira la alfombra de oro rojo que pisas cuando pasas, la alfombra que no existe. Y cuando asomas suenan todos los ríos en mi cuerpo, sacuden el cielo las campanas, y un himno llena el mundo Sóló tú y yo, sóló tú y yo, amor mío, lo escuchamos.
Pablo Neruda (The Captain's Verses)
Fireflies out on a warm summer's night, seeing the urgent, flashing, yellow-white phosphorescence below them, go crazy with desire; moths cast to the winds an enchantment potion that draws the opposite sex, wings beating hurriedly, from kilometers away; peacocks display a devastating corona of blue and green and the peahens are all aflutter; competing pollen grains extrude tiny tubes that race each other down the female flower's orifice to the waiting egg below; luminescent squid present rhapsodic light shows, altering the pattern, brightness and color radiated from their heads, tentacles, and eyeballs; a tapeworm diligently lays a hundred thousand fertilized eggs in a single day; a great whale rumbles through the ocean depths uttering plaintive cries that are understood hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, where another lonely behemoth is attentively listening; bacteria sidle up to one another and merge; cicadas chorus in a collective serenade of love; honeybee couples soar on matrimonial flights from which only one partner returns; male fish spray their spunk over a slimy clutch of eggs laid by God-knows-who; dogs, out cruising, sniff each other's nether parts, seeking erotic stimuli; flowers exude sultry perfumes and decorate their petals with garish ultraviolet advertisements for passing insects, birds, and bats; and men and women sing, dance, dress, adorn, paint, posture, self-mutilate, demand, coerce, dissemble, plead, succumb, and risk their lives. To say that love makes the world go around is to go too far. The Earth spins because it did so as it was formed and there has been nothing to stop it since. But the nearly maniacal devotion to sex and love by most of the plants, animals, and microbes with which we are familiar is a pervasive and striking aspect of life on Earth. It cries out for explanation. What is all this in aid of? What is the torrent of passion and obsession about? Why will organisms go without sleep, without food, gladly put themselves in mortal danger for sex? ... For more than half the history of life on Earth organisms seem to have done perfectly well without it. What good is sex?... Through 4 billion years of natural selection, instructions have been honed and fine-tuned...sequences of As, Cs, Gs, and Ts, manuals written out in the alphabet of life in competition with other similar manuals published by other firms. The organisms become the means through which the instructions flow and copy themselves, by which new instructions are tried out, on which selection operates. 'The hen,' said Samuel Butler, 'is the egg's way of making another egg.' It is on this level that we must understand what sex is for. ... The sockeye salmon exhaust themselves swimming up the mighty Columbia River to spawn, heroically hurdling cataracts, in a single-minded effort that works to propagate their DNA sequences into future generation. The moment their work is done, they fall to pieces. Scales flake off, fins drop, and soon--often within hours of spawning--they are dead and becoming distinctly aromatic. They've served their purpose. Nature is unsentimental. Death is built in.
Carl Sagan (Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors: A Search For Who We Are)
The key question is, no matter how much you absorb of another person, can you have absorbed so much of them that when that primary brain perishes, you can feel that that person did not totally perish from the earth... because they live on in a 'second neural home'?... In the wake of a human being's death, what survives is a set of afterglows, some brighter and some dimmer, in the collective brains of those who were dearest to them... Though the primary brain has been eclipsed, there is, in those who remain... a collective corona that still glows.
Douglas R. Hofstadter
She has been through hell, so believe me when I say, fear her when she looks into a fire and smiles. —E. CORONA Two
Darynda Jones (Eleventh Grave in Moonlight (Charley Davidson, #11))
Live each day as if it’s your last’, that was the conventional advice, but really, who had the energy for that? What if it rained or you felt a bit glandy? It just wasn’t practical. The trick of it, she told herself, is to be courageous and bold and make a difference. Not change the world exactly, just the bit around you. Go out there with your double-first, your passion and your new Smith Corona electric typewriter and work hard at … something. Change lives through art maybe. Write beautifully. Cherish your friends, stay true to your principles, live passionately and fully and well. Experience new things. Love and be loved if at all possible.
David Nicholls
I am no longer amazed by how quickly a man will justify his change of heart when a spear is leveled his way.
R.A. Salvatore (The Bear (Corona: Saga of the First King, #4))
Whatever it is that hurts you, don't talk to anyone about it.
Rufi Thorpe (The Girls from Corona del Mar)
What had been so funny? But you can never remember what you were laughing about, and even if you could, it seems doubtful that it would still be funny.
Rufi Thorpe (The Girls from Corona del Mar)
To those who advocate that America follow the Chinese model of a totalitarian lockdown because of a virus or flu strain, must remember that the Maoist principle of Chinese rule is founded on total control of the populace, with the loss of freedom on every front: of speech, movement, work, information. Americans shouldn't be drinking the green tea so unquestioningly.
Brian D'Ambrosio
If the world after coronavirus is not going to be a much more greener, much more environmentally friendly and much more vegetarian world, human beings will deserve a much worse virus than coronavirus!
Mehmet Murat ildan
In the wake of a human being's death, what survives is a set of afterglows, some brighter and some dimmer, in the collective brains of those who were dearest to them...Though the primary brain has been eclipsed, there is, in those who remain...a collective corona that still glows. - Douglas Hofstadter
Lauren Redniss (Radioactive: Marie and Pierre Curie, A Tale of Love and Fallout)
His first glimpse of Izzy Goodnight was to see her bathed in gold. The sunlight showed him, in blazing relief, a slender, gracefully curved silhouette and a corona of wild, loose hair that seemed to be afire. Holy God.
Tessa Dare (Romancing the Duke (Castles Ever After, #1))
Me contó un montón de cosas que yo no quería oír, cosas que mi madre y mi padre nunca supieron, y que odiarían saber. Lo cabrón que era Billy con ella. Cómo en ocasiones la golpeaba, la humillaba, y la trataba en general como un trozo de mierda excepcionalmente corrompida. "¿Por qué te quedaste con él?" "Era mi chico. Siempre piensas que será diferente, que puedes hacerle cambiar, que tú puedes suponer la diferencia." Eso lo entendía, Pero es un error. Los únicos hijoputas que supusieron alguna vez una diferencia para Billy fueron los Provisionales, y ellos también eran unos cabrones. No tengo ninguna ilusión sobre ellos como luchadores de la libertad. Los muy hijoputas convirtieron a mi hermano en un montón de comida para gatos. Pero ellos sólo tiraron de la palanca. Su muerte fue concebida por esos cabrones anaranjaos que venían por aquí todos los meses de julio con sus fajines y sus flautas, llenando la estúpida cabeza de Billy con insensateces acerca de la corona y la nación y toda esa mierda. Ellos irán a casa felices por el día de hoy. Pueden contarles a todos sus colegas cómo murió asesinado por el IRA uno de la familia mientras defendía el Ulster. Eso alimentará su ira sin objeto, hará que les inviten a copas en los pubs, y consolidará su credibilidad memo-bastarda entre otros tontolabas sectarios.
Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting)
L’uomo è un incauto infelice e insoddisfatto coglione. Un coglione che non s’accorge di esserlo. Quando sta bene fa di tutto per rendersi la vita amara.
Mauro Corona (La fine del mondo storto)
la virtud que corona la perfección es la paciencia".
Geoffrey Chaucer (Cuentos de Canterbury)
No has más corona de espinas que los recuerdos que se clavan en la carne y hacen aullar como aullaban en el Gólgota los dos ladrones.
Leopoldo María Panero (Poemas del manicomio de Mondragón)
Desire gives pain to the heart from which springs both hope and worry. Out of suspicion I make mistakes that grow into lasting ills. And from my stubborn delusions come a thousand deceits, which later I accept as damage I’ve done.
Laurel Corona (The Four Seasons: A Novel of Vivaldi's Venice)
The world will somehow manage to get rid of the coronavirus, most probably with extraordinary death tolls. But then guess what happens? The world will go back to its routine stupidities, namely the wars, supporting the dictators, voting for stupid politicians, destroying the forests, killing earth's climate etc.!
Mehmet Murat ildan
I am going to give my heart what it desires, & give my soul what it yearns for.. Since no one else is capable of doing it.
Lorinda Corona
Para la persona que se ha preparado y ha practicado, la muerte llega no como una derrota, sino como un triunfo, el momento más glorioso que corona toda la vida.
Sogyal Rinpoche (The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying)
The sliding door opened, and then Michael was clomping across the porch. Gabriel didn’t look at him, just kept his gaze on the tree line. Michael dropped into the chair beside him. “Here." Gabriel looked over. His brother was holding out a bottle of Corona. Shock almost knocked him out of the chair. They never had alcohol of any kind in the house. When Michael had turned twenty-one, they’d all spent about thirty seconds entertaining thoughts of wild parties supplied by their older brother. Then they’d remembered it was Michael, a guy who said if he ever caught them drinking, he’d call the cops himself. Really, he’d driven the point home so thoroughly that by the time he and Nick started going to parties, they rarely touched the stuff. Gabriel took the bottle from his hand. "Who are you, and what have you done with my brother?” Michael tilted the botle back and took a long draw. "I thought you could use one. I sure can." Gabriel took a sip, but tentatively, like Michael was going to slap it out of his hand and say Just kidding. "Where did this even come from?" "Liquor store." Well, that was typical Michael. "No, jackass, I meant-" "I know what you meant." Michael paused to take another drink. "There's a mini-fridge in the back corner of the garage, under the old tool bench.
Brigid Kemmerer (Spark (Elemental, #2))
Corona virus is not a cult, perception or religion to discuss if it is real or not. People who don’t believe that Corona Virus is real. Are inconveniencing and endangering the lives of others. They become the carriers of the virus and spreading it everywhere. For your own sake. Stay at HOME.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
It wasn't that Lorrie Ann was becoming a Goody Two-shoes. It wasn't that she wanted to be perfect or loved or approved of. No. She wanted something much more dangerous. She wanted meaning. And she thought it could be gotten by following the rules.
Rufi Thorpe (The Girls from Corona del Mar)
Thousands and thousands are dying due to coronavirus and yet when this thing is over the humanity will declare a victory! What victory? Fools! There is no victory for the dead people! And when it comes to the living people, everyone should have a deep sadness in their soul, not a brag of victory!
Mehmet Murat ildan
The coronavirus showed us the following fact: If the money spent on churches, temples, mosques, the arms industry and so on was spent on medical science and hospitals, humanity would be in a much safer world!
Mehmet Murat ildan
The coronavirus has revealed a very important fact: There are 206 countries in the world, but there are only a few first-class countries that are very successful in protecting their citizens against the virus, that behaved early and swiftly! And the remaining so-called states should be called tribes instead of the state!
Mehmet Murat ildan
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. “Life is a journey; we all are born and will die someday. Some celebrate their silver jubilees, some celebrate golden ones and some may score a century, but life cannot be evaluated on the basis of the number of years spent alive. The quality of life is
Ajay K. Pandey (You are the Best Wife)
The most important thing that the coronavirus teaches humanity is this: Let's not exaggerate the level that our civilization has reached! It is a great arrogance to see ourselves so great! And here is a little virus reminded us of this!
Mehmet Murat ildan
Prevention by severing the chain is the immediate solution.
Mohith Agadi
It’s is their “will” that plays part in the solidarity, not their socio-economic status!
Mohith Agadi
A person in public without a mask during a pandemic is a walking septic tank.
Abhijit Naskar
The night taught me never to fear the dark times, by giving way to the dawn of a new day.
Michael Bassey Johnson (Song of a Nature Lover)
Saving a life just got much more important than savouring a lifestyle.
Amit Kalantri (Wealth of Words)
Roman candles and Saturn missiles spark and whistle. Bigger fireworks light up the night with flares while smoke and the scent of black powder blows with the breeze. Dogs bark and locusts buzz while kids ride their bikes up and down the streets. As other families relax together, sipping lemonade and cold Coronas, I’m sitting on the roof, listening to mine tear itself apart.
Mary Elizabeth (Innocents (Dusty, #1))
The trick of it, she told herself, is to be courageous and bold and make a difference. Not change the world exactly, just the bit around you. Go out there with your double-first, your passion and your new Smith Corona electric typewriter and work hard at… something..
David Nicholls (One Day)
La noche se avecina, ahora empieza mi guardia. No terminará hasta el día de mi muerte. No tomaré esposa, no poseeré tierras, no engendraré hijos. No llevaré corona, no alcanzaré la gloria. Viviré y moriré en mi puesto. Soy la espada en la oscuridad. Soy el vigilante del Muro. Soy el fuego que arde contra el frío, la luz que trae el amanecer, el cuerno que despierta a los durmientes, el escudo que defiende los reinos de los hombres. Entrego mi vida y mi honor a la Guardia de la Noche, durante esta noche y todas las que estén por venir.
George R.R. Martin (A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2))
The goddess of dreams, she thought, if there were such a person, would wear gossamer and moonlight. No sooner did she think it than she was it. Her skin let off a subtle glow. Her dress floated like evaporating mist, and a corona of stars and fireflies perched on her red-brown hair.
Laini Taylor (Muse of Nightmares (Strange the Dreamer, #2))
Sometimes an earthquake or a volcano shake the world, sometimes a virus, sometimes a huge typhoon, sometimes a tsunami! All of them have a common message: Awake to the Truth! And what is the truth? The truth is that Earth and the universe are not a region of order, but a region of chaos and survival!
Mehmet Murat ildan
Io ti ho nominato regina. Ve n'è di più alte di te, di più alte. Ve né di più pure di te, di più pure. Ve né di più belle di te, di più belle. Ma tu sei la regina. Quando vai per le strade nessuno ti riconosce. Nessuno vede la tua corona di cristallo, nessuno guarda il tappeto d'oro rosso che calpesti dove passi, il tappeto che non esiste. E quando t'affacci tutti i fiumi risuonano nel mio corpo, scuotono il cielo le campane, e un inno empie il mondo. Tu sola ed io, tu sola ed io, amor mio, lo udiamo.
Pablo Neruda (The Captain's Verses)
Distance means so little, when life means so much.
Amit Kalantri (Wealth of Words)
discarded books littering my apartment like the carapaces of beetles,
Rufi Thorpe (The Girls from Corona del Mar)
Here is a COVID-19 Commandment: Great love has no one than this, to lay on one's couch without friends.
Jamie Arpin-Ricci
La más tonta de las mujeres puede manejar a un hombre inteligente, pero es necesario que una mujer sea muy hábil para manejar a un imbécil.
Ibéyise Pacheco (Las muñecas de la corona: Los crímenes y las perversiones del chavismo en el poder.)
There’s a fine line between solidarity and stupidity. Which side you want to be on is entirely up to your commonsense.
Mohith Agadi
yes, yes, yes. I was and am awful and terrible.
Rufi Thorpe (The Girls from Corona del Mar)
How could it be that I wanted those scary narrow streets and books and coffee shops for her so much more than she wanted them for herself?
Rufi Thorpe (The Girls from Corona del Mar)
We like to position education as the great leveler. But in fact it has become a caste system, a means of passing privilege on to the next generation.
Scott Galloway (Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity)
A step backward, after making a wrong turn, is a step in the right direction. —Kurt Vonnegut
Scott Galloway (Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity)
Nothing is certain and every little thing is beautiful; the pandemic taught us that
Bhavik Sarkhedi
What do we learn from all of this? COVID-19 is a disease that makes some people sick, proves fatal to a few, and does nothing to the rest. Like any annual flu.
Karina Reiß (Corona, False Alarm?: Facts and Figures)
Dalla corona l’onore, per la corona il sangue!
Giovanni Pagogna (Il trono delle ombre (Le Cronache della Corona Nera, #1))
People whistle or sing while passing near a cemetery in the darkness! The same thing is happening now: The fear of coronavirus pushes people to give morale to themselves!
Mehmet Murat ildan
Si te bajas el orgullo yo me quito la corona
Chris Pueyo (Aquí dentro siempre llueve)
Juré defender la corona con mi vida. Ser parte de algo más grande que yo. • capítulo diecinueve, pág. 166
Brigid Kemmerer (A Curse So Dark and Lonely (Cursebreakers, #1))
You need to put on a pretty dress and have Corinne arrange your hair... and don't forget to bring your mind. --Julie de Bercy
Laurel Corona (Finding Emilie)
«¿Cuánto vale una corona si un cuervo puede cenar carne de rey?»
George R.R. Martin (A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, #4))
Era hermoso jinete, y ahora montón de nieve. Corrió ferias y montes y brazos de mujeres. Ahora, musgo de noche le corona la frente
Federico García Lorca (Bodas de sangre)
Corona Borealis
Rick Riordan (The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #2))
Human now exactly look like Aliens on the Earth with those Corona Space Suit, save Nature
P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar
Canterò la bella, veneranda Afrodite dall’aurea corona, protettrice delle mura dell’intera Cipro circondata dal mare
Homeric Hymns
Corona's worst enemy: Isolation!
Khalid Masood
There is no level that will save us from corona, because the problem is not the levels set by government, but is people mentality and behavior.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
In Corona Era, children through smart classes are brought back to school.
Srinivas Mishra
We don't study Nature, Nature studies us! Stop triggering Nature, learn from Corona catastrophe!
Somya Kedia
Consejos a los jóvenes 8 Hijo mío, atiende la instrucción de tu padre y no abandones la enseñanza de tu madre,{i} 9 pues serán para ti un bello adorno: como un collar{j} o una corona.{k}
Sociedades Biblicas Unidas (Dios habla hoy con deuterocanónicos, edición de estudio)
Pero nada en este mundo puede ocurrir como lo hemos imaginado, imaginarlo es anular el futuro, qué maravilloso podríamos tornar el destino si jamás tratáramos de anticiparlo en la fantasía,
Germán Espinosa (La Tejedora de coronas)
We see in the cartoons, a huge signboard hangs over the world: Sorry, we are closed! The point here is this: When the world is reopened, will there be a smarter world with its coronavirus experience?
Mehmet Murat ildan
Al gemir la santa niña, quiebra el cristal de las copas. La rueda afila cuchillos y garfios de aguda comba: brama el toro de los yunques, y Mérida se corona de nardos casi despiertos y tallos de zarzamora.
Federico García Lorca (Romancero gitano)
Sabes, cuando era niño, me engañaron para que pensara que las princesas llevaban coronas y celebraban fiestas del té. Ahora que he conocido a una princesa de verdad, debo admitir que estoy un poco decepcionado.
Marissa Meyer (Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, #3))
Ella era la heredera del fuego. Ella era fuego, y luz, y ceniza, y brasas. Ella era Aelin Fireheart, y no se inclinaba ante nada ni nadie, salvo la corona que le pertenecía por sangre y supervivencia, y triunfo.
Sarah J. Maas (Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, #4))
¿Quién lee para llegar al final, por deseable que éste sea? ¿Acaso no hay ocupaciones que practicamos porque son buenas en sí mismas, y placeres que son absolutos? ¿Y no está éste entre ellos? A veces he soñado que cuando llegue el Día del Juicio y los grandes conquistadores y abogados y estadistas vayan a recibir sus recompensas - sus coronas, sus laureles, sus nombres grabados indeleblemente en mármol imperecedero-, el Todopoderosos se volverá hacia Pedro y le dirá, no sin cierta envidia cuando nos vea llegar con nuestros libros bajo el brazo: "Mira, ésos no necesitan recompensa. No tenemos nada que darles. Han amado la lectura.
Virginia Woolf (The Common Reader)
As Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic continues to spread, thousands of companies are now thankful for their successful digital transformation strategy while many others are in great agony of not doing it correctly.
Enamul Haque
Some people think Corona virus is myth or rumor to scare people. Corona virus doesn’t exist. Don’t be the first one to be infected with it for people to believe its real. Be safe and follow all the health guidelines that are in place. Truth is most people will die from corona virus , not because its pandemic, but because of ignorance. Don’t be that person.Your responsible not only for your life, but also for the life of others.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
I know there are some heartless, greedy, selfish criminals who call themselves politicians, pastors, prophets or business people, who will steal money that is suppose to help in this corona virus. If you are that politician, pastor, prophet or business person, may you suffer with everything you have and will all your riches & wealth . May you  never find happiness, joy & peace in your life, until you pay every cent that you stole from the people.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
Massino’s crew stashed stolen expensive men’s suits in a warehouse in the Corona section of Queens, and propelled the clothes on a rope line attached to a haberdashery across the street whenever customers showed up for a cut-rate sale.
Selwyn Raab (Five Families: The Rise, Decline, and Resurgence of America's Most Powerful Mafia Empires)
The coronavirus pandemic will show us something embarrassing that we have known for centuries in human history: The dead will be forgotten quickly, and those who live will just start celebrations because they will live only a little longer!
Mehmet Murat ildan
My mother's advertising firm specialized in women's accessories. All day long, under the agitated and slightly vicious eye of Mathilde, she supervised photo shoots where crystal earrings glistened on drifts of fake holiday snow, and crocodile handbags-unattended, in the back seats of deserted limousines-glowed in coronas of celestial light. She was good at what she did; she preferred working behind the camera rather than in front of it; and I knew she got a kick out of seeing her work on subway posters and on billboards in Times Square. But despite the gloss and sparkle of the job (champagne breakfasts, gift bags from Bergdorf's) the hours were long and there was a hollowness at the heart of it that-I knew-made her sad.
Donna Tartt (The Goldfinch)
Come here into the warmth," he said easily. He reached for her, taking her hand and pulling her toward him. "I've been waiting for you." He stroked her hair, shifting a bit to let the light fall on her. "For a very long time." She, too, reached for him, following a line in the air along the length of the forming scar that marred his chest. A corona flared around him until she moved past the point where the sunlight hit her eyes. She stared at his chest, at the gashed and ill-healed flesh, and he, seeing her attention, took her hand and brought her fingers to his mouth. She felt the warmth of his breath, the pressure of his lips, soft and warm. "I wish you had never been wounded," she said. "Even though it brought you home to me.
Carolyn Jewel (The Spare)
This is the challenge with owning a restaurant. A large fixed cost—your lease—and little or nothing you can do about it, and because it’s a low-margin business with few sources of funding, there’s typically no capital cushion to survive lean times.
Scott Galloway (Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity)
We will come out of this storm. In the coming days, we have to stay calm and confident. And for sure, we will overcome this moment of despair. How long this will last cannot be ascertained. But the one thing that we can be sure of is that we will not be the same anymore. Hopefully, we would have changed for the better. This is the way of life This is how life teaches us its lessons.
Avijeet Das
Everyone is trying to be famous and everyone is trying to trend. These people and the ones who are seeking attention on social media .They are more pandemic than corona virus, because they are misleading, hurting and destroying lot of lives while they are at it.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
Escribo para el pueblo, aunque no pueda leer mi poesía con sus ojos rurales. Vendrá el instante en que una línea, el aire que removió mi vida, llegará a sus orejas, y entonces el labriego levantará los ojos, el minero sonreirá rompiendo piedras, el palanquero se limpiará la frente, el pescador verá mejor el brillo de un pez que palpitando le quemará las manos, el mecánico, limpio, recién lavado, lleno de aroma de jabón mirará mis poemas, y ellos dirán tal vez: «Fue un camarada». Eso es bastante; ésa es la corona que quiero.
Pablo Neruda (Antología poética)
Do you supplicate plutonium? Do you sing hymns to uranium? We bask in the corona of an insensate majesty. In its sway we seek to lay the foundation blocks of a new city, a new civilization. We're pioneers. Our frontier is the grand wasteland between Alpha and Omega.
Laird Barron (The Imago Sequence and Other Stories)
Sure, and fatherhood is super important too. I'm not trying to make this a women-only club by any means. Just that even men rarely view their role in child rearing as the most important thing they do, when in fact it is clearly the most important thing that anybody does.
Rufi Thorpe (The Girls from Corona del Mar)
Lot of people wont be infected by corona virus, but their spirit will broken by it. Their hope, dreams & strength will be lost to it. I just hope & pray this situation doesn't break any relationship,families or break anyone , but instead it makes them stronger than before.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
How would she fill the days? She had no idea. The trick of it, she told herself, is to be courageous and bold and make a difference. Not change the world exactly, just the bit around you. Go out there with your double first, your passion and your new Smith Corona electric typewriter and work hard at....something. Change lives through art maybe. Write beautifully. Cherish your friends, stay true to your principles, live passionately and fully and well. Experience new things. Love and be loved if at all possible. Eat sensibly. Stuff like that.
David Nicholls (Starter for Ten)
In silence he lifted her into his arms, cradling her like a child, and Lacey thought that it was God Himself, come to take her to His home in heaven. His eyes were hooded in shadow; his hair was a dark corona, wild and beautiful, like his beard, a dense mass of gray upon his face. He carried her through the smoking ruins, and she saw that he was weeping. Those are God's own tears, Lacey thought, yearning to reach out and touch them. It had never occurred to her that God would cry, but of course that was wrong. God would be crying all the time. He would cry and cry and never stop.
Justin Cronin (The Passage (The Passage, #1))
—Los dioses hicieron la tierra para que todos los hombres la compartieran. Pero luego vienen los reyes con sus coronas y sus espadas de acero y dicen que todo es suyo. Los árboles son míos, dicen, no os podéis comer las manzanas. El arroyo es mío, aquí no podéis pescar. El bosque es mío, nada de cazar. Mi tierra, mi agua, mi castillo, mi hija... No les pongas las manos encima o te las corto, pero a lo mejor si te arrodillas delante de mí te dejo que lo olisquees. Decís que somos ladrones, pero al menos un ladrón tiene que ser valiente, astuto y rápido. Para arrodillarse sólo hacen falta rodillas.
George R.R. Martin (A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, #3))
Darian mi aveva travolto come un’onda e io stavo affogando. Brillava con tale intensità da farmi bruciare. Toccato, dalle sue mani, dal suo corpo e dalla sua inconsapevole dolcezza, sentivo il bisogno di ristabilire una distanza tra di noi. Impresa difficile quando la mia pelle sembrava risuonare quando era vicino e io ero ebbro di desiderio. Desideravo premere le labbra sul suo collo, volevo leccare il sudore dagli incavi più reconditi del suo corpo, dove si sarebbe raccolto come polvere di stelle. Lo desideravo nudo tra le mie braccia, come quella notte a Brighton, senza nemmeno l’oscurità a dividerci stavolta. Volevo dargli piacere. Volevo che ne fosse sommerso. Volevo offriglielo in dono come oro a un pirata. Intrecciargli una corona con i miei sogni perduti. Volevo inginocchiarmi ai suoi piedi e succhiargli l’uccello. Lo volevo sulla schiena, così che potessi guardarlo negli occhi mentre lo scopavo.
Alexis Hall (Glitterland (Spires, #1))
Una volta, in tempo di guerra, quando ero un soldato dell'Esercito Imperiale, vidi la Morte camminare. Portava sul teschio una corona avvizzita fatta di ossa e biancospino fresco attorcigliato, e alle sue spalle si stringevano gli spettri dei miei commilitoni di recente strappati, ancora giovani, alla vita.
Sally Gardner (Tinder)
I hope everyone is laughing at this Corona Virus jokes and Memes, with their hands being sanitized or washed with soap. They have Isolated themselves from the crowd and they have been self quarantined or practicing social distance. If not then the joke is on them. Corona will have the last laugh on their lives
De philosopher DJ Kyos
We must practice social distancing and stay at home for a while, because that's the only way to stop the corona virus from spreading. However, we must also keep in mind that not everybody is in the position to work from home, nor do they have enough savings to make ends meet without work for even a few days. So, now, more than ever, is the time that we wake up the human in us, and come to the rescue of those in need, by either helping such individuals in our locality personally, or by donating to a covid-19 relief fund. We must make sure that we all have each other's back and that we all get through this catastrophe together, without leaving anyone behind.
Abhijit Naskar
Pronto comenzamos a dudar de la cigüeña de París, de dónde somos y cómo hemos llegado hasta aquí. Nos perdemos en el terreno de responsabilidades, el Coco no está, nos dormimos tranquilos, terminan los infantilismos, y con ellos, los gusanos de seda. Nos parten la corona de papel albal, aprendemos a despedirnos y dejamos de tirarnos por el tobogán.
Chris Pueyo (El chico de las estrellas)
The lenses of telescopes and cameras can no more cover the breadth and scale of the visual array than language can cover the breadth and simultaneity of internal experience. Lenses enlarge the sight, omit its context, and make of it a pretty and sensible picture, like something on a Christmas card. I assure you, if you send any shepherds a Christmas card on which is printed a three-by-three photograph of the angel of the Lord, the glory of the Lord, and a multitude of the heavenly host, they will not be sore afraid. More fearsome things can come in envelopes. More moving photographs than those of the sun’s corona can appear in magazines. But I pray you will never see anything more awful in the sky.
Annie Dillard (Teaching a Stone to Talk: Expeditions and Encounters)
Every right comes with responsibility. If you choose to go to work, church, gym, school, mall, club, park, tavern , to visit your friends, family or to go and buy alcohol, because it is your right. You also should know you are responsible for your own safety and other people safety. Whatever the outcome is. You should be held accountable for your actions.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
Le cose non è necessario farle. Nemmeno saperle fare. Ma saperle apprezzare sì.
Mauro Corona (Come sasso nella corrente)
Ci vuole sempre la disgrazia per aprire gli occhi alla gente
Mauro Corona (La fine del mondo storto)
Non c’è niente da fare, l’uomo è un cane che si mangia la coda. Gira in cerchio fino a consumarsi.
Mauro Corona (La fine del mondo storto)
Davanti al pericolo si ragiona cattivo.
Mauro Corona (La fine del mondo storto)
The sky is not falling and life will return to normal.
Asa Don Brown
The most prudent thing that people can do at this time, is to take commonsense approaches to reduce your risk of exposure.
Asa Don Brown
Qwana M. "BabyGirl" Reynolds-Frasier
Here is a COVID-19 Commandment: Greater love has no one than this, to lay on one's couch without friends.
Jamie Arpin-Ricci
His alpha powers were strong, but she was going to be the feisty, spunky heroine stereotype and get her own way this time.
Liza Street (Savage Heartache (Fierce Mates: Corona Pride, #3))
Alphahole?' Rex asked. 'It's one of those things in the blogs I read,' Gemma said. 'Shorthand for an a****le alpha male who tries to take charge of everything and acts like a d***.
Liza Street (Savage Heartache (Fierce Mates: Corona Pride, #3))
said get out!” The woman was now in the room too. A quick scuffle ensued
E.M. Parker (The Thin Wall (Corona Heights Vol. I))
Spring-cleaned minds Stripped of the mesh Raring to venture out afresh QUARANTINE+VE
Puja Bhakoo
Hope shines through unsealed blinds Cobwebs cleared From overworked minds QUARANTINE+VE
Puja Bhakoo
Remember we are not fighting each other ,but we are fighting the virus. We are not enemies ,but the virus is.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
To stay safe is to save lives!
Helene Munson (Seven Voices: (volume 2 ))
Quizá la música y el arte poseyesen su propia magia inherente que los hacía intocables.
Sarah J. Maas (Corona de medianoche (Trono de cristal, #2))
Ella sólo quería vivir libre de Su Majestad.
Pet Torres (La Corona de Clavos (Esposa del Rey #1))
-Si el Rey ordena hacerte su consorte. Entonces tú realmente serás la esposa del Rey.
Pet Torres (La Corona de Clavos (Esposa del Rey #1))
Promettevano che sarebbero migliorati anche loro, perché non si finisce mai di perfezionarsi.
Mauro Corona (La voce degli uomini freddi)
We can quarantine people But We can't quarantine Love
Lyza Sahertian
How do we care for our mind, especially in the time of crisis, pressures, uncertainties and adversities? The answer is found in what we choose to SET OUR MIND UPON!
Benjamin Suulola
Stay safe at home during this epidemic, Because it's not just a quarantine it's a lifeline".
Sar Faraz Harfi
It's not just a MASK it's a life saving TASK".
Sar Faraz Harfi
Feeding is Better than eating".
Sar Faraz Harfi
In the quarantine isolation, I felt the warmth of your love, even though you can't touch me. I rest in peace with the warmth of love, faith and kindness of the humanity.
Luffina Lourduraj
Altruistic behavior decreases in times of greater income inequality. The rich are more generous in times of lesser inequality and less generous when inequality grows more extreme.
Scott Galloway (Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity)
To be 'radical', after all, means aiming at the roots of troubles; to be radical in the chronic emergency is to aim at the ecological roots of perpetual disasters.
Andreas Malm (Corona, Climate, Chronic Emergency: War Communism in the Twenty-First Century)
Vineet Raj Kapoor
If Covid19 makes you hateful towards China, remember this, when you hate a nation, you hate a people and when you hate a people, you lose the right to be called human.
Abhijit Naskar
Trump is a destructive rendition of false pride and fraudulent ego. Trump supporters fell for it while other good Americans died for it.
On one side there are cowardly prime ministers, presidents, queens, kings who lock themselves in their castles, palaces and rooms! On the other hand, there are honourable statesmen who visit hospitals after taking necessary personal precautions! Honourable politician is the person who is at the front of the front in times of great crisis like corona pandemic!
Mehmet Murat ildan
Voy a ser la esposa del Rey, el mismo que golpea a las mujeres y nadie puede hacer nada para cambiar eso. Todo porque él es un emperador y un emperador nunca debe ser contrariado. ¡Qué hermoso destino que voy a tener por delante! ¡En mi cabeza una corona de oro y un esposo abusador! Si esto se puede llamar un futuro iluminado, prefiero que el mío sea apagado.
Pet Torres (La Corona de Clavos (Esposa del Rey #1))
Gli uomini sognano e costruiscono ville, castelli. Non hanno capito niente. La casa perfetta è quella dove, stando seduti e allungando le mani, si può raggiungere tutto ciò che serve.
Mauro Corona (La fine del mondo storto)
Di colpo tutto ciò che era creduto essenziale si rivela inutile. E questa nuova e fatale consapevolezza, unita all’incapacità di fare qualcosa con le mani, dissemina il terrore tra la gente.
Mauro Corona (La fine del mondo storto)
People have been talking and warning other people about corona virus everyday, but some people don’t want to listen. Now corona virus will be speaking for itself. You will see the results on what it can do. I hope people will listen then and I hope it won’t be too late for them . Always remember. If your ear can’t hear it, then your body will hear it. If you can’t listen , then you will feel it.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
This is the new normal but know this! We will have a better tomorrow at the end of this! I may or may not be there with you but have faith. We will have a new tomorrow!!! I have hope! YOU will be okay
Johnny Corn
Gli erano cadute addosso le pietre della vita. Senza amore non si resiste al vagito del tempo, che è sempre giovane, sempre passato. Non si regge al suo sbadiglio contagioso che ci porta il grande sonno.
Mauro Corona
Such a nasty bruise,” he says, staring straight into my eyes. I am stunned he can see it. Delicate to the touch and tender on every side, the bruise is deeper than days. My hand automatically moves to my chest. Science taught me with valid assurance that my heart was fixed in my rib cage, but life has since shown me otherwise. My heart in fact dangles from a tangle of strings. The ends are grasped tight by numerous people who yank and release, having caused many painful bruises over time. I cry because they are invisible to most. “Such a nasty bruise,” he repeats, tugging on my poor heart. His kind eyes fall away from mine as I feel a squeeze on my arm. He twists it enough to show me a small, round patch of purple surrounded by a sickly yellowish corona. “Oh. My elbow.” I let the air exhale from my lungs. Another bruise forms where my heart has hit the floor. It is jerked up again. “Can I do anything for you?” I see in his eyes the mirror image of a finger—his finger—wrapped in one of the dangling strings. He tugs and I feel it. “No,” I reply to his question. But it is a lie. There is something he could do, along with all who grasp a portion of the web entangling my heart. I wish they would mercifully let go.
Richelle E. Goodrich (Slaying Dragons: Quotes, Poetry, & a few Short Stories for Every Day of the Year)
My beloved brethren. Praying from your home, is not an attack on your faith, Christianity or religion. We are avoiding a situation of patient 31 from Korea. If not, We are going to die or be infected, because of other people, stubbornness, carelessness, arrogance, irresponsibility, recklessness , selfishness, foolishness, pride and greed. Let other people not suffer or die, because of your actions. Isaiah 26:20
De philosopher DJ Kyos
Since Corona Virus and Lockdown. There has been to much sexual content on our timeline. Too much fighting and swearing. Too much sadness, bitterness, propaganda,death,fake news , depression, tension and stress. We are all scared and worried. We have seen our loved ones getting infected and some passed on. Our minds are filled with bad and suicidal thoughts . Today may God renew your mind and wipe all of that. Romans 12: 2
De philosopher DJ Kyos
This stay at home period can be the best moment of your life to discover your purpose on earth, set goals, enjoy new experiences through reading and learning, and focus intensely on what really matter most in life.
Bamigboye Olurotimi
Amor, cuando yo muera no te vistas de viuda, ni llores sacudiéndote como quien estornuda, ni sufras «pataletas» que al vecindario alarmen, ni para prevenirlas compres gotas del Carmen. No te sientes al lado de mi cajón mortuorio usando a tus cuñadas como reclinatorio; y cuando alguien, amada, se acerque a darte el pésame, no te le abras de brazos en actitud de ¡bésame! Hazte, amada, la sorda cuando algún güelefrito dictamine, observándome, que he quedado igualito. Y hazte la que no oye ni comprende ni mira cuando alguno comente que parece mentira. Amor, cuando yo muera no te vistas de viuda: Yo quiero ser un muerto como los de Neruda; y por lo tanto, amada, no te enlutes ni llores: ¡Eso es para los muertos esülo Julio Florez! No se te ocurra, amada, formar la gran «llorona» cada vez que te anuncien que llegó una corona; pero tampoco vayas a salir de indiscreta a curiosear el nombre que üene la tarjeta. No grites, amada, que te lleve conmigo y que sin mí te quedas como en «Tomo y obligo», ni vayas a ponerte, con la voz desgarrada, a divulgar detalles de mi vida privada. Amor, cuando yo muera no hagas lo que hacen todas; no copies sus estilos, no repitas sus modas: Que aunque en nieblas de olvido quede mi nombre extinto, ¡sepa al menos el mundo que fui un muerto distinto!
Aquiles Nazoa (Humor y Amor)
Be positive and stop negative thinking and the key to stop negative thoughts in this hour of crisis of COVID-19, is to spread your love and positive energy in every direction for the well-being of the whole humanity.
Amit Ray
There had been three priests, proponents of so-called liberation theology. They had opposed the reactionary tide from Rome. And in all three cases the IEA had done the dirty work for Iwaszkiewicz and his Congregation. Corona, Ortega, and Souza were prominent progressive priests working in marginal dioceses, poor districts of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. They believed in saving man here on earth, not waiting for the Kingdom of Heaven.
Arturo Pérez-Reverte (The Seville Communion)
If the world returns to its order before the coronavirus epidemic, the world will once again prove to be very stupid! The coronavirus outbreak is an opportunity! An opportunity for what? It is an opportunity to destroy the arms industry; it is an opportunity make peace with nature, to get rid of stupid ambitions, for a new world order primarily focused on health, art and science; it is an opportunity to be a humanity with human values!
Mehmet Murat ildan
Finché l’uomo non sparirà dal pianeta, farà di tutto, e ce la metterà tutta per farsi male e per star male. Poi si estinguerà. Ma sarà colpa sua. L’uomo sarà l’unico essere vivente ad autoestinguersi per imbecillità. Amen.
Mauro Corona (La fine del mondo storto)
A pandemic paradoxically becomes an opportunity to finally be able to deal with ourselves, in a long interval where the world has stopped and everything around us starts to function at a slow pace. Shopping becomes a long and slow business, and if before we hated getting stuck in the traffic or queuing at the post office, today we can do nothing but adapt to this new world of expectations and shifts, and discover the faces of our fellow men, finally looking them in the face (or rather, in the eyes). We have rediscovered the pleasure of cooking and eating, a world that before the quarantine stopped only on TV with masterchef. If before we considered it a waste of time to cook a plate of pasta, now we have had all the time to devote to cakes, pizzas, biscuits and homemade bread as our grandmothers once did. Rediscovering genuine flavors that have little of "fast" and much of "slow". And so we also found time to read the book that we are not never managed to finish, or we pulled our favorite board game off the shelf. These small gestures, sometimes even insignificant in appearance, are rich in meaning, since they are imbued with our time, our dedication, our passion and our love. Characteristics of the human being that have been forgotten for too long. Thus we find ourselves reflecting on our time, on the past and on the future, observing a precipitous past that makes room for a rich and decidedly slower present. We have resumed the taste of walking slowly, to escape and symbolically get closer to its initiatory role ... the road teaches you that you fall, you get up, you go back, you make miraculous encounters and sometimes you are helped by Samaritans or, in cases worst, deceived by demons. But is always a discovery, going towards something new, a unique experience in which the mind is regenerated. Walking is rediscovered today as an existential alternative, as an opposition to speed, to displacement technologies, it is essentially a criticism of the dominant competitive spirit. We have given importance to windows and balconies, from where you can observe small corners of the world. Terraces from which to peer into the universe, to observe the rising sun, setting, to discover that in the sky there is a wonderful creature called the Moon, accompanied by billions of stars. We finally had a chat with our neighbors who are no longer perfect strangers, we made friends with boredom and, let's face it, we found that time, in general, is not just that marked by watches. Suddenly we found ourselves in the present time, immersed in the much-talked about Here and Now, but little frequented. This small temporal space that marks our life, which contains our ugliest and most beautiful experiences, which brings our youth with us and will bring our old age, becomes the protagonist of this pandemic, which if on the one hand has stuck, on the other it gave us the opportunity to look at our life with different eyes, which seemed to really need to stop for a moment to breathe. Because let's put it on our heads, slowness is not a waste of time, but awareness of one's life time!
Corina Abdulahm Negura
Quando un uomo mangia tre pasti al giorno, diventa pericoloso. Per se stesso e per gli altri. Mangiare troppo rende nervosi. Pasti continui e digestioni faticose creano le guerre. Difficilmente i morti di fame combattono tra loro.
Mauro Corona (La fine del mondo storto)
We can't allow everyone to do what they want or as they please, because some of those people are not doing the right thing and others are not in the sane state of mind. Their actions are the consequences everyone is suffering today.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
If we are at war with Covid 19 (Corona Virus) . In war there must be casualties and collateral damages. Drink, smoke, loot, visit friends, go outside , go to parties, events, funerals, church and clubs at your own risk. Be ignorant, don't wash your hands and gather in groups at your own risk. You might become the percentage of casualty or just be safe , stay home and practice social distance. We can defeat the virus, but as for how long will it take.It is up to you.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
I, Corona Speaking (The Sonnet) Nature has been crying, Yet you paid no heed. Glaciers have been frying, Yet you kept sleeping in greed. Forests kept on burning, Yet your eyes shed no tear. Hurricanes kept on brewing, Yet your luxuries didn't disappear. Hence my arrival, not to punish you, But only to give a wake up call. I haven't come to lock you up, But only to expose your downfall. Now you know the horrors you committed, I plea o wise ones live life illuminated.
Abhijit Naskar
En una calle tranquila, en su caserón emporifollado en medio de un jardín desfallecido...tocada con su corona de plata florecida, había despertado en su sillón junto a la ventana. Pero su sueño no era muy distinto a su vigilia, tan débil estaba. .. Quedaba apenas una llamita de vida en la señora, casi, casi nada de consciencia. Sin embargo, divisó estrellas a través de los vidrios llovidos de la ventana, y como ya no era capaz de distinguir distancia ni cercanía, al ver luces remontando por los regueros de mostacillas del suelo hasta los brillos de su vestido de gran aparato, pensó que también eran estrellas del firmamento, y que la envolvían entera. Supuso que ya había muerto, y que iba subiendo entre tanta y tanta estrella, subiendo muy suavemente camino directo del cielo. Después cerró los ojos. Estaba tan agotada que no se dio cuenta de que sólo en ese instante moría, y no antes, cuando creyó ver todas las constelaciones rodeándola.
José Donoso (Coronación)
Yo te he nombrado reina. Hay más altas que tú, más altas. Hay más puras que tú, más puras. Hay más bellas que tú, hay más bellas. Pero tú eres la reina. Cuando vas por las calles nadie te reconoce. Nadie ve tu corona de cristal, nadie mira la alfombra de oro rojo que pisas donde pasas, la alfombra que no existe. Y cuando asomas suenan todos los ríos en mi cuerpo, sacuden el cielo las campanas, y un himno llena el mundo. Sólo tú y yo, sólo tú y yo, amor mío, lo escuchamos.
Pablo Neruda
Olvidándose de todo, él se acercó a sus labios y la besó sin miedo. Él necesitaba partir con el gusto de su amada en su paladar. Eso le daría la fuerza para moverse en el campo de batalla y si acaso él muriese en el enfrentamiento, él moriría feliz.
Pet Torres (La Corona de Clavos (Esposa del Rey #1))
I'm just saying, when a woman in a maiden, she's in the spotlight. Everybody cares what a pretty, young girl does and says. And she's got some pretty strict archetypes to adhere to: Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella or Britney Spears. Pick your poison. But when you become a young mother? People don't give a fuck what you're doing. Their eyes glaze over before they even finish asking you. Once a woman starts doing the most important work of her life, all of a sudden, nobody wants to know a thing about it.
Rufi Thorpe (The Girls from Corona del Mar)
La certezza che il peggio è passato e la situazione è salda in mano fa perdere il controllo, si comincia di nuovo a osare. A quel punto l’uomo mette in atto il furbesco egoismo. Non fa tesoro dell’esperienza, torna quello che è sempre stato: un coglione.
Mauro Corona (La fine del mondo storto)
In the past decade, we have transitioned from an innovation economy to an exploitation economy. Innovation is dangerous and unpredictable. It changes market dynamics and creates opportunities for nimble new players to steal share from established players.
Scott Galloway (Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity)
My prayers and dreams are wrapped up together, vague and contradictory. "Let me leave my mark in the world," I say to the air around me. I don't want to feel so invisible, yet I'm torn between wishing to move away from this place and wanting it to be me and I it.
Laurel Corona (The Mapmaker's Daughter)
-Si me quito la corona y el cartucho, la cruz egipcia del brazo y el sello de la cintura, y los coloco sobre el césped, ¿me besarás Senmut? Giró la cabeza para mirarla y al ver sus ojos, brillantes por las lágrimas, que no se apartaban de los suyos, y el imperceptible temblor de sus labios, tomó ese rostro tan amado entre sus manos y comenzó a acariciarle las tersas mejillas con increíble gozo. -No -le susurró-. No, Poderosa señora. Os besaré tal cual estáis, mi Divina reina, alegría de mi corazón, hermana mía. No habrá engaños.
Pauline Gedge (Child of the Morning)
Cincuenta años dormiste siempre en tu santo lecho, el nuestro. Hoy, este olor a corona de flores rompe por fin con ese yermo ritual de sociedad onírica; hoy, este luto proclama airoso el hasta que la muerte los separe. Esta noche me zafo de tu cama dura y fría para yacer –libre por fin– en este estrecho cajón, del que tampoco te quieres separar, porque encorvado y oloroso a mentol te me sientas al lado en una incómoda silla de madera, para hasta el último momento echarme en cara que yo me marché primero. Antes de lograr que te fueras.
María Pérez-Talavera (Umbrales líquidos)
It will be okay," Franklin said. And even though I felt he was far too optimistic, I also suspected that there was wisdom in his optimism; Franklin's scale for "okay" spanned thousands of years. He didn't worry about someone being unhappy for a few hours or days. He didn't really worry about unhappiness at all. I think he worried about animals and sunlight and possibly grain. He worried about the furtherance of human knowledge as a grand cooperative endeavor that made him coworkers with everyone from Proust to Einstein to the author of Inanna.
Rufi Thorpe (The Girls from Corona del Mar)
Costco is well positioned to buck the ugly trends in retail for a number of reasons, including 11 billion of them sitting in its bank account. Honeywell’s $15 billion will likely carry it into a post-corona land of milk and honey. Johnson & Johnson has nearly $20 billion—it’s not going anywhere. Every one of these companies will have their pick of the assets and customers left behind when their weaker competitors shut down. In every category, there will be more concentration of power in the two or three companies with the strongest balance sheets.
Scott Galloway (Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity)
When the world is being painted with dark shades of hate and fear, and the majority are seeing the world as a place of bad fate & tear... you come out with positive vibes & energy and use bright colors of love and warmth and paint a beautiful rainbow of hope & good old cheer.
Avijeet Das
A pale, sweaty Corona bottle invaded my field of vision. It was clamped in a hand attached to a muscular arm with pale blond hair. “Peace offering,” Curran said. Did I hear him come in? No. I took the beer. He paused on the other side of the tub. He was wearing a white gym towel. “I’m about to take the towel off and hop in,” he said. “Fair warning.” There are times in life when shrugging takes nearly all of your will. “I’ve seen you naked.” “Didn’t want you to run away screaming or anything.” “You flatter yourself.” He took the towel off. I hadn’t exactly forgotten what he looked like without clothes. I just didn’t remember it being quite so tempting. He was built with survival in mind: strong but flexible, defined but hardly slender. You could bounce a quarter from his abs. Curran stepped into the tub. He was obviously in no hurry. It was like walking on a high bridge: don’t look down. Definitely not below his waist . . . Oh my. He sank into the hot water near me. I remembered to breathe. “How’s your back?” “It’s fine,” he said. “Thanks.” “Don’t mention it.” It had to be sore. “Does your side hurt?” “No.” His smile told me he knew we were both full of it.
Ilona Andrews (Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, #3))
—Escuchad mis palabras, sed testigos de mi juramento ... La noche se avecina, ahora empieza mi guardia. No terminará hasta el día de mi muerte. No tomaré esposa, no poseeré tierras, no engendraré hijos. No llevaré corona, no alcanzaré la gloria. Viviré y moriré en mi puesto. Soy la espada en la oscuridad. Soy el vigilante del Muro. Soy el fuego que arde contra el frío, la luz que trae el amanecer, el cuerno que despierta a los durmientes, el escudo que defiende los reinos de los hombres. Entrego mi vida y mi honor a la Guardia de la Noche, durante esta noche y todas las que estén por venir.
George R.R. Martin
¿Pero eso no era lo que soñaba cada chica? ¿Despertarse y encontrarse a sí misma como una princesa? ¿o bendecida con poderes mágicos y un gran destino? Tal vez había gente que vivía esas vidas. Tal vez esta chica era una de ellas. Pero ¿qué hay del resto de nosotros? ¿Qué con los donnadies, los nada, las chicas invisibles? Nosotros aprendemos a levantar nuestras cabezas como si usáramos coronas. Nosotras aprendemos a hacer magia a partir de lo ordinario. Así es como sobrevivías cuando no eras escogida, cuando no había sangre real en tus venas. Cuando el mundo no te debía nada, aun así, exigías algo.
Leigh Bardugo (Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows, #2))
It should now be abundantly clear that the comparison between the climate crisis and Covid-19 rests on a category mistake. It's a bit like comparing a war with a bullet. Covid-19 is one manifestation of a secular trend running parallel to the climate crises, a global sickening to match the global heating.
Andreas Malm (Corona, Climate, Chronic Emergency: War Communism in the Twenty-First Century)
remember didn't you sneak away from camp to have a moment alone with What you felt stirring across the land . . . it was the equinox . . . green spring equal nights . . . canyons are opening up, at the bottoms are steaming fumaroles, steaming the tropical life there like greens in a pot, rank, dope-perfume, a hood of smell . . . human consciousness, that poor cripple, that deformed and doomed thing, is about to be born. This is the World just before men. Too violently pitched alive in constant flow ever to be seen by men directly. They are meant only to look at it dead, in still strata, transputrefied to oil or coal. Alive, it was a threat: it was Titans, was an overpeaking of life so clangorous and mad, such a green corona about Earth's body that some spoiler had to be brought in before it blew the Creation apart. So we, the crippled keepers, were sent out to multiply, to have dominion. God's spoilers. Us. Counter-revolutionaries. It is our mission to promote death. The way we kill, the way we die, being unique among the Creatures. It was something we had to work on, historically and personally. To build from scratch up to its present status as reaction, nearly as strong as life, holding down the green uprising. But only nearly as strong.
Thomas Pynchon (Gravity's Rainbow)
What had tormented him ever since the psychotic episode with the personnel manager at Corona Corporation was this: suppose it was not a hallucination? Suppose the so-called personnel manager was as he had seen him, an artificial construct, a machine like these teaching machines? If that had been the case, then there was no psychosis. Instead of a psychosis, he had thought again and again, it was more on the order of a vision, a glimpse of absolute reality, with the façade stripped away. And it was so crushing, so radical an idea, that it could not be meshed with his ordinary views. And the mental disturbance had come out of that.
Philip K. Dick (Martian Time-Slip)
. . . waves of desert heat . . . I must’ve passed out, because when I woke up I was shivering and stars wheeled above a purple horizon. . . . Then the sun came up, casting long shadows. . . . I heard a vehicle coming. Something coming from far away, gradually growing louder. There was the sound of an engine, rocks under tires. . . . Finally it reached me, the door opened, and Dirk Bickle stepped out. . . . But anyway so Bickle said, “Miracles, Luke. Miracles were once the means to convince people to abandon reason for faith. But the miracles stopped during the rise of the neocortex and its industrial revolution. Tell me, if I could show you one miracle, would you come with me and join Mr. Kirkpatrick?” I passed out again, and came to. He was still crouching beside me. He stood up, walked over to the battered refrigerator, and opened the door. Vapor poured out and I saw it was stocked with food. Bickle hunted around a bit, found something wrapped in paper, and took a bottle of beer from the door. Then he closed the fridge, sat down on the old tire, and unwrapped what looked like a turkey sandwich. He said, “You could explain the fridge a few ways. One, there’s some hidden outlet, probably buried in the sand, that leads to a power source far away. I figure there’d have to be at least twenty miles of cable involved before it connected to the grid. That’s a lot of extension cord. Or, this fridge has some kind of secret battery system. If the empirical details didn’t bear this out, if you thoroughly studied the refrigerator and found neither a connection to a distant power source nor a battery, you might still argue that the fridge had some super-insulation capabilities and that the food inside had been able to stay cold since it was dragged out here. But say this explanation didn’t pan out either, and you observed the fridge staying the same temperature week after week while you opened and closed it. Then you’d start to wonder if it was powered by some technology beyond your comprehension. But pretty soon you’d notice something else about this refrigerator. The fact that it never runs out of food. Then you’d start to wonder if somehow it didn’t get restocked while you slept. But you’d realize that it replenished itself all the time, not just while you were sleeping. All this time, you’d keep eating from it. It would keep you alive out here in the middle of nowhere. And because of its mystery you’d begin to hate and fear it, and yet still it would feed you. Even though you couldn’t explain it, you’d still need it. And you’d assume that you simply didn’t understand the technology, rather than ascribe to it some kind of metaphysical power. You wouldn’t place your faith in the hands of some unknowable god. You’d place it in the technology itself. Finally, in frustration, you’d come to realize you’d exhausted your rationality and the only sensible thing to do would be to praise the mystery. You’d worship its bottles of Corona and jars of pickled beets. You’d make up prayers to the meats drawer and sing about its light bulb. And you’d start to accept the mystery as the one undeniable thing about it. That, or you’d grow so frustrated you’d push it off this cliff.” “Is Mr. Kirkpatrick real?” I asked. After a long gulp of beer, Bickle said, “That’s the neocortex talking again.
Ryan Boudinot (Blueprints of the Afterlife)
We are living in the world of pandemic. Life is not the same as it was before. We have to choose new ways of living. Being ignorance or in denial won’t make you immune to the virus. Choose to be responsible and always be careful. Watch what you do, where you go and what you touch. You can practice your freedom by choosing to be safe.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
The result has been disproportionate suffering. Lower-income Americans and people of color are more likely to be infected and face twice the risk of serious illness than people from higher-income households.7 For the wealthy, time with family, Netflix, savings, and stock portfolio value have all increased as commutes and costs have declined.
Scott Galloway (Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity)
This is the time to trade in hope. Buy, sell, barter, distribute, exchange & spread hope. Promote so much hope that even the hope start hoping to establish a permanent residence in our minds. Remember, the markets are under siege by armies of disbelief, distrust, doubt, fear, hopelessness, despair, discouragement & pessimism. The most efficient weapon & shield against this enemy is "the hope.
Shahenshah Hafeez Khan
He stood up, rushed to the fanned-out glossy company brochures. His finger landed on one in the center. Three stylized gold crowns. Corona Labs—BRINGING THE FUTURE TODAY. “This,” he said, finger tapping. Each time he touched the paper it seemed to get warmer. This turned out to be the brochure for a new company. Catherine picked it up, showed it to her husband. “I thought I knew more or less all the research labs in the country, but this is a new one.” Mac turned the glossy paper over in his big hands. There was a videolette loop embedded in the paper, all the rage nowadays. Some smiling woman in a lab coat endlessly raising a test tube in triumph, putting it down, raising it . . . Nick was shaking with tension. The logo, the name Corona Laboratories meant nothing to him, but still they shone in his mind.
Lisa Marie Rice (I Dream of Danger (Ghost Ops, #2))
I will always give you hope. Here is why. We will get through this. I want you to know this. This Easter I just chilled at home. So did you. Today I told a friend who was feeling low I told her this. We are in this moment. I know it is scary and depressing. BUT next year this will be a story. Maybe a topic of conversation on a first date. When this whole thing is over it will be "do you remember when" and we will get there. This too shall pass.
Johnny Corn
Una betulla, innamorata di un maggiociondolo, attendeva che il vento la piegasse per andarlo a baciare, ma, per quanto il vento soffiasse forte, le mancavano sempre quei pochi centimetri per giungere al bacio agognato. Così, in attesa dell'evento impossibile, la betulla gli parlava senza speranza. Fu il Vajont che li unì. Strappati e trascinati via dall'acqua, si toccarono per un breve istante. Così, prima di morire, anche il maggiociondolo ebbe un po' d'amore
Mauro Corona (Le voci del bosco)
Government didn’t say you must stop worshiping God. You must stop praying or preaching the word of God. You must stop believing in God or exercising your faith. You must stop your religion, but what is asking for is everyone should stop human contact. and should social distance themselves, because the virus spread easily in a group of people. By limiting contact, it means not going to church, Easter, clubs, Tavern, events, malls, gym ,school, work. I need you to do your part in order for me to survive.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
Refuse to come out of the lockdown being the same. Its either you will appreciate things, people, your job and life more. Its either you would have acquired new or more skills, knowledge ,information or you have improved in them. Its either you saw what you were doing wrong, what is important in life and what you should focus on. Its either your saw which people to be with or which ones to avoid. This lockdown has enough me time to help you to get your life together. Refuse to come out of it being the same.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
Por esta floristería pasan hombres y mujeres que necesitan comunicar una emoción o enviar un mensaje para el que no encuentran las palabras: respeto, agradecimiento, admiración, desamor, pérdida, amor, celebración... Unos compran flores para un nacimiento y otros por una muerte. Unos las encargan para restar sobriedad a sus despachos, otros para dar vida a sus casas. Algunos las prefieren vivas, aún prendidas de la tierra, otros muertas o disecadas. En unos casos las prefieren a punto de abrirse para que duren más, a otros en cambio les gustan perecederas como las margaritas que empiezan a deshojarse. De una en una o de cien en cien... a veces las enviamos al camerino del teatro español, otras forman coronas en la iglesia de San Sebastián, las compras madres a sus madres, infieles a sus mujeres, amantes a sus amantes, el Palace para su retretes, las ancianas para sus balcones... Yo tengo la teoría de que a cada persona le corresponde una flor. Y a cada etapa de su vida, también. Hay mujeres que compran flores y otras que no. Eso es todo
Vanessa Montfort (Mujeres que compran flores)
Ticchettio d'ingranaggi. Rumore di pistoni. Sbuffi di vapore. Boyle. Rufus Leddy Boyle, lo scienziato pazzo. Henry sentì crescere dentro di sé la paura, come albume d'uovo montato a neve. In che mani era finito? Tentò ancora di muoversi, ma invano. L'ombra dell'uomo che aveva appena parlato gli coprì il viso. «So che potete sentirmi, lord Demison. Sono il colonnello Comask». Pausa. Anche l'uomo chiamato “dottor Boyle” entrò nel campo visivo di Henry. Poi il colonnello proseguì: «Avete servito egregiamente la corona, ma date le circostanze, credo che sia opportuno congedarvi. Non c'è urgenza di recuperare i documenti. E, almeno per il momento, la vostra missione è compiuta». Fece un saluto militare. «Ci rivedremo a Londra». Salutò il dottore e se ne andò. Henry era ancora impossibilitato a muoversi. Vide il dottor Boyle farsi più vicino e togliersi gli occhialini di protezione. Gli lesse negli occhi una strana mescolanza di orgoglio e compassione. «Bentornato tra i civili, lord Demison», disse l'uomo con insolita dolcezza. «E benvenuto nella vostra nuova vita».
Monica Serra (Evaporismi)
Cuando entiendes que la vida es una prueba, te das cuenta de que nada es insignificante para ti. Aun los percances más pequeños tienen significado para el desarrollo de tu carácter. Cada día es importante y cada segundo es una oportunidad para hacer crecer y profundizar tu carácter, para demostrar amor y depender de Dios. Algunas pruebas parecen abrumadoras y otras ni siquiera las sientes. Pero todas ellas tienen implicaciones eternas. Lo bueno es que Dios desea que sobrepases las pruebas de la vida, y él nunca permite que las que enfrentas sean mayores que la gracia que él te otorga para sobrellevarlas. La Escritura dice: «Pero Dios es fiel, y no permitirá que ustedes sean tentados más allá de lo que puedan aguantar. Más bien, cuando llegue la tentación, él les dará también una salida a fin de que puedan resistir».3 Cada vez que superas una prueba, Dios toma nota y hace planes para recompensarte en la eternidad. Santiago dice: «Dichoso el que resiste la tentación porque, al salir aprobado, recibirá la corona de la vida que Dios ha prometido a quienes lo aman».4
Rick Warren (Una vida con proposito: Para que estoy aqui en la tierra? (The Purpose Driven Life))
Some have characterized the boomers as optimistic, but to my view they were simply soft and rather unprepared. They didn’t know how to cook or sew or balance their own checkbooks. They were bad at opening the mail. They got headaches while trying to lead Girl Scout meetings, and they sat down in folding chairs with their fingers pinching the bridges of their noses, trying not to cry over how boring and hard life had turned out to be, as around them feverish little girls screamed with laughter over the fact that one of them had stepped in poop..
Rufi Thorpe (The Girls from Corona del Mar)
Now for some hope. It's Easter Sunday. The day that is usually spent with family and friends. This year is more chill. That's all. Just hanging out by staying in. ON the other side of this we will all talk about this time. It will be like where you were for the great quake of 1989 or 9-11 or where you were when JFK was shot. It's going to be one of those kinds of moments. BUT the we made it through those times. We will make it through this. We are stronger together. Plus we will have a big Easter together next year! This year let's all just chill in place.
Johnny Corn
How has my industry raised prices at this rate without improving the product? At a few elite institutions, including NYU, we’ve leveraged scarcity. More than a business strategy, it’s become a fetish—believing you are a luxury brand instead of a public servant. Ivy Leagues have acceptance rates of 4–10%. A university president bragging about rejecting 90% of applicants is tantamount to a homeless shelter taking pride in turning away 90% of the needy that arrive each night. And this is not about standards or brand dilution. In an essay explaining his decision to stop conducting application interviews for his alma mater, Princeton, journalist Bryan Walsh observed, “The secret of elite college admissions is that far more students deserve to attend these colleges than are admitted, and there is virtually no discernible difference between those who make it and the many more who just miss out.” In support, he offered this statement from Princeton’s own dean of admissions: “We could have admitted five or six classes to Princeton from the [applicant] pool.”4 So, with a $26 billion endowment, the question becomes, Why wouldn’t you?
Scott Galloway (Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity)
It is strange that God, who is beyond the limits of time, manifests Himself within time and its transformations. If you don’t know “where” God is – and people sometimes ask such questions – you have to look at everything that changes and moves, that doesn’t fit into a shape, that fluctuates and disappears: the surface of the sea, the dances of the sun’s corona, earthquakes, the continental drift, snows melting and glaciers moving, rivers flowing to the sea, seeds germinating, the wind that sculpts mountains, a foetus developing in its mother’s belly, wrinkles near the eyes, a body decaying in the grave, wines maturing, or mushrooms growing after a rain. God is present in every process. God is vibrating in every transformation. Now He is there, now there is less of Him, but sometimes He is not there at all, because God manifests Himself even in the fact that He is not there. People – who themselves are in fact a process – are afraid of whatever is impermanent and always changing, which is why they have invented something that doesn’t exist – invariability, and recognised that whatever is eternal and unchanging is perfect. So they have ascribed invariability to God, and that was how they lost the ability to understand Him.
Olga Tokarczuk (Primeval and Other Times)
Been given preferential doesn’t mean you are important and others are not. Been made an essential on this lockdown doesn't mean you are excluded from being infected. Now people are competing to get infected by the virus. They are playing power games and trying to prove a point ,that they can reason and they can also get what they want. Meanwhile their lives are at stake here. Its going to end in tears, not because of the lockdown being lifted, but because people don’t want to listen. People don’t want to do be told on what to do and people don’t want to follow orders or instructions on how they can save their lives.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
This pandemic is world reset. We have a chance to change the world. What is has proven is no matter what your politics, no matter what your religion, no matter what your job status. We are all brother and sister in the world together. Human kindness has come out in so many ways. Can't buy a mask people make it for you. Don't have food, let me drop some off at your porch. Love is all around you. All you have to do is look! I think the world need a hippie right now and I am going to be a tad optimistic. Some advise from the original hippie. Love Thy Neighbor As Yourself. Let's have that as the new rule in this world reset.
Johnny Corn
In any discussion of serial killers, a few notorious names—those of the most prolific killers—always get mentioned. Ted Bundy admitted to killing thirty women, but it could well have been more. Gary Ridgeway, also known as the Green River Killer, was convicted of murdering forty-eight, but later confessed to others. John Wayne Gacy was convicted of killing thirty-three people. Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted of murdering and partially ingesting fifteen people. David Berkowitz, New York City’s “Son of Sam,” shot and killed six people. Less well known but significant are Dennis Rader, who killed ten people in Wichita, Kansas, and Aileen Wuornos, portrayed by Charlize Theron in the film Monster, who killed six men. Wayne Williams was convicted of killing only two men, but he is believed to have killed anywhere from twenty-three to twenty-nine children in Atlanta. Robert Hansen confessed to four murders but is suspected of more than seventeen. Juan Corona was convicted of murdering twenty-five people. Their crimes are all horrific, and the number of victims is heartbreaking. But all these most notorious serial killers stand in the shadow of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Strangely, Gosnell appears in no list we have found of known U.S. serial killers, though he is the biggest of them all. In reality, Kermit Gosnell deserves the top spot on any list of serial murderers. He’s earned it.
Ann McElhinney (Gosnell: The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer)
One day the world stopped because of the thing. We knew it was there and knew it was dangerous because, you know, it left bodies in the dirt. We all stayed in – couldn’t touch, shouldn’t meet, mustn’t dance. God forbid we kiss. Eventually, the thing got tired. Besides, it knew it wasn’t welcome, even though, the grass grew better, and the birds worried less, and the air breathed deeper as the humans breathed less. We all stayed in – couldn’t touch, shouldn’t meet, mustn’t dance. God forbid we kiss. I hope we remember what we once did; blocking airways, blocking enemies, blocking friends. Let things mend. One day, the world stopped. Another day, it started again and acted like it had never stopped. It does things like that. I do hope we remember that life is not long and love is not free, unless it is.
Donna Goddard (Strange Words - A Book of Poetry)
Si daca victoria lui ma pune pe ganduri, n-as putea sa nu observ ca unica sansa a toreadorului e sa aiba incredere, in arena, in ceea ce face. Viata lui depinde de credinta lui. Trebuie sa creada in sine, in arta sa, in sansa sa, fara sa fie nici arogant, nici umil. Curajul prostesc si teama de risc sunt deopotriva de primejdioase pentru el. Un toreador - imi iau libertatea de a folosi acest cuvant intr-un sens larg - nu poarta obligatoriu un costum stralucitor si nu tine neaparat o sabie in mana. El poate, foarte bine, sa se foloseasca de o masina de scris (!), eventual o "Smith Corona" veche, prapadita, obosita, care trebuie asezata uneori oblic pentru a functiona, dar inca mai poate fi utilizata, ca arma, impotriva spaimei ca timpul trece nemilos. [...] Toreadorul nu risca, infruntandu-si taurul, sa fie ucis. El are posibilitatea sa ezite, sa faca un pas inapoi, apoi altul (fara sa i se reproseze asta), sa revina, sa corecteze o stangacie, sa repare o greseala. Nimeni nu-l vede, nu-l urmareste cu sufletul la gura cand se lupta, nu-l sileste sa braveze daca se teme, nu-l face sa simta rasuflarea fierbinte a destinului in ceafa, iar un pas gresit nu se plateste pe loc. El poate amana confruntarea cand e obosit, poate cumpani, poate renunta de o mie de ori, fara ca nimeni sa afle, si tot de atatea ori sa o ia de la capat. Dincolo de fereastra, in acest timp, nu se modifica nimic; aceiasi plopi innegriti de ploi, aceleasi ziduri cu iedera uscata. In schimb, taurul poate veni aici din orice ungher. Si poate fi orice: o teama, plictiseala, o amintire, o indoiala, o deruta. E un taur care nu omoara, dar e, poate, mai greu de rapus fiindca el ataca uneori insasi vointa de a invinge.
Octavian Paler (Viața ca o coridă)
We have written the equations of water flow. From experiment, we find a set of concepts and approximations to use to discuss the solution--vortex streets, turbulent wakes, boundary layers. When we have similar equations in a less familiar situation, and one for which we cannot yet experiment, we try to solve the equations in a primitive, halting, and confused way to try to determine what new qualitatitive features may come out, or what new qualitative forms are a consequence of the equations. Our equations for the sun, for example, as a ball of hydrogen gas, describe a sun without sunspots, without the rice-grain structure of the surface, without prominences, without coronas. Yet, all of these are really in the equations; we just haven't found the way to get them out. ...The test of science is its ability to predict. Had you never visited the earth, could you predict the thunderstorms, the volcanoes, the ocean waves, the auroras, and the colourful sunset? A salutary lesson it will be when we learn of all that goes on on each of those dead planets--those eight or ten balls, each agglomerated from the same dust clouds and each obeying exactly the same laws of physics. The next great era of awakening of human intellect may well produce a method of understanding the qualitative content of equations. Today we cannot. Today we cannot see that the water flow equations contain such things as the barber pole structure of turbulence that one sees between rotating cylinders. Today we cannot see whether Schrodinger's equation contains frogs, musical composers, or morality--or whether it does not. We cannot say whether something beyond it like God is needed, or not. And so we can all hold strong opinions either way.
Richard P. Feynman
I saw the Tracker—but that’s wrong, really. I saw right to where the tracking thing was. I saw those winnowing tentacles come out again, and the front figure pause, and then—it’s the only word that actually describes it—ooze on again on its via dolorosa. And at that the hind figure seemed to summon all its strength. It seemed to open out a fringe of arms or tentacles, a sort of corona of black rays spread out. It gaped with a full expansion, and even I could feel that there was a perfectly horrible attraction, or vacuum drag, being exerted. That was horrible enough, with the face of the super-suffering man now almost under me resonating my own terror. But the worst thing was that, as the tentacles unwrapped and winnowed out toward their prey, I saw they weren’t really tentacles at all. They were spreading cracks, veins, fissures, rents of darkness expanding from a void, a gap of pure blackness. There’s only one way to say it—one was seeing right through the solid world into a gap, an ultimate maelstrom. And from it was spreading out a—I can only call it so—a negative sunrise of black radiation that would deluge and obliterate everything. Of course it was still only a fissure, a vent, but one realized—This is a hole, a widening hole, that has been pierced in the dike that defends the common-sense, sensuous world. Through this vortex-hole that is rapidly opening, over this lip and brink, everything could slip, fall in, find no purchase, be swallowed up. It was like watching a crumbling cliff with survivors clinging to it being undercut and toppling into a black tide that had swallowed up its base. This negative force could drag the solidest things from their base, melt them, engulf the whole hard, visible world. And we were right on that brink. What was after us, for I knew now I was in its field, was not a thing of any passions or desires. Those are limited things, satiable things—in a way, balanced things, and so familiar, safe even, almost friendly in comparison with this. You know the grim saying, “You can give a sop to Cerberus, but not to his Master.” No, this was—that’s the technical term, I found, coined by those who have been up against this and come back alive—this was absolute Deprivation, really insatiable need, need that nothing can satisfy, absolute refusal to give, to yield. It is the second strongest thing in the universe, and, indeed, outside that. It could swallow the whole universe, and the universe would go for nothing, because in that gap the whole universe could fill not a bit of it. It would remain as empty, as gaping, as insatiable as ever, for it is the bottomless pit made by unstanchable Lack.
Gerald Heard (Dromenon: The Best Weird Stories of Gerald Heard)