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Therapies administered included but were not limited to: turning things off, then on again; picking them up a couple of inches and then dropping them; turning off nonessential appliances in this and other rooms; removing lids and wiggling circuit boards; extracting small contaminants, such as insects and their egg cases, with nonconducting chopsticks; cable-wiggling; incense-burning; putting folded-up pieces of paper beneath table legs; drinking tea and sulking; invoking unseen powers; sending runners to other rooms, buildings, or precincts with exquisitely calligraphed notes and waiting for them to come back carrying spare parts in dusty, yellowed cardboard boxes; and a similarly diverse suite of troubleshooting techniques in the realm of software.
Neal Stephenson (The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer)
A second element in the creation of commercial value is scarcity, the separation of people from whatever they might want or need. In artificial environments, where humans are separated from the sources of their survival, everything obtains a condition of relative scarcity and therefore value. There is the old story of the native living on a Pacific island, relaxing in a house on the beach, picking fruit from the tree and spearing fish in the water. A businessman arrives on the island, buys all the land, cuts down the trees and builds a factory. Then he hires the native to work in it for money so that someday the native can afford canned fruit and fish from the mainland, a nice little cinder-block house near the beach with a view of the water, and weekends off to enjoy it. The moment people move off land which has directly supported them, the necessities of life are removed from individual control. The things people could formerly produce for their survival must now be paid for. You may be living on the exact spot where a fruit tree once fed people. Now the fruit comes from five hundred miles away and costs thirty-five cents apiece. It is in the separation that the opportunity for profit resides. When the basic necessities are not scarce—in those places where food is still wild and abundant, for example—economic value can only be applied to new items. Candy bars, bottled or chemical milk, canned tuna, electrical appliances and CocaCola have all been intensively marketed in countries new to the market system. Because these products hadn’t existed in those places before, they are automatically relatively scarce and potentially valuable.
Jerry Mander (Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television)
Here is the correct order for performing renovations. 1.       Remove any flooring to be replaced 2.       Ceiling repair and ceiling painting 3.       Strip wallpaper, repair walls, paint walls 4.       Paint and replace trim, including crown molding 5.       Cabinet and countertop work 6.       Install tile or quality wood laminate flooring (this may shorten the space for the appliances that go under the counter like dishwashers, so be careful with measurements pre-floor installation) 7.       Install new appliances 8.       Install base molding and baseboards in rooms with tile, vinyl, or quality wood laminate flooring 9.       Install carpet (scratch that, NEVER put carpet in a rental) 10.   Tidy up the landscaping
Katherine Flansburg (Get Rich With Rentals)
You can think of Mountebank as a small software appliance that is programmable via HTTP. The fact that it happens to be written in NodeJS is completely opaque to any calling service. When it launches, you send it commands telling it what port to stub on, what protocol to handle (currently TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS are supported, with more planned), and what responses it should send when requests are sent. It also supports setting expectations if you want to use it as a mock. You can add or remove these stub endpoints at will, making it possible for a single Mountebank instance to stub more than one downstream dependency.
Sam Newman (Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems)
Milton took out his Sig and went inside. The first room used to be a kitchen. Old appliances had been left to rot, with anything that could be easily removed long since sold for scrap. The walls were partially stripped and scabbed with lead paint, and the remnants of a twee wallpaper that depicted an Alpine scene had been left to peel away like patches of dead, flaking skin. Empty cardboard boxes and fast-food wrappers were scattered on the floor. A single man, strung out and emaciated, was slumped against the wall. He was unconscious, and Milton would not have been able to say whether he was dead or alive. He heard low conversation from the front of the house and set off towards it. The junkie’s arm swept around sharply and his eyes swam with drunken stupor, but he paid Milton no heed as he passed through the room.
Mark Dawson (The Cleaner (John Milton, #1))
A Guide To Easy Secrets In FortiAuthenticator FortiAuthenticator User Management Appliances provide two factor authentication, RADIUS, LDAP and 802.1 X Wireless Authentication, Certificate Management and Fortinet Single Sign On. FortiAuthenticator is compatible with and complements the FortiToken variety of two factor authentication tokens for Secure Remote Access empowering authentication with multiple FortiGate network security appliances and third party apparatus. When an user login is found, the username, IP and group details are entered into the FortiAuthenticator User Identity Management Database and according to the local policy, can be shared with multiple FortiGate devices. For complicated distributed domain name architectures where polling desirable or of domain controllers is just not possible, an option is the FortiAuthenticator SSO Client. FortiAuthenticator is compatible with physical OTP tokens Certification Tokens FortiToken Mobile for IOS and Android and SMS/ e-mail tokens FortiAuthenticator supports the broadest range of tokens potential to suit your user demands with the physical FortiToken 200 e-mail and SMS tokens and the new FortiToken cellular for IOS and Android device FortiAuthenticator has a token for all users. In a large business, for example, FortiAuthenticator SSO Mobility Agent or AD polling may be picked as the principal method for transparent authentication will fallback to the portal for client users or non domain name systems. Consistently polling domain controllers detect user authentication into active directory. FortiAuthenticator removes this overhead by streamlining the bulk deployment of certificates for VPN use in a FortiGate surroundings by automating the risk-free certificate delivery via the SCEP protocol and collaborating with FortiManager for the configuration required. On the FortiToken 300 USB Certification store, certificates can be created and stored for client established certificate VPNs. This secure, pin safe certification store can be use to enhance the security of client VPN connections in conjunction and is not incompatible with FortiClient.
Mandarin, and technical English for a while. Therapies administered included but were not limited to: turning things off, then on again; picking them up a couple of inches and then dropping them; turning off nonessential appliances in this and other rooms; removing lids and wiggling circuit boards; extracting small contaminants, such as insects and their egg cases, with nonconducting chopsticks; cable-wiggling; incense-burning; putting folded-up pieces of paper beneath table legs; drinking tea and sulking; invoking unseen powers; sending runners to other rooms, buildings, or precincts with exquisitely calligraphed notes and waiting for them to come back carrying spare parts in dusty, yellowed cardboard boxes; and a similarly diverse suite of troubleshooting techniques in the realm of software.
Neal Stephenson (The Diamond Age)
First and foremost, I am experiencing much better sleep, and I am actually dreaming vividly almost every night now! This began happening during the FIRST WEEK of use! I used to have dreams like this when I was a kid, but before using this appliance, not in YEARS! I am sleeping all the way through the night as well. I am so much more awake and alert in the mornings, and all the way throughout the day, for that matter. As for the side effects, I am seeing my skin glowing, my eyes are brighter, and the bags under my eyes are gone! I feel like my circulation all around is much better, and I do not “gasp” for air anymore. Before, I would take [various brand-named allergy medications], nasal spray and gels, humidifiers, tea kettles, exotic muds and salves—you name it! Nothing would prevent me from going to bed fine and waking up stuffed up like hell and feeling like I was going to suffocate! Oh, and that is during NON-allergy season. During allergy season (or a bad allergy day), I would just be stuffed up constantly and medicate myself to the point of exhaustion. Now, I take nothing. I now sleep all the way through the night, and I wake up renewed and refreshed. I was skeptical trying this out. I had braces in the past and did not offer any resistance to the plan to remove two of my front teeth and “shrink” my upper jaw, effectively shrinking the “tiger’s cage” too small to allow normal growth or function. When seeing Dr. Liao, he saw this right away and recommended strongly that I be tested for a narrowed airway. I did not come for this: I came to have mercury amalgam fillings removed, so I was unsure. Dr. Liao took the time to explain to me that, despite my legitimate concern about the fillings, my priority should be to open the airway that had become so narrow that it, unbeknownst to me, affected almost every area of my life. … I opted to have both upper and lower appliances made to increase the size of my jaws, and braces and two false teeth installed later on to hold the shape of my new bite pattern. This was to take place over the course of two to three years’ time, and was to cost a significant amount of money. The appliance(s) began to work immediately, and since they are to be adjusted weekly (easily by us right at home with a small tool provided), they continue to open the airway more and more every day, allowing me to experience these results to an even greater degree as I go. I even had a flight recently to California (from Virginia), and I had NO ear pain or discomfort! I used to have to take a bunch of pills and wear [earplugs for airplane travel], and it would STILL kill my ears to fly, but not now. I never knew that I was being deprived of the oxygen I needed to thrive, but now that I am experiencing it for the first time in my adult life, I regret not looking into having this done YEARS ago! I highly recommend this to anyone who feels stuffed up in the morning, tired and groggy all day, or any of the plethora of other symptoms associated with a narrowed airway. Thank you, Dr. Liao!
Felix Liao (Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage: Take Charge of Your Health by Taking Charge of Your Mouth)
There’s a special tax provision called Section 179 that lets business owners deduct 100 percent of the cost of personal property (such as desks and computers) in the year it was bought instead of having to depreciate it over time. In the past, rental property owners weren’t allowed to use this provision for personal property (such as appliances, carpets, and furniture) in their rental units. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) removed that restriction, and now landlords can take full advantage of Section 179 deductions, up to a total of $1 million (but the deduction can’t create a net loss).
Michele Cagan (Real Estate Investing 101: From Finding Properties and Securing Mortgage Terms to REITs and Flipping Houses, an Essential Primer on How to Make Money with Real Estate (Adams 101))
We are Providing Appliance removal phoenix. Since Junk Police is a division of Anderson Maintenance, trash removal services is only part of who we are. Learn more about who we are and what we do.
If you have recently purchased your RV, then do make a mistake by just storing it in the storage unit. Also, you should choose the right storage units like RV storage Daphne AL. It is important to prepare your RV before storing it. Here, we have described some steps that your need to follow before sending your RV into hibernation mode. You should follow the below-mentioned tips to keep your RV safe during the winter season: 1. Completely Winterize Water System The large-size RVs have washing machines, ice machines, dishwashers, etc. You need to follow some extra water system winterization steps. You should drain off all the appliances and make sure that not even a single unit is left behind. You should ensure that antifreeze reaches all the faucets. This tip will prevent your pipes from cracking. 2. Remove Batteries You should disconnect the batteries because the winter season can damage these as well. You should store the fully charged batteries in a dry and warm spot. Never store your battery on a concrete floor. Otherwise, you will get a dead battery at the end of the season. Choose the storage unit with a climate control facility like storage units Daphne AL so that your batteries do not drain out. 3. Apply Wax Coating You should protect the exterior of your RV by applying a wax coating. First of all, clean the exterior while checking the cracks, and patch the crack with sealant. Finally, apply the layer of wax to it. 4. Clean And Dry Your Awning You should clean and dry the awning while thoroughly cleaning the exterior of the RV during wax application. You will be able to complete two steps in one go. It is very important to ensure that the fabric of the awning is completely dry so that there would be no mold formation. Finally, send the RV to the closed storage unit like storage Daphne AL A similar rule applies to the pop-up or fold-out trailers with canvas sidings.
Titan Storage
And although it was hard to match his excitement over washers and dryers, the results really were pretty amazing: By the time I left office, those new appliance standards were on track to remove another 210 million metric tons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere annually.
Barack Obama (A Promised Land)
When it comes to cleanout & junk removal in Cincinnati, OH, turn to the pros at Cincinnati Cleanout & Junk Removal; the leading trash, garbage & junk hauler. We have the equipment, personnel and experience to tackle any cleanout or junk removal job you need done. We offer a variety of services including estate cleanouts, junk removal, garage cleanouts, furniture removal, appliance removal, yard debris clean up and more. Give us a call today for junk removal in Cincinnati.
Cincinnati Cleanout and Junk Removal
How To Clean A Dab Rig? A glass chamber (dabber) is joined to a watertight foundation to form a dab rig. Cannabis concentrates are concentrated using a dab rig and butane as the solvent. Butane is an odorless, colorless, combustible gas. Home appliances like hair dryers, paint sprayers, and welding torches frequently use it. Cleaning a dab rig starts with getting rid of any residue that was left over after use. Your dab rig should always be fully cleaned before being stored. Your next batch of concentrates can become contaminated if you don't thoroughly clean the dab rig. You must unscrew the base and take off the lid before you can start cleaning your dab setup. After removing both components, you must use a moist towel to clean the chamber's interior. To help remove any debris or residue clinging to the surface, use a mild soap solution. Rinse the dabber with warm water after cleaning the interior. The air openings in the chamber must then be cleaned. You must disassemble the chamber in order to do this and remove the top portion from the bottom piece. The bottom piece's air holes must then be gently removed. The top piece must then be reattached to the bottom piece. You must insert cotton swabs or balls into the air holes after cleaning them out. Make careful to space these objects apart by at least 1/8 inch. The base must then be screwed back onto the chamber. Finally, use a moist cloth to clean the entire dabber again. Be careful not to spill any butane on the chamber's outside. When finished, put your dabber back in its container.
Honeybee Herb
Apartment lockers to Storage units, Hoarder houses to Construction sites, House furnishings Appliances,Deck,Shed or Hot tub removal.You call,we haul,that's all.
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