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By reading the scriptures I am so renewed that all nature seems renewed around me and with me. The sky seems to be a pure, a cooler blue, the trees a deeper green. The whole world is charged with the glory of God and I feel fire and music under my feet.
Thomas Merton
Yesterday, she had pulled out of the freezer a few special juices from the Looms that she had frozen last fall and set them in the cooler to thaw. When she had pressed them last October, they hadn't produced as much juice as the apples from younger trees, but even the raw juices by themselves were interesting and complex, layers of apple and honey and something earthier. At the time, she'd decided to save them for inspiration to strike. As she had lain in bed, though, waiting for the first rays of light, a color blossomed. A rosy pink, with a hint of coral, bold and opaque. It didn't have any sharp edges. She knew instantly it required juice from one of the Looms. She measured and blended, noting each of the juices she used and in what combination. Two parts Rambo, one part Winesap, a half part Britegold. She sipped it, but the color was too red, almost searing. She needed something to mute it. She walked into the large freezer where she had stored some of the frozen juices and even a few bushels of frozen apples she was experimenting with. She ran her fingers over the giant apple ice cubes in flattened Ziploc bags, closing her eyes and letting the colors emerge- green, periwinkle, sunshine yellow, and a sunset orange.
Amy E. Reichert (The Simplicity of Cider)
What's an idea? It's a little seed that is diligently and responsibly planted in the soil of the human space. It's a flash of inspiration that takes control of the mind and hands and feet. A distant opportunity brought closer. A change seen but not yet experienced. An 'unreasonable' suggestion pondered and acted on. A thought so innocuous. A feeling so fleeting. A fight almost dodged. A hope you are tempted to leave in the cooler. A power that towers all. Nothing happens without an idea. And every idea needs a daring man or woman. Isn't an IDEA better pronounced and understood as 'I DARE'?
Abiodun Fijabi
We want to freeze the perfect moment, hold on to it, at least long enough to understand it. But it dances on with us or without us, so we jump in and try to keep up. The universe is expanding and we are just two of a billion stars.
Rob Sheffield (Talking to Girls About Duran Duran: One Young Man's Quest for True Love and a Cooler Haircut)