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What is it?” Calvin asked, studying my face. “I like your laugh.” “In other words, she likes the way you look without a shirt on.” James smirked before turning to walk back toward the house.
Alyssa Rose Ivy (Perilous Light (The Afterglow Trilogy, #2))
The young girl giggled again and Jake shook his head in amazement. Not only was the U.S. dark operative cooking pancakes, but it seemed he'd won over the timid teenager in no time flat. "I've been entertaining this pretty girl with my vast repertoire of daring and heroic adventures from around the globe." Jake snorted as he opened the refrigerator and pulled out the container of orange juice. "You sound like Blackbeard the pirate. Don't believe a word he says, Alyssa. He's actually Insurance salesman and lies like a rug." "An Insurance salesman?" She narrowed her eyes at Carter as he flipped three pancackes off the electric griddle sitting on the island and onto a plate for her. "I knew you were conning me," she chastised, then rolled her eyes toward Jake. "He said he was a government spy, like James Bond." After filling a glass, Jake smirked at his friend who shrugged his shoulders and gave the girl a sad puppy-dog expression. "Who are you going to believe, me or Jake from State Farm?
Samantha A. Cole (Topping the Alpha (Trident Security, #4))
Mira and Gabe's story: Welcome to Paradise Desiree and Alec's story: Nothing Personal Alyssa and Joe's story: Asking for Trouble
Rosalind James (Welcome to Paradise (The Kincaids, #1))
Fiona Zedde’s entire body of work), and Alyssa Cole’s body of work (Once Ghosted, Twice Shy and How to Find a Princess). There is sporadic representation of bi Black women, such as Talia Hibbert’s Take a Hint, Dani Brown. The self-published options, however, are broader. There’s Chencia C. Higgins’s Things Hoped For and Consolation Gifts, Meka James’s Being Hospitable, J. Nichole’s A Girl Like Me, Christina C. Jones’s Something Like Love, and G. L. Tomas’s Wander This World and The Love Bet.
Jessica P. Pryde (Black Love Matters: Real Talk on Romance, Being Seen, and Happy Ever Afters)