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Woman" this head like a saucer decorated with everything as lip to lip we hang in mechanical joy; my hands blaze with arias but i think of books on anatomy, and i fall from you as nations burn in anger… to recover from most pitiful error and rebuild, this is it loss and mending until they take us in. the glory of a saturday afternoon like biting into an old peach and you walk across the room heavy with everything except my love.
Charles Bukowski (Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame)
The truth is that I understood very little of what she was saying. Before Alex, what thrills I'd experienced I'd found in my imagination, the result of burying myself in book after book. I depended, I mean, on escape for my various joys. It had never occurred to me that real life might offer the smallest portion of the happiness I found in reading, the ordinary scaffolding of my day to day a thing I'd made a habit of burying under a thousand imagined lives, each more inviting than the last. And then she came along and it was as though life were a Christmas tree and I'd discovered the hidden switch, the whole thing lighting up in a blaze of color.
Aria Beth Sloss (Autobiography of Us)
Had you asked me the question a couple of hours ago, I would have been silly enough to think that the only feelings I felt for you were those of friendship. I know now that your friendship is no longer what I want. I’m in love with you and the knowledge that you will be far from me next year breaks my heart.” Maxime’s eyes shone as she spoke. “I feel the same.” He took her hand and pressed it lightly. “I promise you, we’ll find a way to make this work.” She kissed him as the sun’s last lingering rays set in a fiery blaze, while the swans swam near their lonely boat overlooking the two lovers and protecting their new love with the soft feathers of their outstretched wings.   *****
Anna Adams (Aria's Dream (The Aria Series, #2))
He possessed an uncanny ability to provoke me, stir my sensitivities, and ignite a blazing rage within me.
Neda Aria (Bella Donna)