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Your legs look goddamn incredible in that skirt." Her rejoinder died in her throat and came out sounding like, "Guhhhh wham." An uncharacteristic smile shaped his mouth. "Ah, you gotta love a bilingual girl." "Oh, no. You don't get to be funny, too." "Too?" "Here you go." She shoved the scavenger hunt list into his waiting hand and tried to hide her embarrassment with a saucy look. "Think you can keep up?" "We both know I can keep it up.
Tessa Bailey (Baiting the Maid of Honor (Wedding Dare, #2))
sayings, folk tales, family history, and funny and important incidents told by previous generations and the extended family. A self-made, treasured family book can be jointly produced. The past is celebrated in the present; the contemporary is engraved in the history of the child.
Colin Baker (A Parents' and Teachers' Guide to Bilingualism)
It is not funny , rather stupid; We don't have bi-lingual dictionaries in African languages otjiherero/oshiwambo or khoekhoeb/Tswana or so , why are we much interested in oversees at our own expenses. Shame on us , shame on us the so called educated. Mental Independence is necessary , that's my new advocacy ..
Nguvi McKensey Kazaronda