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I got the job as a Bingo host and did better than they imagined. Never before had they had an emcee so affable and funny, so enthusiastic to give away prizes, or so quick to make a tumor joke after calling out 'B-9'".
John Bennardo (Just a Typo: The Cancellation of Celebrity Mo Riverlake)
His voice was cloves and nightingales, it took us to spice markets in the Celebs, we drifted with him on a houseboat beyond the Coral Sea. We were like cobras following a reed flute.
Janet Fitch (White Oleander)
The THE TABLOIDS are always going to be a war for POPULARITY in the CELEB world.
Meg Cabot
Most of the time when I have met artists who have meant a lot to me, the experience has been well above expectation. People like Iggy, Lou Reed, Jerry Lee Lewis, Black Sabbath, Nick Cave, Hubert Selby Jr, Billy Gibbons, Al Pacino, John Lee Hooker, James Brown, Johnny Cash etc. have been really great to me. What strikes me is most of the time, the bigger the celeb/legend, the more polite and cool they are. It's the insecure ones who treat you like they're doing you a favor by shaking your hand.
Henry Rollins
If you ask where a relationship is going too often the question has a habit of turning into where the relationship went. Unfortunately, however, God has given women an inbuilt irresistible urge to insist on knowing where their relationships are going, and to force their partners to discuss the matter at length whenever they are late for something.
Helen Fielding (Cause Celeb)
Quite quickly I grew less deranged. I had begun the process of calming down, assimilating and compromising, which is necessary to live comfortably in the world as it is, and probably is why its imbalance never changes. But underneath, my idea of life was completely altered.
Helen Fielding (Cause Celeb)
It occurred to me that if Africa needed us, sometimes we needed Africa a great deal more.
Helen Fielding (Cause Celeb)
... Was a combo of Sal Dali and Ronald McDonald. A fringe celeb wheeled out for Tv appearances.
Saira Viola (Jukebox: a stylish London crime novel)
Up steps, three, six, nine, twelve! Slap! Their palms hit the library door. * * * They opened the door and stepped in. They stopped. The library deeps lay waiting for them. Out in the world, not much happened. But here in the special night, a land bricked with paper and leather, anything might happen, always did. Listen! and you heard ten thousand people screaming so high only dogs feathered their ears. A million folk ran toting cannons, sharpening guillotines; Chinese, four abreast marched on forever. Invisible, silent, yes, but Jim and Will had the gift of ears and noses as well as the gift of tongues. This was a factory of spices from far countries. Here alien deserts slumbered. Up front was the desk where the nice old lady, Miss Watriss, purple-stamped your books, but down off away were Tibet and Antarctica, the Congo. There went Miss Wills, the other librarian, through Outer Mongolia, calmly toting fragments of Peiping and Yokohama and the Celebes.
Ray Bradbury (Something Wicked This Way Comes (Green Town, #2))
If there’s a sure-fire way to stop the awe of meeting a celeb, it was for them to be a complete and utter twat.
Tillie Cole (Eternally North (Eternally North, #1))
Funny how at twenty-five you worry about not being taken seriously and take being a sex object for granted. Later you take being taken seriously for granted, and worry about not being a sex object.
Helen Fielding (Cause Celeb)
I'm mad because girls as young as eight years old are being shamed about their bodies. Fifth graders go on diets and admire Instagram pics of celebs in waist trainers. Some of the people I'm closest to have struggled with eating disorders. I'm mad at an industry that suggests that painfully thin is the only acceptable way to be. Please don't get on me for skinny shaming. If that's how you are shaped, God bless, but we gotta mix it up, because it's upsetting and confusing to women with other body types.
Amy Schumer (The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo)
Maybe there are just some men like that in the world, I thought. Men who have to be in charge, who have to punish those who awaken feelings in them which they cannot control. Men who will lure you with tenderness till you believe that you are safe then slap you down. Men whom it is impossible for anyone to love without losing their dignity. Men who have to damage those who love them most. But, then, I had fallen on love with one, so what did that make me?
Helen Fielding (Cause Celeb)
I groped you like a blind whore in a braille factory, okay?! 
Nicole Christie (Celeb Crush)
I'm sorry but it’s just so…wow. Aren't you even a little bit excited? I mean come on, Jaxxon, you've had enough celebs flirting with you like crazy and haven’t even blushed.” “Anna, they’re just people. Same as you and me. Just because I get to occasionally see them on the big platinum box in my apartment doesn't mean they deserve to be worshipped like gods. Granted, most of them have worked hard to get where they are but so do plenty of other people and just because their job doesn't get them on the big box doesn't mean they’re worth any less than anyone here, does it?
Suzanne Wright (From Rags)
Once, I told a bitchy pop star that Luke had given me a case of rhododendrons.  Just to see what would happen.  She freaked out, and
Nicole Christie (Celeb Crush)
do celebs ever get to sleep?
Bethany Hamilton (Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family and Fighting to Get Back on the Board)
If you’re passionate about something then it will definitely work out for you.” Ariana Grande
Tom Cannon (Ariana Grande: Biography, Facts, Quotes And Pictures (The Ultimate Ariana Grande Fanbook For Kids & Teens) (I Love My Celeb 3))
Show business imposes its own strict temporality: no matter how many CDs or DVDs we own, it would still have been better to have been there, to have seen the living performers in the richness of their being and to have participated, however briefly, in the glory of their performance.
Larry McMurtry (The Colonel and Little Missie: Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, and the Beginnings of Superstardom in America (includes 16 pages of B&W photographs))
I groped you like a blind whore in a braille factory, okay?!  And then I shoved your hand down my pants, and rode it all the way to Happy Town!
Nicole Christie (Celeb Crush)
One element you need for a great mix or mastering as producer. Is confidence in what you do.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
You rarely saw the celebs protesting anything of substance. The Glades weren't a sexy enough cause, but give the latest blonde-haired twenty-something who'd just hit it big on TV six or seven horn-tailed, red-spotted, sticky-beaked, pigeon-toed, multi-striped tree-owls who might occasionally fly over the two-mile zone pumping millions of barrels of oil out of the ground, and suddenly she began to feel a stronger connection to the land than the Ancient Ones, the Anasazi. Two months later of course, the only red-spotted, sticky-beaked creature in sight would be the little blonde's flush face when she made it on TMZ for failing a breathalyzer test and cursing the cop arresting her, shouting the typical Hollywood star mantra: "Don't you know who I am?
Bobby Underwood (The Turquoise Shroud (Seth Halliday #1))
The frenzied hypernatalism of the women's magazines alone (and that includes People, Us, and InStyle), with their endless parade of perfect, "sexy" celebrity moms who've had babies, adopted babies, been to sperm banks, frozen their eggs for future use, hatched frozen eggs, had more babies, or adopted a small Tibetan village all to satisfy their "baby lust," is enough to make you want to get your tubes tied. (These profiles always insist that celebs all love being "moms" much, much more than they do their work, let alone being rich and famous, and that they'd spend every second with their kids if they didn't have that pesky blockbuster movie to finish.)
Susan J. Douglas (The Mommy Myth: The Idealization of Motherhood and How It Has Undermined All Women)
Most nobodies are somebodies and most somebodies are nobodies somewhere.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Being known by, or getting the attention of, millions of people is almost always wasted on someone who is neither thought-provoking nor knowledgeable … or at least funny.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
If I can do it, anybody can do it. Willpower is strong! I believe that. You just have to have faith in yourself—and God—and make sure you know where your priorities stand.
Gavin MacLeod (This Is Your Captain Speaking: My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith and Life)
He says my name like it’s a prayer, and I feel like a goddess.
Nicole Christie (Celeb Crush)
You are definitely not famous if only less than a million sane people are interested in your sex life.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
We Close In Fifteen Minutes by Stewart Stafford Found myself the only taker, Of a minefield guided tour, Through no man's land life, Every exit is now invisible. Stardom magnified my flaws, A broken man lost in a maze, A deadly structure's hostage, A hermit in denial's labyrinth. Glimpse dwindling fragments, In the looking glass of hubris, Flounder in glossy quicksand, The solutions devoured whole. © Stewart Stafford, 2023. All rights reserved.
Stewart Stafford
Setting sail from Tidore, his next port of call was the island of Celebes, where he found himself royally entertained by the King of Butung.... This island unknown to the English but Middleton (Captain David Middleton) enjoyed his stay here and found the King a curious fellow who was only to keen to entertain his guests with banquets and sweetmeats. Some meals were novel affairs; the ship's purser found himself eating in a room whose interior decor consisted entirely of rotting human heads, dangling from the ceiling.
Giles Milton (Nathaniel's Nutmeg: How One Man's Courage Changed the Course of History)
I know about Trina. You bitch.” Shoulders hunched, Peabody carefully pinned up murder. “It’s a special night. You’ll look really good, and you won’t have to do it all yourself. We won’t want the NYPSD to fall short of the Hollywood crowd, right? Team pride!” “Rah fucking rah.” “Really, Dallas, it’ll be good, it’ll be chilly, and we’ll look abso-mag by the time . . .” She trailed off again, face lighting up. “We will look mag. And if we take down this killer at the premiere, with cams everywhere, it’ll be all over the screen like the flying baby. And we’ll look completely frosted.” “It’s so good you’ve got your priorities in place, Detective.” “Catching killers, that’s what we do. But if we get to do it at a big celeb event, there’s no downside to looking most totally excellent.
J.D. Robb
Most celebrities’ fame is domestic.
@Mokokoma Mokhonoana
A celebrity is merely someone who is known by way more people than most people.
@Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Some celebrities are longing for obscurity way more often or intensely than they chased fame.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Zhang is her brand’s face, design inspiration, marketing department, and much more. She and other web celebs find their customers on social media. The companies that run the back end are small, often no more than one or two hundred people, supporting over a dozen brands like LIN’s. They only sell online; they keep little to no inventory and own no factories. Yet they do a rousing business. In the first four months of 2015, LIN had 80 million RMB in sales (about US$11 million), keeping nearly 30 percent as pure profit.8 LIN and other web-celeb companies have evolved quickly since 2015 and can show readers from traditional industries a new approach to operations, marketing, and data-driven strategy.
Ming Zeng (Smart Business: What Alibaba's Success Reveals about the Future of Strategy)
and plays on your vulnerabilities — you are not smart or strong or tall enough. Does it claim to be rich in a nutrient or have extra doses of a nutrient? Iron, fibre, protein, vitamin D? Textbook nutritionism (read previous chapter or ask your parents about it once they have read it). Is it giving you a free toy for buying the product or a chance to win an iPhone or an all-expenses paid foreign trip? Illegal in a lot of countries where governments are active in protecting children from the cheap and unethical marketing practices of food companies. Does your favourite movie star or cricketer endorse the product? Truth be told, you are only engaged as a brand ambassador of junk food when you have a fit and agile body. Essentially, it means that you have had the mental and physical discipline to stay away from the very food that you are endorsing. And to tell you a secret, the celebs won’t even consume it on the day of the shoot; they
Rujuta Diwekar (Notes for Healthy Kids)
It is very rare for someone to want and to deserve to be famous.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Wouldn’t a no one do as well as a someone about whom nothing can be said?
Johnny Rich (The Human Script)
SUMMIT PLUMMET Celeb's conquest of a mountain, then jumping off, too exhausted to descend Kamil Ali
Kamil Ali (Profound Vers-A-Tales)
It is a matter of mere coincidence that there is often a real individual who corresponds with a celebrity, signifies them.
Johnny Rich (The Human Script)
His Justice Department treats stories of voter fraud like they were fantasies. DOJ even lets anarchists occupy public parks, because those anarchists claim that they’re in charge, and will attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them; from everyday citizens to cops to politicians. He lets the NSA, EPA, TSA, and USHA get away with murder for all practical purposes. They need to be reigned in or eliminated from the government. “In the four years he’s been in office, it seems like he spends most of his time golfing or partying with Hollywood celebs. It seems like he’s running for the most popular kid in high school at times.
Cliff Ball (Times of Trial: an End Times Thriller (The End Times Saga 3))
Don't hate that is the only way you will progress to success. Learn to congratulate and compliment others when they do good, win or succeed.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
@LucyFitz Topic of the day: Celebs who look like other celebs. @BroderickAdams to @LucyFitz Julia Roberts = Steven Tyler. @LucyFitz to @BroderickAdams#mindblown
L.H. Cosway (The Player and the Pixie (Rugby, #2))
Being a celebrity doesn't make a person an object.
Abhijit Naskar
I did my best to stay away from Pierce, even if ignoring him completely was impossible. It wasn't enough that he was popular at school and the local ice arenas, but a few news outlets had grabbed a hold of his YouTube channel, mostly his greatest hockey hits and the video equivalent of selfies, and turned him into a web celeb.
Erin Fletcher (All Laced Up (All Laced Up, #1))
expert on celeb parties AND a FINANCIAL wizard!
Rachel Renée Russell (Dork Diaries: Birthday Drama!)
We were not born into this life knowing that we were going to become rich or poor, striving or with a celeb status, sick or healthy. But one thing that I know is that the human mind is a powerful tool to achieve success. No matter the circumstances, greatness is when you push yourself above the odds.
Henry Johnson Jr
The celebs I hate are the manufactured celebs. Famous people are surrounded by parasites and cocksuckers - people who hope to make a bit out of it themselves or grab a few crumbs from the table. But a while back one of these parasites figured out "why go through all the hard work of trying to discover a talented sucker before somebugger else does?". "Why not just CREATE one, right here, right now?". So they pick someone who maybe owns one or two bits of the celebrity toolbox - an arse that doesn't look like it fell off the back of a refuse truck, or a complete lack of self-consciousness - and teach them to simulate the other bits. It works fine for the cameras, but when you meet them in real life - oh dear.
Andre the BFG (Andre's Adventures in MySpace (Book 3))
To lovers out there… It is important to let the people you are dating, married to or your are with that you Love them. They might know but they need to hear it now and then.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
When you feel like giving up. Remember that every person gives up when they are 1 second away from their breakthrough and success. They give up when the hardest part is over, and they are about to reach the finish line.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
A celeb is only a celeb if you remember them. It’s like we disappear if no one is paying any attention. We think we have all the power, but it’s actually the public who decides, just like with politicians. Except it’s really the record and movie execs and probably a few guys in a room in Washington, D.C., who control the purse strings and give the public the next number-one Billboard singer and movie star and president, but they make it seem like the public chose it so no one gets too upset.
Teddy Wayne (The Love Song of Jonny Valentine)
It is better to be a king in the jungle and be celebrated than to be an unknown champion where you’d not be afforded the kind of respect you deserve.
Olawale Daniel
It is impossible to be famous only on the Internet.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Did he really think anyone could take his celeb status away from him? How could Imran Khan, of all people, be insecure?
Reham Khan (Reham Khan)
Poetically if not geographically, the Kuria Murias belong to the same harmonious archipelago as Serendip, the Celebes, Tahiti and Taprobane, Andaman and Nicobar, the Isle of Grain and the Isle of Dogs. I had fallen in love with the name years before, in the atlas.
Tim Mackintosh-Smith (Travels with a Tangerine: A Journey in the Footnotes of Ibn Battutah)
Oh, for God’s sake, don’t bring him,” my brother Leo moaned. “I don’t want to be upstaged at my own wedding by the First Avenger. If you care about me at all, you’ll let some sad sack B-list celeb accompany you as usual. Like a hobbit, or someone from the DC Universe.
Kayley Loring (Duke: Faking the Play)