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I kind of have to go to the bathroom," Aria said woozily. Ezra smiled. "Can I come?
Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars (Pretty Little Liars, #1))
Did you really believe I was Toby? Puh-lease. I would have killed myself too. I mean, honestly - ew. He totally had it coming. Karma's a bitch, and so am I - just ask Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer....
Sara Shepard (Flawless (Pretty Little Liars, #2))
Aria: I went to Hollis. Because I was looking know. Her. She was teaching an art class, so I ran inside, grabbed a paintbrush, and painted a scarlet A across her chest. You know, like that woman in The Scarlet Letter? It was awesome. She didn't know what hit her. And then I said, 'Now everyone will know what you've done'. Ella: Do you realize that Hester Prynne is supposed to be a sympathetic character?
Sara Shepard (Perfect (Pretty Little Liars, #3))
Mike drank straight from the carton, wiped his mouth, and stared at her. "You've been acting freaky. Are you high? Can I have some if you are?
Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars (Pretty Little Liars, #1))
I don't know what to do,' she finished. 'I feel like I'm the one who has to keep everyone together.
Sara Shepard (Flawless (Pretty Little Liars, #2))
When the game ended, Mike laid down his control paddle. "So you've met the Nordic goddess, right?" Aria glanced up at him warily. "Excuse me?" Mike rolled his eyes. "Duh. Klaudia, which I'm pretty sure is Scandinavian for sex vixen.
Sara Shepard (Twisted (Pretty Little Liars, #9))
But then Klaudia's lips curled ino a conniving smile."Actually, Aria, I'm going to fuck your boyfriend. Tonight." Aria started at her. It felt like Klaudia had just punched her in the throat. "Excuse me?" Klaudia scooted closer to Aria. "I'm going to fuck your boyfried," she said again -in textbook-perfect English. "Tonight. And there's nothing you can do about it.
Sara Shepard (Twisted (Pretty Little Liars, #9))
Fine,' Aria conceded. 'But *I'll* carry her.' She grabbed the baby seeat from the back. A smell of baby powder wafted up to greet her, bringing a lump in her throat. Her father Byron, and his girlfriend, Meredith, had just had a baby, and she loved Lola with all her heart. If she looked too long at this baby, she might love her just as much.
Sara Shepard (Stunning (Pretty Little Liars, #11))
Tell me this isn't happening," she murmured. "I was about to ask you the same thing," Aria said.
Sara Shepard (Vicious (Pretty Little Liars, #16))
Woo-hoo, everyone elses lives sucked ass too. It didn't really make Arias problems any easier.
Sara Shepard (Wicked (Pretty Little Liars, #5))
Aria smiled shyly. “How long are you staying?” “How long do you want me to stay?” Forever, Aria wanted to say.
Sara Shepard (Ruthless (Pretty Little Liars, #10))
When Courtney appeared from the hallway, a whisper of a smile emerged on her eerily familiar face; Spencer’s legs dissolved into Jell-O. Aria let out a small squeak.
Sara Shepard (Wanted (Pretty Little Liars, #8))
So then they’d snuggled up to each other, naked, and started to talk. Ezra told her about the time he was six and sculpted a red squirrel out of clay, only to have his brother squash it. How he used to smoke a lot of pot after his parents got divorced. About the time he had to take the family’s fox terrier to the vet to have her put to sleep. Aria told him about how when she was little, she kept a can of split pea soup named Pee as a pet and cried when her mom tried to cook Pee for dinner.
Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars (Pretty Little Liars, #1))
Aria Crosses Over
Sara Shepard (Heartless (Pretty Little Liars, #7))
Byron had learned from a monk he’d met during his graduate work in Japan: The obstacle is the path. Meaning what wouldn’t kill Aria would just make her stronger. But when she imagined moving in with Meredith, a more appropriate quote came to mind: There are some remedies worse than the disease.
Sara Shepard (Unbelievable (Pretty Little Liars, #4))
of cherry vanilla Diet Dr Pepper, and their cell phones splayed out on the coffee table. A month ago, Ali had come to school with a brand-new LG flip phone, and the others had rushed out to buy their own that very day. They all had pink leather holsters to match Ali’s, too—well, all except for Aria, whose holster was made of pink mohair. She’d knitted it herself. Aria moved the camera’s lever back and forth to zoom in and out. “And anyway, my face isn’t going to freeze like this. I’m concentrating on setting up this shot. This is for posterity. For when we become famous.” “Well, we all know I’m going to get famous.” Alison thrust back her shoulders and turned her head to the side, revealing her swanlike neck. “Why are you going to be famous?” Spencer challenged, sounding bitchier than she probably meant to. “I’m going to have my own show. I’ll
Sara Shepard (Perfect (Pretty Little Liars, #3))
Aria was younger and afraid to go to sleep because she thought a giant eel lived in her closet.
Sara Shepard (Deadly (Pretty Little Liars #14))
rocks at each other. One of them was Mike Montgomery, her old friend Aria’s little brother.
Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars (Pretty Little Liars, #1))